You may remember this sweet couple who's wedding was a few years ago!  Just love Laura and Jeremy! They are expecting their first little bundle, a baby boy!  I am so excited for them and so grateful they would still pick me to capture these special moments for them.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.  And yes, Laura glows.  Beautiful!

October 19, 2012

what i’m working on…


Oh goodness!  Yes, it's the fall!  I'm working like crazy on getting so many beautiful photos out the door.  Up next is going to be this gorgeous wedding...I can't wait to share more!

  1. Darby Thompson:

    The pictures of Mary Beth and Lance are absolutely perfect. What a great looking couple! Can’t wait to be part of their special day. :)

How sweet is this little family!  Cannon(yes, I die over his name) turned one!  I loved getting to know Justine and Jeremy and taking these photos of their sweet boy.  If you think Justine's outfits are just the best, it's because she happens to be the owner of The Cheeky Bean, an online boutique...and they just opened a storefront in Charlotte!  You can get all these looks there...Loving that lace skirt so much!  Cannon is an observant little guy, he really loves to take it all in, and above all, talk about water.:) haha.  He had a lot to look at out at Freedom Park.  Happy 1st Birthday Cannon!

  1. April Moore:

    awww I love them all!! :) Especially the one of you and him Justine head to head….gave me goose bumps!!

Katelyn and Braiden.  Oh how I love them!  You know when you meet some couples and just everything about them works? I mean really clicks?  Yup, that's these two!  Such amazing spirits, so fun, so smiley, so easy to be around.  We were fast friends and I can't wait to share more in the goodness surrounding their spring wedding!  You two: love these, love ya'll, love everything!  Enjoy just some of my favorites from our time together.  Happy Thursday!

  1. Stephanie:

    Love the pictures! You and Braiden are such an adorable couple. Happy for the two of you!

  2. Katie:

    These are AMAZING!!! What a beautiful pair, you guys should be models! Love you :)

  3. Courtney:

    Whooooohoooo! You two are the cutest things ever! You both are glowing with love and I’m so excited for you!

  4. Cadence:

    I love the porch photo!!

  5. Kathy Percy:

    How cute! Future Mr. and Mrs. Parlier!

  6. Taylor:

    I love you both! The pictures are amazing!

  7. Dylan:

    This is just TWO cute!

  8. Ci Ci Warren:

    These pictures are precious!!!. Your photographer captured the sparkle in your eyes perfectly!!!… ci

  9. Chad Percy:

    These are great!

  10. Taylor Gregory:

    This pictures are wonderful! You’re love for each other shines through all of them! So excited for you both!

  11. shaunna:

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!!

  12. Alex Wilde:

    Katelyn and Braiden what great engagement photos! They are just so adorable.

  13. Chelsea:

    These are absolutely precious!!

  14. Rebecca:

    These pictures are amazing!!!

  15. Scott:

    most awesome, good-looking couple i’ve ever laid eyes on

  16. Amanda:

    such beautiful pictures! i know lindsey lee was happy to have the two of you making her work so much easier!

  17. Branson Kinsey:

    These are some awesome photo’s. What a wonderful couple!

  18. Elijah:

    These are some great pictures! I’m so excited for you two!

  19. Ashe Simpson:

    You two are probably the cutest things that I have ever seen in my life. These pictures are simply awesome!! I’ll be praying for you guys and your marriage!

  20. Kenny Cleppe:

    Braiden should be a fruit of the loom model.

  21. Debs:

    sometimes you see certain images and they make you smile just because. congratulations on your happily ever after! :)

  22. Sarah Cox:

    These are absolutely incredible! I love all the Fall Colors!

  23. Drew:

    One of my absolute favorite couples! These pictures… ARE GREAT!!!

  24. Cathy Parlier:

    These are great! Can’t decide which is my favorite.

  25. Liz:

    Love every one of them

  26. Rachel:

    I am in love with these. You guys are the best!

  27. Hannah:

    These are precious!

  28. Sarah:

    These are amazing! I loved looking through them!

  29. Karen Osborne:

    Love these!!!!!!! and you guys

  30. Angie:

    You two look so happy! Blessings to you both!

  31. Rob Osborne:

    These are quite possibly the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen in my life. Congrats!

  32. emily litton:


  33. Spencer:

    Great photos!

  34. Tiffany Burnett:

    Katelyn the pictures are wonderful, you two look so happy. God Bless your marriage, so excited to hear what he does through the two of you!

  35. Katelyn:

    Love the pics! Thanks Lindsey!

  36. Molly G.:

    These are the most beautiful pictures! I love ya’ll sooo much! God is so good!

  37. Mary Alice:

    Love these!! Love y’all!

  38. Michael:

    looking good

  39. Pat Percy:

    Love the photos! Beautiful!

  40. Ashley Joswick:

    So Cute! Congratulations

  41. lindsay:

    Kate!!!! These are so pretty!!! I am so so so excited for you!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  42. Cac:

    pretty darn cute….. love ya’ll!!

  43. Will:


  44. Sarah:

    Soo precious!! both so sweet and it shows in your pictures:)!

  45. Michael Parlier:

    Great pictures of Braiden and Katelyn!

  46. Braiden:

    These look awesome. Thanks Lindsey!!

  47. Brad:

    Well would ya look at this spiffy young couple. All of these photos are great. In fact, I think I’ll paint a mural of one of them on my ceiling.

  48. Rebecca Todd:


  49. Eryn:

    These pictures are so amazing! So excited for ya’ll! love you both!

  50. eng:

    i want them all over my mantel. now. :)

  51. Nicole Andreski:

    Love the pictures!!! So cute!!

  52. Sarah:

    These are all so great!!

  53. Brittany Hauth:

    These pictures are so cute! I love your cowgirl girl boots…its so you! Congrats!

  54. Tara Rackley:

    These are absolutely beautimus!! Such a precious couple :) So happy for you Katelyn!!

  55. Becca:

    These pictures are absolutely adorable. Y’all are a beautiful couple. Best wishes!

  56. Lauren:

    Very pretty pictures! Congrats.

  57. Brittany Melvin:

    Wow, these turned out so good! Congratulations girl!

  58. Felicia Hooper:

    These pictures are so cute.

  59. Tay Tay:

    Super-dee-duper cute! Lylas!

  60. Jamie:

    OH EM GEE cannot wait for the wedding now. Too cute.

  61. Morgan:

    So cute!! Can’t wait to see the wedding ones!

  62. Mary Chandler:

    EEEEK!! I’m in love with these! she did a great job!

  63. Fran Armistead:

    These are absolutely, without a doubt some of the greatest photos with two of the most wonderful people in them! I am so excited for these two and the pictures couldn’t have turned out any better.

  64. Brady:

    Pictures look great!

  65. Coleman:

    these are great!

  66. Joyce:

    Beautiful photos, they capture the spirit of a beautiful couple.

  67. Zack Osborne:

    MJ and Peter Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Steph:

    Beautiful photos!

  69. TJ Moneybags:

    Yall are da bomb! Love you!

  70. Diane:

    The pictures are so cute!

  71. TJ:

    Yall are the best!

  72. Nate:

    Looking good!

  73. Jay:

    Well aren’t yall just the cutest!

  74. Amy I:

    i love these! :)

  75. Alexandra:

    They’re great!

  76. scott shelton:

    Dang this guy looks goofy. Good pictures but they would be better without that guy.

  77. Chelsea Shuford:

    These pictures are so great. The environment that the pictures were taken in is incredible, and the two people are very photogenic.

  78. Trista:

    Ah! You guys are so cute. Great photos!


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