My clients are THE BEST!  I loved getting to work with Erika and her family.  We lucked out with some pretty mild heat....Mandy did an awesome job on hair and makeup, and I just LOVE the outfits she chose!  This summer has been a blast working with such beautiful ,talented and amazing high school girls.  Check out just a few of my favorites!  I can't wait to see what the future hold for this awesome lady!

I die over Erika's serious face!


I can't wait to work with these two this fall on not one, but TWO weddings!  We are shooting Niyati and Shane's traditional wedding at one of our most favorite locations- Cornell University in upstate NY....then just a few days later shooting their cultural wedding celebration in Raleigh!  They are going to have all the fun of Lindsey and Joe they can stand!:)  Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.  Love getting to know these two and can't wait for what the future holds for them!

  1. Aditi:

    I LOVE the pics!!! Niyati and Shane are the cutest couple ever! GORGEOUS Bride and HANDSOME Groom! :)
    God Bless!!! :)

August 6, 2014

some of us…


It's been quite some time since I have posted some family photos.  Shepherd just had his 6 mo. birthday around the same time Sharpe turned two and a half.  I like that their years and half ears are easy to keep up with! We hope to go take Shepherd's "official" 6 mo. picture in the stroller this week. We have them of Sharpe at the same milestones.  Not gonna lie, I look at these pics and my first thought is: we look tired.  Well,  that's not entirely untrue!  It's wedding season, we are working on something big for the business, Joe just started his real estate career in June, and we have a million summer projects we are trying to get accomplished before an even crazier fall ahead.  So, yes, tired is probably the right word if I am keeping it real....but this is us!  Two boys, a crazy, full house....but we are loving every minute with our sweet guys.  Missing: Darby.  She will be in the next shoot for sure.  Maybe then Shepherd can sit up on his own and I won't have to worry about him having bobble head and can focus on getting her in the photo;)

It's a miracle. Two children smiling.

are 6 month olds supposed to be almost the same size as 2.5 year olds(I swear their heads are the same size)?! In this house, I guess makes Sharpe seem small...but he's off the charts on his own!

still my number one stunna;) love this sweet boy.  He is a super special little personality...and he got a big boy haircut.


I have been itching to share these beautiful images from Jenn and Chris's amazing wedding shot at Rose Hill Plantation.  To say I love this venue is the understatement of the year.  I mean,  I LOVE this venue.  We got there early because after shooting Jenn's Bridals on site,  I knew my history nerd husband would want to look around the history laden place...and of course he was in heaven. He pretty much knows the whole life history of Rose Hill now. I'm sure he'd love to tell you about it if you wanna know!  Future Rose Hill me;)

I haven't seen a bride as nervous as Jenn in quite a while. All brides are anxious, yes, but Jenn was so sweet with her pre wedding nerves.  After she and Chris did their "first touch"(where a bride and groom talk or touch without seeing each other) and read sweet notes the other had written, it was like her nerves left the room. Chris is her rock...and when he's around, she's just herself. They are darling together!!  They both have this very gentle spirit, and it is such a breath of fresh air.

With photo opportunities for days, breath taking views and amazing was the perfect backdrop for their celebration. Hand picked music set the mood of their ceremony and reception and I just loved the bridesmaid dresses. I don't think I've seen this color in forever, if ever, and it was so pretty!  Here are some favorites- too many to pick.  Enjoy!

Love Joe's ring shot.  Peonies in perfect bloom.

Why didn't someone tell Joe to write me a sweet note before our wedding?! (oh yea, could be we got married in 90-something days from engagement to wedding).  But still.  I wish I had a sweet memento like that!  I can just see all of these sweet brides holding on to their wedding day notes and showing kids and grandkids.  Amazing.


It's that time of year!   July has a TINY lull in weddings, so we try and shoot as many senior portraits as we can! Love this part of my job.  I truly miss working with highschoolers since my Young Life days!!  It's such a special time for my lovely clients- I love being there to celebrate with them and hear all about what's next...or the anticipation of what they HOPE is next.  Meet McKenna.  For starters, she is super chill.  I love that about her!  Secondly, she is a pretty fab ballet dancer.  She made my life super easy at our pretty much just being herself.  Enjoy some of my favorites- I can't wait for her to receive all of her custom products!  Hair and Makeup, as well as stay through service for more great hair, by the always talented Mandy.   Happy Friday!



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