Oh goodness. Where has the time gone! 2012 was jammed pack, in lots of good ways.  Here we go! our 2012!

We started our year with a new, VERY NEW, baby! Our little Sharpe was just two weeks old going into 2012.  We were figuring out life with a newborn and just trying to lay low for a few weeks before our wedding season would start up again.  8 weeks after little boy was born we shot our first wedding of 2012...followed by 20 more weddings!  Whew!  That was a plenty with a 0-1 year old, I tell ya...but we made it! When I look at this body of work I am just SO thankful for my amazing clients(who also happen to be the most attractive, I'm just sayin') who trust me and allow me to take part in one of the most important days of their lives.  That fact is not AT ALL lost on me.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Joe and I truly consider each of you friends!  We love following your love stories as you create new lives together and we get so much joy from YOUR happiness.  We love you all!

It was a great year in business. I couldn't do it without Joe, my amazing supporter, business partner and second shooter.  We added photo-fusion in 2012, which was a huge business goal for us.  Moving forward, 2013 looks to be just as wonderful.  We are ever thankful for all of our cheerleaders out there who constantly support us and tell all of their friends about us.  It's an amazing feeling to have such a support system behind us.  THANK YOU!

On to our more personal stuff:

The spring definitely came and went.  Around the time Sharpe was three months old we moved into a new home.  Add packing up the old house with unpacking the new house, and the months of March, April and May were definitely a blur.  Joe was so wonderful to pick up any slack and make lots of things happen so that I could tend to Sharpe.  Our sweet boy has had a great disposition from day one, so he made things easy...but two hands definitely weren't enough with all there was to do around here.  We kept plugging along and we couldn't be any happier to be in the new place(new to us) and to be making it a home.  Lots of you may know my love for decorating and deal finding, so it has been REALLY fun to try new things, shop for fabric, have furniture redone, etc.  Life was very "busy"(and lots of work for dear Joe!) but we are so in love with our new home and we can't wait for Sharpe to grow up here.

Moving on to summer: we still had a full schedule but made time to get away for a few breaks.   We made a couple stops to Oak Island, some lazy days at the lake, and a trip to Denver and Idaho- for a little bit of work and a little bit of pleasure.  Sharpe did great on the plane ride and the whole traveling with a 6 month old wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  In fact, he slept through the lions share of all of it.

(Sharpe asleep on the hammock at the lake over the summer...he will take a nap anywhere)

(Jackson Hole and hanging out at the ranch in Driggs, Idaho)

We shot a few more summer weddings and then it was back to school.  Joe headed back to his teaching job and then Sharpe started his mother's morning out program.

(Sharpe on his first day of "school")

The fall was full of fun.  We worked on the house(it wasn't a fixer upper, but boy I managed to find a lot to fix), completed my new in home studio(pics to come SOON) and enjoyed any family time we could spend together.  Sharpe was growing like a weed and soaking up every minute.  Yes, he was still bald, but he finally got two little teeth!

(Sharpe on his first halloween.  How cute is this little monkey!?!?)

(Impromptu family session(obviously, I'm wearing workout gear) on the way to trick or treating.  We made two stops-It was intense.  Darby was too lazy to join in the fun.)

(picking pumpkins! I love my little family!)

We can't forget Darby! We took a photos of Sharpe and Darby every month for his whole first year.  To see them together is SO FUN!  They love each other, truly.  Darby is so good to let Sharpe crawl all over her and essentially drive her crazy.  She is such a patient bear.

(One month old(let's please not talk about the scalping she had to get as a result of Sharpe coming so late and her hair getting matted) and two shots at 12 months old)

October and November were a whirlwind with the typical fall wedding schedule + fall family photo schedule colliding, but we survived just in time for the holidays.  First, though, we had to celebrate Sharpe's 1st birthday!!!!  We did the typical 'over the top' first birthday party.  We just couldn't help ourselves(note to self, never do that again).  What started as a few decorations turned into Joe(aka the mala Martha Stewart) making and DIYing anything I could find on pinterest.  He's the absolute best husband and dad!  He let's me dream and be crazy and then will help turn that craziness into reality!

(Sailor themed birthday party complete with sailor suit. Sitting in my high chair from when I was a baby)

Sharpe didn't really know what to think of his smash cake.  He only tasted about 2 bites before deciding he was done.

(some of the fun stuff at Sharpe's party!)

Just a few days after Sharpe's birthday it was time for Christmas.  Time went by really fast, but we loved seeing our little boy take in all the joys of the season.  He recieved too many present between his birthday and Christmas, but his favorites are his music set and his little push bike.  Still not walking, we have our little bald baby for a while longer.

(picking out the first LIVE family Christmas tree...goodbye fakey!)

We shot the family Christmas Card.  I've been meaning to post an "outtakes" blog for a while....here are some of the shots that didn't make the cut.  We were all sweating by the time we finished trying to get the best shot of these two crazy bears!

(checking out the presents in his little elf pajamas and wearing the little Santa costume my mom got him for Christmas)

Other things, we continued our involvement with Young Life  and love serving this ministry.  We can't wait to see what the Lord does in Cabarrus County in 2013!

Whew! What a year!  We are ever grateful for the family and friends who help us make this life work.  Working weekends is a different lifestyle than most are used to, so a HUGE thanks go out to all of our baby sitters(Mimi, Paw Paw, Pops, Auntie LeAnn, Uncie Eric) who keep our little Sharpe safe and happy so that we can be gone 12+ hours at a time for more than 20 weekends a year.  We most definitely, 100% could not do it without you.  We love you all!

Keep following us in 2013.  More beautiful couples, more beautiful weddings, more darling babies and seniors, more Sharpe, and definitely more Darby.  If you dare, follow me on instagram....but you've been warned...my dog, my baby, and any random project I can convince Joe to do are just about all you will see;)  Thanks for being here, thanks for reading this, thanks for all of your love and support!  See ya this year!



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