There are so many areas of my life that have come full circle since I started my photography business- and seeing old friends is one of the things I have loved most about this job.  Photography has allowed my to re-connect with so many amazing ladies that I have known throughout my life and from so many different stages and times.  Some of my brides I have known since high school, or they went to school with my sister/cousins, some from college, some from my days as a Young Life leader at ECU/Cabarrus County/Rowan County.  Each of these connections brings something so special to my relationships with my clients/friends.  Andrea I knew from the time she was a sophomore in high school.  I am reminded of football games, volleyball games and just a really sweet time with her and her group of girl friends that I came to know as a YL leader.  Seems like an eternity ago!  I love seeing all the successes Andrea has had since that time- and this HUGE success, finding a true love!  They are adorable.  Truly.  We had a blast on our shoot.  One thing I love about Andrea is that she really celebrates other people...when I would show her photos on the back of the camera...instead of picking herself apart, or being worried about her hair....she immediately just looked at Steven and was oohing and ahhing over him(as Steven dies at this memory going public;)).  But really, it was just perfectly sweet- and that really sums them up.  Here are some favs.  I went overboard, and was having a love affair with Black and Whites today, so threw lots of those in there, too.  Happy Thursday!

  1. chelsea cote:

    these are so gorgeous! loving the striped socks!

We did it!  We survived our first wedding back from maternity leave! It was great to be "back at it", but boy I am definitely out of my "wedding shape".  Wedding Shape is when your back, shoulders and legs get used to carrying 20+ pounds of equipment and when your feet get used to standing/walking for 10+ hours.  Yea....not in wedding shape. at all.  Pain, so much pain the day after!  But so worth it!  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple to kick off our wedding season!  We have loved getting to know Samantha and Matt, and boy did they luck out on the day of their wedding.  In between FREEZING rain that we had a few days before their wedding to the FREEZING temperatures that happened a few days after- they managed this perfectly comfortable and beautiful day to celebrate outside with family and friends at the most perfect venue- The Farm at Brusharbor.  We really hope to get back out there soon!  Beautiful florals by Chelish Moore- as always, and great party compliments of Virtual Sounds.  We love getting to work with our industry friends on weddings.   Matt won't admit it;) but he was total mush when Sam came down the isle, and that was probably my most favorite moment of the day:)  These two are so great together!  Here  are some of my favorites- and be sure to check out the slideshow at the end.  Happy Monday!

  I had posted a screen shot of these cute guys on my instagram...The little guy on the left, Henry....the whole day I couldn't stop thinking that this is what Sharpe is going to look like when he is 7.  I feel like I stared at him all day because I think he looks so much like Sharpe!  and they were also 2 years apart, so I was definitely watching their cute little brotherly love hoping my two are as sweet as them:) adorable.

 Love Brusharbor's Reception Barn!

April 2, 2014

Sweet Payton


Seriously, how cute is Payton?!  We had a great time on our session, which was really a celebration of her turning 5! and QUICK before she loses her front teeth.  Which, true story, she lost one of her front teeth THE NEXT DAY!  Talk about just in time!  In the midst of crazy rain and cold temperatures about two weeks ago, we got an amazingly gorgeous spring day to play.  Enjoy just some of my favorites from our shoot together!  Happy Wednesday



This past fall brought some beautiful families in front of my camera.  I just adore this one!  I have been taking this families photos since Jack was 1! And now he will start Kindergarten in the fall!  Crazy! He and Hayes are two of my favorite little men…and I love watching them grow all the more now that I will see my two boys do the same.  This fall we are going to be doing our portraits a little differently- announcing our fall portraits dates through our newsletter, so make sure you are all signed up on our email list.  You can click here to get on the list.  Have a look at this beautiful family- I love every minute I get to spend with them!


A fews year ago I shot Natasha's wedding....and that is when I absolutely fell in love with this family!  Micalea, Tom, and their whole family are some of the most loving and giving people we have ever gotten the privilege to work with.  We feel like one of the family when we walk in the door- even all the way from Charlotte up to Portsmouth, VA!  We are so grateful for clients like these.

After shooting Natasha's wedding, we secretly hoped we would get to shoot Micaela' I was SO pumped to get an email from Micaela telling me that she and Tom were engaged!  This wedding was one for the record books- Micaela left no detail unturned.  A fabulous venue, amazing florals and design...and lots of little surprises all day long.  We loved getting to see everyone again and be a part of their special day!  One moment I will always remember from this wedding was that during their first dance- they had written notes to each other that played over the track in their own alll of the weddings we have shot, this was a crazy amazing moment.  The music, what they wrote...chilling and so incredibly romantic.  Hardly a dry eye in the place.  I will never forget it!  Check out some of my favorites.  Gosh, hard to believe this was in the fall- feels like 5 minutes ago!  Happy First Day of Spring everyone!



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