Loved getting to work with Amanda and Jonathan.  Their wedding is going to take place in Troutman, NC next year at an old school house, and I just can't wait!  AVID(and I mean AVID) Appalachian fans, we decided to shoot their engagement session up in Boone.  We had a perfectly gorgeous day to play in the mountains.  Nothing beats a Carolina fall!  I'm so happy for you two...Enjoy just a few of my favorites!

  1. Ashley Barnhardt:

    Amanda you look GORGEOUS!!! Jonathan you do too :)) GREAT pictures!!! The photographer did an outstanding job!!

  2. Carla Janney:

    You guys look great! Amanda you are beautiful! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  3. Sandy Foltz:

    I have to keep looking–over and over again—they are so good!!! I love them ALL!!!!! What a great job, and such cute places and posies. Very well done, couldn’t imagine having to pick ONE, don’t think anyone could do it!

  4. Amanda's Mom:

    OMG! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING, I’ll have to have them all. Gorgeous couple!!!!! Great job Lindsey!!!!

  5. jeanie miller:

    Amanda, you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love them all!!! :)

  6. Ashley Sumner:

    Amanda, these are so beautiful! You look gorgeous and so happy!!! :) Best wishes!!!

  7. jenna coppock:

    yay! love love love!

  8. Amanda:

    I am in LOVE with ALL of them!! Thank you so much Lindsey for these beautiful pics that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! I am going to love showing them off!! =) You are the BEST!!

  9. Father of the Bride:

    My little girl is all grown up and looking so Pretty!!! in her favorite place on earth. BOONE. Hey Ms Lindsey, you’re not supposed to make all the pictures so good…… You’re going to break my budget..

  10. earl vanhorn:

    Lookin good guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jessica Lee:

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful and they definitely capture the school spirit these two have! Love!

  12. Sally:

    Amanda, you look just beautiful & so does the groom. All the pics are beautiful, can’t pick just one. Can’t believe “my little girl” is all grown up & getting married! Love you!

  13. Candace Hagerty:

    Your pictures are WONDERFUL!!! Photographer did an AWESOME job!!

  14. Cathy Bure:

    Amanda and Jonathan – fabulous pictures!!! Lindsey is a very talented photographer. She did have a beautiful couple as subjects. Wishing you only the very best.

  15. Jenny Bainbridge:

    STUNNING!!!!!!! Amanda, You are beautiful!!!! She did a great job!!!

  16. Anna & Tyler Slack:

    A true bit of you! Beautiful! We love you Amanda, we wish all the happiness in the world for you both!

  17. Mark Sumner:

    Very beautiful couple!

  18. Barbara Bonicelli:

    Gorgeous! I am so glad I dont have to pick just one to comment on, great poses and beautiful background and of course nothing better than 2 people celebrating their love! Congratulations to you both and cant wait to see the Wedding pictures.

  19. Dennis Foltz:

    Amanda and Jonathan your pictures are so good!! The two of you make such a good looking couple together. Kudos to Lindsey too, she really knows her stuff!! Congrats to you both!!!

  20. Tina Edge:

    These are by far the best photo’s I have ever seen!! The Bride and Groom are very much in LOVE!!!

  21. Gregg with 2 G's:

    Like me some Football!!!

  22. Sarah Van Horn:

    these are fantastic! love them and love ya’ll!

  23. Vicki Childers:

    Amanda, the pretty little girl, has grown up to be Amanda, the beautiful woman! I am so happy for both of you-what a special time in your lives! Congratulations!!!

  24. Cindy Pope:

    Beautiful!!! These capture the love that is so obvious between Amanda and Jonathan….This is true love for sure!

  25. Kim:

    You guys look great!

  26. Jonathan:

    I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful bride. Thank you Lindsey for the great pictures!

  27. Leigh Ann Stulginski:

    Love the pictures!!!

  28. Kale:

    Awesome pictures! These turned out so well!

  29. Kaydee C.:

    Beautiful pictures!! I can’t wait to see them all!!

  30. Laura B:

    Love these!!

  31. Kim Reynolds:

    Love them all!

  32. Meredith Clark:

    These are so perfect, I love them!!

  33. Donna Ackley:

    You two make such a good-looking couple!!! These pictures are great, really enjoyed them all!!! Best wishes to you both!!

  34. Cindy Beason:

    Amanda & John. I absolutely love these pictures!! They are wonderful. I love the black/white shots very much!!!

  35. Bonnie:

    What beautiful pictures, poses, and backdrops!

  36. Melissa:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  37. Allison Burnham:

    Congratulations to you both! Amanda you look beautiful!
    Great pictures! I wish you all the best!

  38. Debbie RIchard:

    The pictures are wonderful. You both look fantastic. Wow!!!!!

  39. Donna Sherrin:

    I really did enjoy the pictures. What an excellent job. I love the settings and how the pictures were perfectly suited for them! They make such a good looking couple. How can yo choose? You have to buy them all.

  40. Jan Houser:

    These photos are amazing! They really capture the “sweetness” of this couple together. Love them all!

