Yup, another year down!  Gosh, I know all the "old people":) talk about how time flies, but it's just so true!  Honestly, I can't even get my mind around this year.  As I sit here exactly two weeks from my due date of Baby Hartsell Boy #2, I am really lost for words for this year!  It was too much, all of it.  I'm overwhelmed by it, but in the BEST way possible.  I'll try and recap because I think it's important to reflect and just see what all we accomplished as a family and in business.  You can read 2012's recap here…that was fun to go back and do, too!

(I'm going to share pretty much just a lot of iPhone/instagram photos because well….the pro photog mom sorta fell apart in 2013.  Not as many pro photo shoots- and most of them that we did have I've already shared already on the blog, so sharing some you may not have seen.  Go back and take a look at all the pro ones sometimes, they are pretty cute, too:))

We started the year with a one year old.  That was fun, really fun.  Our little late walker decided to get on the walking bandwagon sometime around 13-14 months…this is after pretty much furniture walking for 6+ months.  We kept thinking he'd take off, but he just never did.  Still off the charts, our little boy brings us SOO much joy.  I know I brag on him too much…but he is such a smart, sweet, and darling little man.  Just easy! very easy!  Everyone keeps saying the next one won't be the same, and I say hush it!  Don't jinx this good thing we have going here!  I can't believe how much he has grown in this one year.  He went from our crawling, paci loving guy to talking up a storm in full sentences and developing so much of his personality.  Luckily because of his sweet nature, the grandparents never minded keeping him for, oh you know, 3/4 the weekends of the year.  They saved us!  We would get updates and photos to our phones while working of whatever cuteness he was up to.

(started the year still crawling…so little! and still bald!)

We had a busy spring and early summer in business- lots of fun weddings, which I will get to.  We joined our church officially and Sharpe was dedicated on Mother's Day.  Once school was out, we headed to the beach!  We took most of July off to spend as a family- and boy did we:) Practically moved down to my parent's place at Oak Island where we were totally on Island Time.  Saw lots of friends along the way and spent lots of time being…well…lazy.  Our fall was to be the busiest we have ever had…so we were "Getting Ready to Get Ready".  Spring was also when I got my second bun in the oven, so lazy days were just what we needed a few months later!  We played and played and played on the beach.  As fun as it was this year- I know this coming summer he is going to be such a perfect age for the beach.  Although, you know my whole family is see-thru, so the sun situation is really just a problem.  We are all just so white!  It takes a traveling caravan to get us and all of our sun protection down to the beach.

(at the beach.  getting a little more hair and he shot straight up! no more baby rolls)

Back from the beach and back to reality- our craziness in business started back up in August along with Joe heading back to school.  I was going to miss my helper!  Rejuvenated, we got back in the swing of things, but boy was it crazy!  Sharpe started back to preschool 2 days a week and we tried to get back in our routine of lots of work and lots of weddings and amazing seniors and families.  We did pretty good.  We found out we were having another little boy somewhere in here, and we couldn't be happier(I knew the whole time it was another boy!).  I was definitely a little relieved, what was I going to do with all of that boy stuff if not?!

I would be remiss to not mention a few things in here that were critical to our year.  I turned 30 on the 30th of August.  It was fairly uneventful….but mostly because our family experienced great loss in early September…the death of my beloved DD.  My mothers mom lost her battle with Parkinson's/Alzheimer's after a rough couple of months and a few very short weeks of touch and go.  In the middle of what all we had going on in business and life, this was hard. very, very hard.  We had a packed calendar of weddings to shoot but I tried to be as much help to my family as possible- and primarily to my mom who takes on the burdens of our whole family without complaint.  That's really all I can say about that without turning into a puddle here at the computer.  I miss her so much.  It was a hard time and continues to be a process to move through.

(a shot from our wedding 5 years ago.  4 generations.  DD on the far left) 

Fall marched on and we tried to keep the pace.  Our wedding schedule was so crazy there wasn't a ton of time for fall outings, but we managed a few.  We knew it would be a crazy fall, which is why we took so much time in July, but we still managed a trip to the pumpkin patch and a few other fall play dates as a family. Oh, and had THE BEST TIME thinking of what Sharpe should be for Halloween and making his costume.  These are just the sort of things that keep us up at night!  Super Darby and Super Sharpe were a big hit!

