Can't wait to shoot Mary Beth and Lance's wedding in Georgia in February!  How cute is their pup?  They brought him along and he sure did like the camera(although it didn't seem like it at the time!).  Mary Beth and Lance are so fun and I loved getting to know them more during our shoot.  We barely missed the huge leaf turn up in Asheville, but I still love that we were able to catch some fall color.  Can't wait for the big day! Congrats you two!

  1. Brad:

    GREAT picture of Champ!

  2. Mary Beth:

    Thanks so much Lindsey! The pictures are great!

  3. Laurie:

    Looking forward to the wedding. The pictures are great!

  4. Johnna:

    Pictures are great, I can’t wait to see them all!!

  5. Miles:

    Looking good!!

  6. Katie:

    Looking good MB! And I guess Lance too!

  7. cash:

    Such a cute couple! Love these pictures

  8. Lily:

    yall are the cutest!

  9. Ferrell:

    love these!

  10. Jenna:

    LOVE these! So pretty MB. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  11. Abby:

    I already love these two but these pics made me fall more in love! So ready for Feb. 2

  12. Meg Prentice:

    These look so great!! Congratulations!

  13. Kelly Anne Browne:

    AMAZING! Yall are beautiful people!

  14. Courtney Clymer:

    Yes yes yes!! I love these. So beaut. Can’t wait for the weddinggggggggg!

  15. McKenzie:

    These are SO great! I especially love the ones in front of that lavender door. Great lookin’ couple! MB, where are the ones of you in your SERVPRO shirt?

  16. Maria:

    These are so great congrats Mary Beth!

  17. Liza:

    Y’all look awesome! So excited for you!

  18. jennifer smallwood:

    WOW what beautiful picts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!

  19. Penny:

    Beautiful Couple!!

  20. Mellanie:

    Beautiful !!

  21. sally smith:

    absolutely precious!!! so proud for you!!!

  22. LaVenia:

    What great pictures!!!! How great would the one with the quilt wrapped around y’all look framed!!!! Love Love them!!!!

  23. Bekki:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  24. Abby Brown:

    I’ve loved these two for awhile, but after these pics I’m in love more! Can’t wait for Feb 2!

  25. Debbie Wiley:

    Great Pictures!

  26. Joe Bradshaw:

    Beautiful Pictures!

  27. Lindsey:

    So happy for y’all!

  28. Peggy:

    Such unique pictures of a beautiful couple in love!

  29. Patricia Smith:

    Beautiful photos! I always love the outdoor pictures and the come back of Black and Whites.

  30. Donna:

    Beautiful pictures of two beautiful people!

  31. Hillary:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  32. Mark Barton Sr.:

    What a lovely couple!!!

  33. Dusty:

    These are really great pics!

  34. Sara Barge:

    So so cute!!

  35. Ali Smith:

    Beautiful pictures! And a gorgeous couple!

  36. Diane Stinnett:

    Darling pictures!

  37. Leslie:

    SO CUTE!

  38. Lauren Gaskins:

    These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait until Feb. 2!!

  39. kimberly rutland:

    so pretty!

  40. Patti:

    Love the pictures, smiles, boots and puppy makes three!

  41. Stacy:

    Beautiful Photos ~ Love them all!

  42. Shelley:

    Beautiful couple!

  43. Dinah:

    Great pics!

  44. Amy Chosewood:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Both of you are so photogenic!
    Congratulations Mary Beth!

  45. Bonnie Harris:

    Yea! I’m getting a new nephew…and ain’t he good-lookin’?

  46. Bonnie Harris:

    These pictures are amazing!

  47. Marla:

    Love the pictures, hard to pick a favorite!

  48. Joyce:

    What a great looking couple! Beautiful pictures.

  49. Laura Tucker:

    Amazing picutres.

  50. Haley:

    Mary Beth and Lance, I cannot believe how gorgeous these photos are! They truly display the affection you have for each other. I cannot wait for the wedding!!!!

  51. Robbin Brown:

    What beautiful pictures!!!!!! What a beautiful couple!!!!

  52. Moe:

    Phenomenal pictures!

  53. Cynthia Garrett:

    Although I don’t know you all, if you are a friend of Haley H, then you must be awesome! Congrats! Great photos!

  54. Ryan:

    Congrats you Guys! Your pictures look great!

  55. Kathy Burle:

    Great pictures! Your sister is an awesome girl, btw! :-)

  56. Tim Burle:

    Great looking photos.

  57. Joyce Tench:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Great pictures!!!

  58. Mimi Voyles:

    What beautiful pictures!

  59. Bradley:

    Good pictures of Lance and Champ

  60. Susan:

    Great pictures of you too, and champ as well.

  61. Susan:

    Two terrific young people whom I am so happy for. Can’t wait until the big day.

  62. Kathy:

    Great oictures, can’t wait until the party.

  63. Keith:

    Great pictures

  64. Laura McKinley:

    These are great! Love the black and white one!

  65. Laura Buchanan:

    Lindsey- great job with these photos. Mary Beth and Lance are so photogenic!

  66. alex sturgeon:

    super bad ass pics

  67. Tim Carley:

    These make me wish I had gotten engagement pics! Love them.

  68. Ronnie Martinez:

    Asheville was the perfect place for these photos. The dog steals the show

  69. Erin Steele:

    So cute! The quilt, I love.

  70. Daniel Buchanan:

    These are awesome. Great location and couple.

  71. Tyler Mauldin:

    Great pictures! Happy for you both!

  72. Michelle:

    Gorgeous photography and precious couple! I love the ginko tree leaves…

  73. Michele:

    WOW! Your inside and outside beauty was captured! I love love love the pictures!

  74. Tim Boyd:

    Great pictures, you look JUST like your mother!!!!!

  75. Karen Glass:

    Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  76. Erin:

    Awesome pics! Such a lovely couple…can’t wait to see your wedding pics :)

  77. Heather:

    WOW! Those are great! Can’t wait to see more.

  78. Hannah:

    Great looking couple!

  79. Joey:


  80. Carol:

    Love the photos! You two look adorable and so happy!

  81. Bonnie Harris:

    Mary Beth, you are so beautiful.

  82. Margaret Quist:

    So beautiful! Excited for the big day!

  83. Lance:

    Great looking dog with a great looking girl! I’m one lucky guy

  84. Nadine:

    AHHH so great!! Cannot wait for Feb 2! Y’all are smokin’!

  85. Sara Anne:

    Ya’ll be looking so good! Great job with the pics!

  86. McCall:

    Y’all are gorgeous and so is Champ! I love the quilt. I wonder if your grandmother made it… See you soon.

  87. Shelia Burruss:

    Amazing photos! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. From looking at these photos, you are going to have some fabulous wedding pictures.


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