A few weeks ago I mentored another photographer, helping her develop her photo awesomeness. I have loved doing these mentoring sessions! It is the next step for those who want to learn more, who have a photography business or WANT to have a photography business. All in a one on one atmosphere. I put a call out on my facebook page for "models", and Carey and Steve were happy to oblige! These two were absolutely perfect! We worked on posing and lighting and in return these two got a little Belly Shoot. Seriously, I don't think anyone could have done a better job. Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together. Can't wait for their little one to get here!



Can't believe it is already Friday! The weeks are flying by! There is so much to do around here as we wrap up wedding season(only two weddings left before baby comes) and get ready for mini-sessions and Christmas craziness. I still have lots of seniors to blog! They are going to keep coming for a few more weeks on top of more weddings and some super great bridal sessions. Corey was one of my reps this year and we did his "official" portraits the other week. All I have to say is that if baseball doesn't work out for him(he is super duper great), then he should look into abercrombie modeling. I'm just sayin'. Happy Friday!



LOVED working with Ginny and Ricky over this past year. It all started with the amazing fall engagement sessions that we shot up in the mountains, still one of my favorites to date! These two are so fun to be around and Ginny is one of the calmest, most easy to be around brides out there! They had a fabulous wedding in downtown Concord at one of my most favorite churches to shoot at- First Pres. It has amazing natural light and hardwood floors IN the sanctuary! Amazing! Their reception was at the New Mint Museum Uptown. I never get tired of going there.

Ginny and Ricky had a little trick up their sleeve....Being the SERIOUS Carolina Panther fans that they are, they somehow managed to get Sir Purr to come and be their official Party Starter! It was so fun and a great way to kick off the reception. They literally kept it a secret from EVERYONE until he made his entrance. Let me tell you, whoever that man is in that huge panther suit sure can dance! You two, congrats on everything!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the bottom of the post:)

Ginny's sister MADE the bridesmaids dresses! Yup, you read that right. She MADE them. As if being MOH isn't enough work:) She is a dress designer and has started her own dress design company. Be sure to check her out if you are looking for something totally custom. I know this is just the start of a fabulous career for her!


Sir Purr getting down:) Such great fun!


  1. chelsea:

    LOVE the shot with the paintings in the mint!

  2. Jeri:

    Thanks,Lindsey!! I absolutely loved reliving that day through your pictures, especially the slideshow!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had some great weather and Joe and I shot a beautiful wedding on Saturday and I could just feel the change in the air, which was so nice! I am hoping my sweaty photographer days are coming to an end here very soon! Wanted to update you all on the dates for Mini-Sessions and The Workshop. I am super pumped about both of these events coming up! When I started planning them back in early august I thought to myself how ridiculous it was that it was so far away, yet here we are! Just a few short weeks!

There are still spots left for The Workshop happening on October 8th. This will be the last workshop until well after the new year. We will have a new little baby to take care of, so I am thinking early summer might be the next one. Make sure and grab one of these spots so you can take fabulous photos over the holidays!
Additionally, there are just a few mini-session slots left:
1 spot left on Sunday,Oct. 9: 3:00 time slot- EDIT: No longer available.
A Few Spots on Monday, October 10(Columbus Day): 2:45-4:45 available.
1 spot left on Sunday, October 23rd: 2:45 time slot.
Email me about any of these openings: lindseyleelancaster@gmail.com. You can link back to the older posts to find out more info about either or just feel free to email any questions!
Now, so exciting a cute new product that I am offering. Iphone cases! Yes, I am a apple snob. Yes, I love all things apple. I can't help it! The products are just amazing. And, quite frankly, they just make me happy!! Here is an iphone pic of the latest case I designed and made. I meant to take a "real" camera photo, but life happened and I just got an iphone pic of a new iphone case before shipping it out. Regardless, I think you can see just how fun these cases are! Image the possibilities.....your favorite wedding image, picture of your kids, or pet? Seniors- your favorite senior picture?! I think these would make a great Christmas gift, too;) Every case is custom designed, so the possibilities are endless.
Next up, Ginny and Ricky's wedding. Get excited!


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