 (playing with his bestie Griffin at school, Halloween and a trip to the pumpkin patch!)

 Fall turned into Winter and  as we neared the end of our crazy, crazy wedding run our steam was running low, but we looked forward to a few things we had planned on the calendar.  One being a trip to the Polar Express up in Bryon City.  Also shooting our annual Christmas card- which is also something we go a little nuts over.  I am also VERY pregnant at this point, so trying to get everything ready for baby…which, for the record, is still not done 2 weeks before he is to arrive.  The holidays were great- we shot a wedding right before and right after- but Sharpe was SO FUN to be around.  He loved to "open peasants" and some of his favorite gifts were toy cars and his fireman dress up outfit.  Not too sure about Santa, he soaked everything in!  He also celebrated his 2nd birthday. Since we did it up big for his first birthday- we just kept it low key at home with pizza and the grandparents for birthday #2.

And then it was New Year's!  Yup, that's how quick it happened folks! Such a fun year with our little guy.  In Business...

We shot 31 weddings as a company- 29 for Joe and I and 2 for our associate.  It was crazy busy and crazy fun.  Celebrating with people on the happiest day of their life is truly life-giving!! What a gift!  In April I attended a workshop in St. Louis- learning lots of new tricks of the trade and continuing to try and learn more about our craft.  We really spent most of the year perfecting our workflow and trying to make things more efficient- and some great changes were made.  We implemented a new delivery system for weddings and I revamped my senior sessions.  We shot lots of Photo-Fusion Videos(which we introduced at the end of 2012) and took so much pride in our work.  Shooting most of the year pregnant added a little extra element of stress, but Joe picked up any of my slack and I am super happy with the body of work we produced for our amazing couples this year.  Thank you for trusting us with your moments!!!!

2013- lots of these fall weddings still to hit the blog!


And that was 2013, people!  It was crazy long at times, and crazy short at times.  Our little family will grow by another 2 feet, and I am just so excited for what 2014 holds for us.  We still have a FEW wedding dates left in 2014, so if you know any friends/family/people you like getting married, we would love for you to pass our names along.  Senior and Families, too!  We wouldn't have this business without those people out there that are constantly referring us and telling their friends about us.  We consider you partners in this work!  Thank you Thank you Thank you for sending love our way all year long.  We count our blessings every night for all of our cheerleaders, for the support of our family and friends, and of course AMAZING CLIENTS!!  We are truly blessed.   Joe and I hope 2014 showers your family with love and we can't wait to share more in the days and weeks to come.  Thanks for reading!


I am so excited to share our 2013 Christmas card!   After last year, Joe and I(well mostly me, but Joe some, too) thought so much about what to do for our card this year.  There are just a few things in my life I go a little psycho/obsessive over and our card is one of them (it runs in the family- Christmas cards were my mom's thing as well- we just take it to a different level).  It was such a fun and busy fall- I'm just glad we got it together in time and that my vision was pulled off exactly as I had hoped.  The week we were supposed to shoot the card photos Sharpe had a fever for 5 days and just wasn't himself, so on the afternoon we managed to make it happen it was FREEZING cold, but both of our little bears were such troopers.  And Darby...someone said to me that she is the most long-suffering dog, and it's sorta true;)  The funny part is she tolerates my shenanigans a lot of times better than Sharpe does:)  Next year will be interesting with a three year old and an almost 1 year old...better let the brainstorming begin now!  Hope you love it as much as we do! Look below for more shots from our Christmas card shoot.

Merry Christmas!  Joe and I hope the days ahead are filled with much love and laughter and the true meaning of Christmas.  Love to you all!

Top pic front of card-Below back of card:)

Above is one of my most favorites shots ever.  Of all times.  Just couldn't bring myself to choose it for the card though because Sharpe wasn't smiling.  But this picture truly sums up these two- they are just the best of friends!  Yes, see how long my 2 year old's legs are!  Tall boy!

 Outfit change, you know, for variety:)

 Flannel:  it's all the rage.


