Yup, gonna blog ALLL these beauties plus some!  Enjoy some previews!

Above- Claire is born

Kristin and Daniel

Ashley's Biltmore Bridals

a darling baby girl

a darling boy

Ashley and Christian's Biltmore Wedding

a true love engagement

a senior beauty

Ashley and Austin's Columbus, GA wedding

Another cute new family

and more!


I am SOOOO excited to finally have my magazine online for all to see.  I worked very hard on getting this published before the baby came and barely had enough time to get it delivered in print to all of my vendors and favorite wedding professionals before Sharpe made his arrival.  I am so incredibly proud of how it turned out.  Joe is incredibly proud that it is finally done and that he can stop having to proof read it.  One HUGE shout out goes to  Chelsea, an amazing friend who took the time to be a hardcore editor and help me get it all wrapped up, typo free (we hope!).  Take some time to browse through some of the best of LLP weddings...I hope you like it!



I am so proud of my little cousin, Sydney! She has been working all summer on the launch of her new online clothing boutique, Adair. The boutique website is set to launch this week! Think 'Anthropologie' meets 'I didn't have to sell my right arm to get it'! To kick off the launch of the website she is having a website and trunk show party in downtown Concord, and YOU ALL are invited! Since the website will not launch until the end of this week, here is the link to the facebook info on the launch party and trunk show that is going to be Saturday, the 24th at The Loft at 14th. She will have all the fall clothing there for purchase that is going to be on the website so you can see,touch, feel, and try it all on! Oh yea, and if you get it there you save yourself the shipping. The party starts at 5!

I shot the promo photos for the website, and I have to say it was a total blast! It was fun to do something a little different than the usual. Our models were awesome and totally rocked their looks. Erica, from Shear Image Day Spa did the models up right with hair and makeup and they looked gorgeous.
Here are just SOME of the looks that you can see at the trunk show on Saturday and on the website after the launch. Can't wait to see Sydney's dream come true! Love my little entrepreneurial cousin!



Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had some great weather and Joe and I shot a beautiful wedding on Saturday and I could just feel the change in the air, which was so nice! I am hoping my sweaty photographer days are coming to an end here very soon! Wanted to update you all on the dates for Mini-Sessions and The Workshop. I am super pumped about both of these events coming up! When I started planning them back in early august I thought to myself how ridiculous it was that it was so far away, yet here we are! Just a few short weeks!

There are still spots left for The Workshop happening on October 8th. This will be the last workshop until well after the new year. We will have a new little baby to take care of, so I am thinking early summer might be the next one. Make sure and grab one of these spots so you can take fabulous photos over the holidays!
Additionally, there are just a few mini-session slots left:
1 spot left on Sunday,Oct. 9: 3:00 time slot- EDIT: No longer available.
A Few Spots on Monday, October 10(Columbus Day): 2:45-4:45 available.
1 spot left on Sunday, October 23rd: 2:45 time slot.
Email me about any of these openings: lindseyleelancaster@gmail.com. You can link back to the older posts to find out more info about either or just feel free to email any questions!
Now, so exciting a cute new product that I am offering. Iphone cases! Yes, I am a apple snob. Yes, I love all things apple. I can't help it! The products are just amazing. And, quite frankly, they just make me happy!! Here is an iphone pic of the latest case I designed and made. I meant to take a "real" camera photo, but life happened and I just got an iphone pic of a new iphone case before shipping it out. Regardless, I think you can see just how fun these cases are! Image the possibilities.....your favorite wedding image, picture of your kids, or pet? Seniors- your favorite senior picture?! I think these would make a great Christmas gift, too;) Every case is custom designed, so the possibilities are endless.
Next up, Ginny and Ricky's wedding. Get excited!

Some of our work has gotten some press this week! First there was Sarah and Ryan on Wedding Row Charlotte, then there was Olivia and Bentley on Borrowed and Blue, and finally today Sarah and JR were on the Charlotte Observer home page. Be sure to check out these awesome features! I never get tired of our amazing couples getting some website and wedding blog love!

Picture 30
Picture 31



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