September 18, 2014

Cannon turns 3!


Goodness, can't believe it has be 2!!!!! years and now sweet Cannon is 3!  I just adore this family.  Cannon is the best little guy and I always enjoy the time spent with Justine and Jeremy.  We had the most perfect morning for our shoot(all of those families who don't think they can swing a might should reconsider;))  Amazing light, children who are still excited for the day and cooler temps...although that last one hopefully won't be a problem for too much longer! Enjoy some of our favorites from our time together.  I think a few of these are going to have to be enlarged for the studio.  Love them!  Happy Birthday Cannon!


Working with Morgan and Sam this past year has been so much fun!  They are one of those couples that I actually sorta hate to see the wedding come and go because I know I won't have as many opportunities to see them!  Their wedding in Blowing Rock was just pretty as a picture (see what I did there??;)).  Morgan and her maids were such a dream to work with and Sam and the guys made the day so fun!  The rain held off and left us with the mountain fog…which made for some amazing moments.  Their fusion is one of my favorite ones to date!  Check it out at the bottom of this post.  Morgan and Sam- hope the summer has been kind to you sweet newlyweds.  Hope to see you at a friends wedding, soon!


This weekend was a dream!  60-70% chance of rain that never happened, tons of family and friends that we haven't seen in FOREVER, one little ring bearer that refused to ring bear, a couple madly in love, a sunny day, amazing food, fun and dancing, and my sweet sister in law looking like 5 million bucks.....just to name a few!  I can't wait to share their wedding images! Here are some of my favorite bridal photos of her for all of the family and friends near and far who couldn't make it.  Congrats Julia and Matt!

September 11, 2014

Lindsey Lee Bride- Fran


Fran!  She is just a classic beauty. Loved shooting her bridals at her home church- which is still home to the little, tiny ORIGINAL church from soooo long ago.  Loved shooting in that old space.  And, obviously, I love her serious face:) Don't worry, we took lots of smiling ones, too!  Can't wait to show their wedding soon!

September 10, 2014

true love- ally & wes


I've been a little underground because we are on the countdown until Julia's wedding:)! I am so excited for this weekend!  Things seemed to have gotten extra crazy with the "start" of fall and I am playing lots of catch up.  LOTS of catch up.  Happy my boys love school- Sharpe three morning a week and Shepherd two mornings....grateful for a schedule so I can get this ship back to running smoothly!

Meet Ally and Wes!  Love them, love our session, love Ally's serious face, love her family property where we shot the photos, love her outfits, love that Wes loves her so much, love him, too:)......I think you get the point- I love these people!  I had some of the best light I've had all summer, and we had an unseasonably cool day- making me SUPER excited for fall!  Enjoy just SOME of my favorites from our session together!  Can't wait to shoot their wedding next spring at one of my favorite venues- Adaumont Farms.  Ally is going to make THE most beautiful bride!  Those blondes with blue eyes just kill me:)  Happy Wednesday!



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