November 25, 2014

true love- katie & jeff


Ya'll.  It's Thanksgiving week.  I had really grandiose plans of getting all my work done to be able to sit with the babes, go shopping, put up the Christmas decorations and take time off for a few.  It was a great idea...sadly just not one that could be executed.  Pink eye happened, which meant no school happened, then the stomach bug happened to Shepherd(on me, in the middle of lunch), then that same lucky stomach bug happened to Joe and I- within 15 minutes of each other.  So yes, I am behind, but what the last week has taught me is that I need to be more grateful for the healthy times!!! Having sick littles is no fun- we worried about Shepherd all weekend.  He's huge, so it's easy to forget he is not even 10 months old yet.  Thankfully he is on the mend and Joe and I's stomachs will hopefully be back to normal soon.  What's worse than having a sick little baby?  Having a sick husband;)   This work WILL get done, it always does.  All of my happy clients will make the editing cave I am about to go into not so bad- they are all pretty adorable- case in point: Katie and Jeff:)

I just love these two!  I think I smiled the whole time I edited this session.  Katie used to teach with Joe- and I am so glad she found someone so perfect for her!  I adore them and we can't wait to shoot their wedding at the top of a mountain next year:)  Happy Tuesday!

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Fran and Nick had the sweetest wedding at Fran's home church followed by an awesome reception at Pinehurst Fair Barn.  It is such a cool venue!  I loved working with these two- and can't wait to shoot Nick's sisters wedding next year! It was a hot one, but everyone hung in there and we had such a great time.  I love taking pics of Fran- she is a natural.  Hope you guys are loving married life!  Can't wait to see you again soon!

Awesome confetti cannons for their exit.  Love!


We loved getting to work with Stephanie and Ryan!  Last year sometime I met with Stephanie's parents who vetted her photographer choices, and I am so glad they helped to give her the two thumbs up for using me:)  Stephanie and Ryan and both of their families are simply amazing. True, salt of the earth people- and they really just came together and celebrated these two getting married and FINALLY being able to live together in the same state after dental programs kept them apart the past few years!  We loved getting to work at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, even if it was one of the hottest days of the year!  The fun and celebration kept everyone smiling!  We never forget what a blessing it is to get to capture couples on the happiest day of their lives!   Enjoy some favorites from their big day and take a look at their photo fusion video we shot for them, too!  Happy Friday!

sweet, sweet sisters!!!  Love these three!

the perfect ring prop:)

Let's talk about when I am able to shoot the family formals after the wedding in perfect, backlit sun.  Amazing!

November 10, 2014

Shepherd is 9 months!


I make these little "deals" with myself to get my work done.  Like-if I get this print order in or this wedding culled, then I get to edit the pictures of the kids:)  It helps to me stay motivated during long hours behind the computer screen.  As it turns out, I made such deal with myself this morning so I got to look through and edit really quick these pictures we took of Shepherd for his 9 months!  We took a few of Sharpe, too:) Had to! Couldn't forget my first born:)

Shepherd is SUCH a sweet and gentle "little" baby.  I say little very loosely because he is GIGANTIC and off the charts in height, weight and head.  Everyone said our second baby would be terrible because Sharpe was such a good little guy....but Shepherd is proving them all quite wrong.  He is always happy, smiling, and easily entertains himself.  The one thing that makes me sad about his wearing a helmet (we are about half way in!) is that it comes down to his eyebrows and in front of both ears and just makes it hard to see his face- he has the sweetest little face!!! Here are some of my favorites from the torturous time we had when we take our own kids photos:)  Good thing the final product is cute! Makes it all worth it:)


I can't believe we are almost there…..the end of wedding season!  It's been a crazy run since August, but just one left!  We have had an amazing year - so many beautiful couples, so much love shared, so many fabulous venues and locations.  This poor blog is beyond a bit behind- this happens EVERY fall, but I am determined to catch up before the holidays! Meet Carol Ann and Cy! Carol Ann is one of the sweetest, most genuinely caring girls I have ever met.  I just love her so much!  She and Cy had an amazingly perfect day for their wedding- and so many friends and family were there to support them.  Huge wedding parties are apparently my thing, and theirs did not disappoint:)  So much fun had by all! Enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!




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