School.  It was time for it to start.  I love my boys.  I love being with them, I love teaching them things, I love learning with them....But school (pre-school aka mothers morning out aka 3.5 hours of childcare) is VERY necessary for our life.  And by very necessary, I mean SOMEBODY IS ABOUT TO GET SHOT IF SCHOOL DOES NOT START RIGHT NOW!  After Labor day?! Who's idea was that?! (please, tell me I am not alone in this?!).  Anywho:)  Even as I write this I realize I'm sad when they are in school because I don't get to see them! Amazing what 3 weeks of childcare will do for the psyche!

I wanted to post their first day photos before Christmas got here.  And I never posted Sharpe first and last day of school last year here they are!  And here is Sharpe's FIRST first day of school if you want to look back.  And Second year of school.  I love looking at pics and comparing them to what Shepherd looks like!  They are right about 6 weeks apart as far as their birthdays go.  So they share the same season of clothes, I just have to remember Sharpe had 6 more weeks of winter than Shepherd has with the way his birthday falls.  So, all that to say Shepherd is starting school about 6 weeks earlier than the age Sharpe was when he started.  These are my sweet little guys!

 Sharpe First Day of school and last day of school 2013-2014.  I would say this was a crazy growing year- not just in how he looked (little bald baby) but in his language and capabilities as well!  Sharp has A LOT of words for his age and he just blossomed at school!  He loved talking about the classroom pet- a goldfish and hanging out with his favorite teacher Ms. Hunter.

First Day of School Fall 2014.  Sharpe and Shepherd both go to school!  I think Sharpe only grew up!

 What is crazy is even though this was just 20 days ago I took this photo, Shepherd is sitting up completely unassisted, crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE, bonking his big ole head on anything he can find and going from his back to sitting up all on his own.  The amount of development in three weeks is so astonishing to me!


 Always entertained by his brother.

 Love these little munchkins!

August 6, 2014

some of us…


It's been quite some time since I have posted some family photos.  Shepherd just had his 6 mo. birthday around the same time Sharpe turned two and a half.  I like that their years and half ears are easy to keep up with! We hope to go take Shepherd's "official" 6 mo. picture in the stroller this week. We have them of Sharpe at the same milestones.  Not gonna lie, I look at these pics and my first thought is: we look tired.  Well,  that's not entirely untrue!  It's wedding season, we are working on something big for the business, Joe just started his real estate career in June, and we have a million summer projects we are trying to get accomplished before an even crazier fall ahead.  So, yes, tired is probably the right word if I am keeping it real....but this is us!  Two boys, a crazy, full house....but we are loving every minute with our sweet guys.  Missing: Darby.  She will be in the next shoot for sure.  Maybe then Shepherd can sit up on his own and I won't have to worry about him having bobble head and can focus on getting her in the photo;)

It's a miracle. Two children smiling.

are 6 month olds supposed to be almost the same size as 2.5 year olds(I swear their heads are the same size)?! In this house, I guess makes Sharpe seem small...but he's off the charts on his own!

still my number one stunna;) love this sweet boy.  He is a super special little personality...and he got a big boy haircut.


Yes, a very excited blog post title....I"M JUST VERY EXCITED!  Julia, Joe's sister is getting married!  But, bigger than that, this means that she has met the love of her life.  And that, well, that is just VERY amazing and a God answered prayer.

I have been loving Julia since she was 18 years old....we met through Young Life on a camp trip where we had an immediate connection for fun, silliness, seriousness, reading, purple lipstick, and honest conversation.  She was headed off to college that fall, but I couldn't have made it through my first year on Young Life staff without her love and support from afar and visits when she came home on breaks- which was a little break for myself at times, too.  Some friends are immediate, and for forever.  And that was us.  It was fun. It still is.  Her sophomore year in college I started a Y league volleyball team and we were looking for players.  Julia said "Hey! You should ask my brother to be on it".  So I did and the rest was history!  I have my sweet friend to thank for meeting my amazing husband.

Julia had some living to do, so nobody was too worried about her meeting her future husband- young, in college, traveling, working at different summer jobs....but there does come a time after college where you want the ones you love to meet THE ONE they are supposed to love.  We pretty much knew Matt was going to be around for a while, if not for forever, when he got Julia a puppy.  Yup, I would say that was pretty much the "no going back now" moment:) The puppy was like a promise ring, haha!  This may seem silly, but Julia had wanted a puppy HER WHOLE LIFE.  Not cracking on my in-laws(too bad;)), but WHO NEVER LET'S THEIR KIDS HAVE A DOG?!!( I might be getting some hate mail now from parents near and far that don't want their kids to have dogs, but you know what I mean!) We knew it was meant to be when Matt got Julia sweet little Maple and pretty much made her life complete. Literally.  I mean the girl had only been wanting a puppy for 20+ years.  I am so thankful for someone that 'gets' my lovely sis the way Matt does.  He lets her simply be herself, and that's all anyone wants for their family.  To find someone that loves you for exactly who you are, but encourages you to be the best you that you can be.  Matt does that and I know he is one lucky lucky lucky dude to have her by his side.  They are going to do amazing things together...have many adventures....give me lots of cute nieces and nephews(no pressure) life to the fullest...and have each others back for forever.  I am one happy lady knowing that the story God was writing for each of them collided.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from our engagement session.  It was hot, sweaty, humid, gross, sticky...but amazing, amazing fun together.  Happy Friday!

March 18, 2014

Meet Shepherd.


