I love my baby...I love my dog.  I love making our Christmas card!  Last year was a little bit of a bust as far as our Christmas card went.  I was about-to-pop-pregnant around the time a family card should have went out....so we decided to forgo a Christmas card(did I mention I was also super grumpy and super swollen and pretty much hating life?) for Sharpe's birth announcement which went out right after Christmas.  I knew this year I really wanted to make up for it!

Drumroll please........The Hartsell Christmas card 2012!

We used a Luxe Folded card- these cards are the best! Here's the digital copy and then the hard copy.  Our sweet Darby-bear was a trooper as always and didn't mind us torturing her for the better part of an hour.  Later I will do a couple of the outtakes where she was giving the stink eye to us for tying an antler to her head.  She makes the best reindeer!

We would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the card:  hobby lobby, wyoming, an elk, hillsville flea market, my mom, sleigh bells, Gena- my wonderful client for the hat and shoes(which I found the matching outfit to go with...a major inspiration for the shoot), goldendoodles everywhere, and the grinch.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Love, the Hartsells!


I think it is time all of you have a little more Sharpe in your life:)  This little boy is such a joy to us!  We finally were able to take a quick photo shoot for his 9 month photos(and posting them when he is almost ten months).  We take them every three months with this antique stroller for scale, and every month with our sweet Darby-bear.  I haven't been so good about posting the ones with Darby, but I LOVE THEM together!  Sharpe thinks she is so fun, and well Darby just thinks anyone that moves is fun, so they are so cute together!  When I go in the mornings to get Sharpe out of his crib, Darby comes too and he gets so excited to see her and starts petting her over the crib.  At night when we are getting him ready for bed, Darby comes in and rests behind his rocker....and a few times here lately she has gotten trapped in there without us realizing it, only to see her later in the monitor! She loves this little boy!  It is such a fun time right now in our house.  Life is busy, very busy(especially these next 6 weeks), but we are soaking him in.  I am so excited about all the clients we have scheduled in the next little while, but I know I'll be grateful for the holidays and getting to spend some more down time as a family.  Enjoy these pictures, and yes, this is how he always is:)  I'm not even kidding...We are so blessed!

  1. Auntie LeAnn:

    So lucky to have the cutest nephew alive!

The past few weeks I have been shooting non stop!  It's a fabulous time of year to be taking photos- not too hot(until yesterday's session, can we say humid?) and sunny, sweet light all around.  I am going in to a cave for the next couple of days(+ amazing wedding on Saturday) to get caught up on the mass amounts of images sitting on my computer right now, but hopefully these teasers will hold you over...and this is just SOME of what's happening around here!  Happy Weekend!

Sharpe turned four months.  We were over a week late on his monthly photo with Darby, but here it is.  I have a feeling that little ear tug is the first of many for our sweet bear.  Just love them both to pieces!

Coming up:

Ashley and Austin's engagement session(also recently shot Ashley's bridal portraits.  Just you wait on those!)

Precious baby Graham was born.  Winner of America's Youngest Tarheel Fan award.

Hope and Adam's engagement session!

Elliot turns one.

Jessie's adorable pregnant belly.



We can't believe our little buddy is three months old already!  He is the best little boy and we just love spending all the time we can with him right now.  He is definitely an "easy" baby, so we are very thankful!  He hasn't been to the dr. in a while, but over a month ago he weighed 15 lbs and is in the 99th percentile for everything!  Hello huge!!  Looks more like a 5 month old, but he is healthy and happy, so we love our big boy!  He is going to be clobbering Darby before we know it!  We snapped these in the backyard yesterday very quickly.  It was his first time feeling grass, so he was really trying to figure everything out.  I am glad the warm weather is back and we can do his monthly pics with Darby outside instead of inside.  I just love his sweet face! Enjoy these and some previews...

More previews!  Diana and Brian's wedding...an amazing carolina day.

Seniors, Seniors, Seniors!  Now booking summer 2012 for 2013 seniors.


We had an amazing workshop this past weekend!  Thanks to everyone who came out and learned more about how to take fabulous photos!  Boy was it cold when we were outside practicing with our model, but it was definitely worth it.  I was so impressed by this group!  If you want to be added to the mailing list to know about future workshops, shoot me an email through my contact section and just put workshop as the subject.  I am already trying to find a date to host another. We really love teaching this stuff!

Here is just a quick preview of some things hitting the blog this week...not to mention that I am still blogging mini-sessions.  Oh, and a pic of Sharpe.  This was taken when he was a month old...I am already about to take the two month photo with Darby(a little late on the uptake I know)!  Her hair is starting to turn a corner.  Thank goodness! Sharpe has really starting smiling since this photo was taken, he looks so serious here!  Happy Viewing...

Griffin's 6 month photos.  Seriously cutest, most smiley baby ever.

April and Cody's engagement

Nikki and Baylen's Biltmore engagement



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