  41. Pat Bechtol:

    The pictures were lovely and a special way to remember a special day. Best wishes

  42. Toni Lynn:

    Amanda and Jonathan I love these engagement pictures. They are so good!! And I know they mean so much to you that they are taken in a special place. The photographer captured everything in these pictures from the beauty of the mountains to the fun of the stadium. I cannot wait to see what the photographer does with the wedding pictures. And Amanda you look so beautiful!!! And Jonathan looks pretty handsome too!

  43. Kimberly R:

    Jonathan and Amanda these pictures are perfect!! The photographer did such a great job!

  44. JC:

    These are great!!

  45. Jake Myers:

    GREAT pictures! The mountains are by far the best place for pictures. I even like the ASU ones!

  46. Laura Barnes:

    Beautiful pictures!! I love them all!

  47. Sam:

    Great pics!

  48. Todd R:

    These turned out fantastic!!

  49. Brenda:

    These pictures are so so good. Congratulations Jonathan and Amanda!

  50. Steve:

    Wow! The photographer captured you two perfectly. Great pictures!

  51. Todd:

    very cool pictures! I really like the ones in the stadium!

  52. Lou:

    The pictures are great!

  53. Nancy F:

    Amanda these pictures are amazing!!! Lindsey did such a great job! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  54. Jason:

    GO APP!!

  55. Amy:

    Amanda and Jon, I love these!! Can’t wait until the wedding and GOOO APPALACHIAN!

  56. Rene:

    Love them all!!!

  57. Eli:

    What a great idea for pics in the stadium!

  58. Ashley:

    love all the pictures!! they are beautiful

  59. Brenda:

    love all the pictures

  60. alan:

    great pictures

  61. Tricia Austin:

    That is one good looking future bride and groom! You’re pictures turned so great!! :) Best wishes to you both!

  62. Melodie Smith:

    Beautiful!!! Love the originality!!! Best wishes for a wonderful future!

  63. Clint Smith:

    Woooohoooo! Go App!!! Oh yeah and the love birds too!!!

  64. Gale Fox:

    I am speechless… these are great!!! Wonderful photography!

  65. Bella Foltz:

    Oh WOW, Mom gave me your website so I could look at your pictures—OMG, they are sssooooo good! You guys are so photogenic!!!! Your Photographer rocks too!!!

  66. Lori:

    Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful couple:)
    Louie would have liked to been in them:(

  67. David Wood:

    Wow! Amazing pictures, you guys! I LOVE the pictures at “The Rock!”

  68. Allison:

    These photos are gorgeous! Really great work! Beautiful couple as well (:

  69. Mandy:

    Beautiful pictures! yall are a cute couple.

  70. Kari:

    Absolutely stunning, you guys! Great location!

  71. Karina:

    Love your work!

  72. Court:

    Love these!! So cute!

  73. heather h:

    these are beautiful!!

  74. sandy:

    the pictures are lovely, you look so happy.

  75. Ruth:

    beautiful pictures. you make a lovely couple.

  76. Jerry P:

    Great pictures, great couple!

  77. Shalonda Walker:

    Congratulations to the two of you. Your picks are amazing especially the “save the date pumpkins”. Praying you many wishes.

  78. Jeremy:

    The photographer did great!

  79. Hayley B:

    Gorgeous! Love them all!

  80. Graham:

    Great pics…Go ASU!

  81. Shellie Vallejo:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Amanda you look so lovely!!!

  82. Kathy Daigle:

    These photos are terrific!!

  83. krysta:

    what an amazing photo shoot and an absolutely beautiful couple! so excited for next fall!!

  84. Lauren:

    So happy for my little mountaineer couple :) Beautiful photos guys!

  85. Dennis Foltz:

    Amanda and Jonathan, your pictures are great!!! What a great looking couple you both make. Best wishes to you both, Oct. 19, 2013 will be here before you know it!!! Congrats!

  86. Kathy Hamilton:

    Oh how beautiful!!!! The pictures are just wonderful, I am so happy for the two of you!! You guys are so good looking by yourself and together. My best wishes for a happy life together!!

  87. Bella Foltz:

    Amanda, you look just like your Mom, beautiful!!! Jonathan, you are very handsome. Together, you two rock!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics–these are fantastic!!!!

  88. Fred Daigle:

    Nice photos!

  89. Carolyn L:

    Love the pictures guys!! They are awesome!

  90. Johnny Myers:

    Love the pictures!!!!!

  91. Laura Myers:

    Poobah you are beautiful. Both of you look great!!

  92. Britney Wood:

    Great pictures!!! She is a wonderful photographer!!! Great to work with

  93. Mike Myers:

    Pretty as always!!!

  94. Aunt Sharon:

    Absolutely FABULOUS !!!! You guys look like professionals!!!! Amanda, you look more beautiful every time I see you!!!! and….Jonathan, you are SO handsome!!!! So looking forward to your wedding!! Love you guys !!!! ;o) ~Aunt Sharon~


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