FINALLY, 7 weeks later, posting some of Shepherd's newborn pics and his birth announcement!  As usual, I had grandiose plans of all the shots we were going to take, but alas we had the snow-mageddon and life was just crazy...and we forgot how super intense those first days home can be…so we just sorta got what we got when he was 11 days old.  I am still thankful for these shots…he is already SO HUGE.  If I had to guess, I would say he's close to 14 pounds now at just 7 weeks.  We grow 'em big around here!  Enjoy some of these shots of our sweet boy and new family of 4.  Still hard to believe!

We took pics of Sharpe in this stroller every three months his first year, so starting the same tradition with the new guy.

Super attractive shot of all my kids;)  Pretty sure this was right after Sharpe had to get a "talking to" because he wouldn't get near the baby.  Yup, it was one of those photo shoots.

Trying to get a baby, a 2 year old and a dog all to cooperate.  Darby just wanted to give kisses.  Then we FINALLY got Sharpe to give the baby a kiss.  I'm telling ya, those first days he wanted NOTHING to do with the new kid.

"Family Shot", I'll take it.  Boy do we look tired (and puffy!!) but hey!  That's us with an almost two week old:)

  1. Amber Herlocker:

    Your beautiful as always. Love these of your sweet family of 4..well 5 including Darby! :)

  2. Comfy Cozy Couture:

    These are so adorable…the one of Darby licking Sharpe’s face is so cute!! Congrats!

  3. Owen Davis:

    You look beautiful Lindsey!!! And Shepherd is perfect and so handsome! Congrats again!

February 11, 2014

Shepherd’s Nursery


Hello world wide web!  I'm back- well, sort of!  Our little man is 2 weeks old today and boy has the time flown by!

Shepherd Wesley Hartsell was born on January 28th and was 9 lbs 3 ounces and 22.5 inches long!

I thought there was no way in the world he would be bigger than Sharpe when he was born, especially because Shepherd was born 2 weeks earlier, but goodness he came out such a big and perfect boy!    He is such a sweet and good natured baby.  We are well over here and simply adjusting to life with 2.  People weren't lying when they said it was hard work, but we are managing pretty well and figuring it all out:)  Sharpe is a great big brother, but honestly, could care less.  He is starting to come around and take more interest in "Baby Shepherd", but for the most part his 2 year old self is a little unphased.  It probably has something to do with the undivided attention he is getting from all of his grandparents right now;)  I'm lucky to have their help, but one little boy is getting more and more spoiled by the second!

After getting 4.5 hours of sleep in a row(apparently there was a feeding in there somewhere, but in my exhaustion I slept right through it.  Super dad Joe to the rescue), I feel a little less like The Walking Dead and a little more normal and out of my newborn fog....kinda.  Go 4.5 hours of sleep!  We did take some newborn pics which I will post soon, but in the meantime I wanted to post Shepherd's nursery.  A huge thanks to my dear, dear friend Meredith Beregovski with Georgia Street Design for consulting with me on the nursery details, talking me off ledges when I couldn't find anything I liked and thought the nursery would totally stink, approving my purchases when I did find stuff I liked, helping me find the most perfect fabric and designing the curtains, pillows and crib skirt, and for in general just being one of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.  Ya'll, get on her schedule ASAP.  Some of her work is soon going to be on a HGTV show that begins filming in the next few weeks!  Her work is the real deal and I am so proud of her!

Hope you like it as much as we do!  The little guy is still sleeping in our room, but I know he is going to love it in here when he finally does sleep in his own bed.

I knew I wanted a "dog" theme, but pretty much everything I could find was totally kiddie or cartoony- which is definitely not my decorating style.  If it's possible, I reached the end of Etsy.  To no avail.   After I found the Dog wallpaper, it really all started to come together!  All of the furniture was from Sharpe's Nursery.  He got big boy beds so his nursery furniture was moved into the baby's room.   I knew the queen bed had to stay(after debating and debating and debating some more), so after making Joe move the queen bed to literally every wall in the room so I could see how it looked, we finally landed it back to it's original starting point- in between the windows(I'm telling you, I married a saint!). Oh, and Meredith said it would look fine there the whole time, haha...I'm SUPER fun to work with;)

 New hardware for the cabinet from Anthropologie, and these cute little scottie dog hooks, too!

 Joe and I found the rug at Tuesday Morning up in Asheville just by chance one day.  Love Tuesday Morning! Wish I lived closer to one...although that might be a bad thing.  The mirrors we already had, they hung over the bed when it was a guest room, we just painted them navy per Meredith;).

 I love the fabric, curtain rods, pillows and crib skirt so much!  Meredith is the goddess of fabric.  As a fabric snob myself, I don't say this lightly, either!  She just has a way with seeing how everything is going to look.  She sourced these curtain rods, too!  I adore them!

Joe really wanted there to be some "hunting dogs" in the room.  After reaching the end of the internet for the 5th time, I was able to find some vector images of dogs for sale which I was able to turn blue and print as photos.  So proud of this little project! Oh, and Lindsey Lee Photography sells these frames in all sizes if you are interested!

The headboard was the same as we used the guest room.  Just tried to find a way to masculine it up a bit.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of his room!  I am taking some time off this month and next to be with our sweet Shepherd and Sharpe, but am looking forward to getting some amazing things up on the blog, too.  Be sure to check back.  Oh, and happy snow days ahead (fingers crossed!).

  1. chelsea cote:

    just gorgeous! you and meredith are a dream team!

  2. Ashley:

    Love this! Can you tell me the designer of or where I can find that wallpaper?


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