They did it!  They got married:)  My sister in Law, Julia, and Matt were married at the Dairy Barn in Ft. Mill, SC last month! It was perfect, amazing, fantastic....and as Julia and I would say:  "The vision was completel"!  :)  After months of planning, their day could not have been more perfect.  90% chance of rain gave way to a beautiful Carolina Day.  Julia looked amazing, Matt shined up ok, too:)  and our whole family celebrated and it was SUCH a great time!  Of course, my little guy Sharpe was the ring bearer that refused to ring bear....but he still looked cute in his outfit.  And if one thing about the day came as a surprise to me, it was that Wes (Joe and Julia's dad) did NOT become a puddle when it came time to give Julia away.  If I could have bet someone 10k he would have lost it, I would have taken that bet!  But he was all smiles and a proud "pops"- and I was super glad I didn't have a bet going!  Who did become a puddle??....ME!  There was one moment that just gave way to the ugly cry, and it came out of nowhere!  When Julia was coming down the isle, she just looked so beautiful and happy- and it was like the last 10 years flashed before my eyes.  I am so happy for these two!  Here are some of my favorites from the day....and don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more!  (and if you look closely, you'll see Joe and I IN a wedding party!).  Love my family!  Happy Weekend!

Picure of a picture- Julia as a flower girl:)

Julia is so lucky to have so many amazing friends in her life.  Truly.  Love every one of these girls!

Kelly look familiar???

Neutral palette for the win!!!

Sibs.  I swear they all look so different, but so alike!

Yup, this is when my ugly cry happened.

Perfection.  May you always remember that feeling....and the feeling of the photo after this one, too.  You are going to need both.

Yes, these CRAZY animals made it for a photo-opp.  Their first set of children.  I pray the second set are much more well behaved;)

i can't.


It was long weekend, two amazing weddings….and just like that we are in the downhill of our wedding season- 4 to go.  At the beginning of a 16 wedding wedding stretch that started in aug- 13 of which were back to back- my steam is running low, so today was great just spending time with the boys (who are currently napping).  Computer work needed to wait, but I am so behind that I just had to do a few things- including getting some of Lisa's bridal portraits up on here.  She is my muse. I just LOVE taking photos of her!  I can't wait to share their wedding that took place at The Ivy Place.  We did her bridal portraits there as well….it is truly one of those magical venues. Enjoy some favorites! Happy Monday!


This girl.  Padgett.  I love her so so so much!  I had THE MOST fun working with her and her family(whoop whoop to her two adorable sisters, too....and mom!)  She's the most darling and endearing way of probably anyone I've ever met! She and Carson are so great together and their wedding was perfect!  It was August, it could have been hot and horrible- but instead the day was cool and easy.  Unseasonable weather for these two!  They totally lucked out! Joe and I loved getting to spend this day with you.  You make us smile, and you make everyone around you smile, too.  There was the little case of the food poisoning that hit Padgett in the MIDDLE of the reception.  Most girls would have totally shut down and turned into a puddle, but Padgett handled it like a total champ and rallied to get back on the dance floor.  That was definitely a first in the over 100 weddings we have shot!  But that's Padgett:)  I hope you two are loving married life- I am happy you are married, but sad it's over!  Love to you both!  { Don't forget to watch their photo-fusion video at the end, too!}


It's Monday night, so while I watch my guilty TV pleasure (besides The Bachelorette)- Dancing with the Stars- I am thinking back on this past weekend…it was a dream….and a bear!!! Two amazing weddings!!  We made it:) And honestly, with the cooler temperatures, it wasn't too bad.  All of the double headers we have had in the past have been with VERY warm weather, which seems to take an extra amount of energy that is hard to get back for a few days.  But this weekend, a dream…all of it!  We are going to need to play lots of catch up to get through September and October edits!  Meet Danielle! I have loved getting to work with Danielle and Drew over the course of their engagement (and on a secret project we have yet to show, too!). Their wedding was fabulous!!  Amazing time with friends and family and one of the best parties we have seen all year! I can't wait to share! In the meantime here are some of her bridal portraits we took on the campus of Duke.  Drew is a HUGE Duke fan so Danielle wanted to surprise him with some bridal portraits in Cameron Stadium.  We had such a blast!  View some of my favs- the camera loves her so she made it hard to pick! Happy Monday!    

Pics or Drew:)  On the bench:)

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Life is full of so many full circle moments lately!  Mary Chandler was a bridesmaid in Katelyn's wedding- oh how I adore when past bridesmaids turn brides!  When we did their engagement sessions last fall, I met Will and learned he was going on Young Life staff.  How fun!  Well, then, at MC's bridal portrait, I learned Will had been placed on staff in Salisbury!  Where I was on staff for three years!  So fun!  The people in Salisbury are THE BEST and I know they are going to make these two newlyweds feel right at home and part of the family.  And what a gift Salisbury is getting in Will!  I loved my time getting to work with these two and their wonderful families! Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day- and also their Photo Fusion at the end! Don't forget to take a look.  Happy Monday!



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