I was so sad to see my time with Ally and Wes come to a close.   Their wedding was beautiful, but I will miss these two!  Adaumont Farms is one of our most favorite venues in the area...right up 85, it is great for those wanting larger guests lists while still maintaining an outdoor wedding ceremony.    Every time we have been there, it has been perfection!  There is space for both sides of the wedding party to get ready, and the property is one photo opportunity after another- we are always in photo heaven there!  Ally and Wes were just the sweetest, and Ally, well she is one of my muses.  She does't take a bad photo!  Wes isn't too shabby either;) Love these two and their sweet way with each other.  Too many favorites to pick from...enjoy my over-sharing and be sure to check out the slideshow at the bottom! Happy Tuesday!

October 1, 2015

Coming soon!


I have not forgotten about all of the amazing weddings I still need to blog!  So much beautiful stuff happening around here!  Here is a sneak peak(in no particular order) of just SOME of the stuff about to hit the blog in the coming week/weeks.  Enjoy!

Andrew's Senior Session

Tabby and Josh's Wedding

Leslie's Bridals

Katie and James Engagement

Tyler and Clint's Wedding

Ally and Wes's Wedding

Katie and Haughton's Engagement

Kelly and Eric's Engagement

Katie and Jeff's Wedding

Grace and Jeremy's Wedding

Erica and Kevin's Wedding

September 22, 2015

true love- Hannah & Landon


One really fun part of my job is getting to celebrate with my family members that are getting married/going through milestones in their lives.  I love getting to capture beautiful images of them, commemorating a big event in our family that we will talk about for years to come!  Hannah and Landon are getting married this coming winter, and we welcome Landon to the family:)  People have always said Hannah, my sister and I look alike…I agree our family does have a pretty thick gene pool….and it's definitely compliment, so I'll take it!  And Landon, he can put up with our rambunctious bunch, then he is a keeper:)…AND Hannah's three brothers approve! That itself is no small miracle!  Here are some of my favorites from our session, we even shot around the site of their future home.  Love these memories that will eventually hang the walls there and I am thankful to be a part of their big day.  Happy Tuesday!  


To say Victoria, aka Vic, aka Tori is a natural in front of the camera is an understatement.  Some might call her a tomboy, but really it's just her laid back nature and confidence shining through that she doesn't need to fuss about hair and makeup all the time....but put her in some, and here is what you get:) Loved our amazing session together. Awesome hair and makeup by my girl Mandy and fabulous styling by Adair.  Pretty much a dream team!  There are still just a few slots left for senior photos before Christmas, get in touch ASAP if you want to snag one before they are gone!  Check out my favs from Victoria's session, I'm definitely in love!


This summer has brought so many beautiful, talented, smart and sweet seniors in front of my camera! Ashlyn is an absolute doll.  We had so much fun on our session, and she gives me the most MAJOR hair envy!  Beautiful hair and makeup by Mandy and AWESOME outfits by Adair. There are a few seniors spots left, get in touch today!  Here are just a few favorites from our session together,  happy Thursday!



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