Here are the pics I snapped yesterday of our sweet Super Sharpe and Super Darby.  I know they are mine, but seriously, their cuteness is off the charts!!!!  Darby was the best sport as usual.  She is so good to let us do ridiculous things to her!  We didn't do "real" trick or treating, but visited the grandparents and hung out on our Halloween.  And funny that I thought making their costumes might save us some money, whelp, that wasn't the case either!  Hobby Lobby was happy to see me coming!  Nonetheless, I think they turned out adorable!  Love how much these two love each other!  We also taught Sharpe to say "Suuuuuper Sharpe!" and he was so cute running around saying it!  Even now as he looks at these pictures he says "Super Sharpe".  He kills me!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  1. Owen Ross:

    Oh. my. word. Can I have them both? If ever you need a break I will be happy to take them off your hands ;) I DIE OVER THESE PICS! xoxox

  2. They are precious Lindsey!:

    I love your creativity Lindsey! They are adorable and I know you had a blast taking their pictures!! Cindy Barrow

I can't believe it has been so long since a Sharpe update!  Unacceptable!  I've shared lots of photos of him on our instagram, but not a real blog post in a while.  We took some time off this summer to spend time as a family, especially since we have the busiest fall we've ever booked since being in business.  We spent most of our down time on Oak Island, just playing in the sand and not doing much of anything photography related.  Middle of August we hit the ground running again and now here we are at the end of September!  Unbelievable!  Here is a much needed update on "us"!

Our little man is growing like a weed- still taller than most little boys his age, he has really thinned out and continues to shoot up!  Our "quiet" boy (not really one to make much of a racket, babble, or be too noisy) is all of the sudden a total chatterbox!  Repeating everything we say, he is just the cutest!  Big accomplishments are counting to ten and learning new words every single day.  His favorite things to talk about are, of course, Darby, firetrucks, and ambulances.  He is back in school(mothers morning out 2 times a week- it's big stuff), where this year we do a car line as opposed to last year when I had to walk him in.  This has been a pretty big adjustment.  He will spend all morning saying "school" and his friends names only to pitch a Total fit, yup with a capital T, when the teachers try and get him out of the car.  They promise me he is fine as soon as they get him in, but this mama can't help but be a little embarrassed!

At the beach this summer with Darby.  Still looking like our bald little guy.  Darby, well just being Darby.

Sharpe still loves playing with all of his grandparents, who pretty much have him being the world's most spoiled and loved on child.  We are so thankful for all the help we have while shooting weddings.  We do, however, usually need a good detox when mom and dad get home to remind him that he is in fact not the center of the universe;)  He is so incredibly good natured (sleeping and eating for anyone and a happy disposition) that it is understandable how he is smothered in so much love!

More beach fun!  Summer 2013.  Still with the little tufts of hair mostly in the back.

Settling back into our new fall schedule, he FINALLY(not that I was complaining) dropped his first nap so we are learning what our new days look like- playing in the mornings and him napping in the afternoons.  When things get too crazy with work, I have many Sharpe wranglers that help me with him so I can crank out work.  I'm the never home stay at home mom running a full time business.  It can be stressful at times, but thankful I get to see him so much.  Weekends away shooting weddings are enough!

 First day of school this fall.  More hair!  He really wanted to wear his bookbag- I really wanted him to hold it up and show it had his name on it.  He won because this was the holding it up face.

 I'm sorry, but how stinkin' cute is this little boy! And yes, he has perma-skinned knees!

 Life is busy, but we are so thankful.  We have the best family in the world and the best clients that treat us like family.  Although it is crazy around here, we can't wait for it to get even crazier when we have our second little Hartsell BOY around February.  Yup, in case you missed that, we are pregnant!  I kept thinking I would do something cute and take a picture, but so it goes!  You know, I had these grand ideas of Sharpe and Darby and a sonogram pictures, or some crazy pinterest idea like that, but that's just not our life right now.  What I'm learning is it is just OK!  We are so excited to keep growing our family!  Joe is the best dad and I can't wait to have more babies with him!!!  We will celebrate 5 years of marriage this winter and it's been the best 5 years of my life.  How do I get so lucky to have such an amazing husband, dad and leader for our family.  I know I am mostly the "face" of this operation, but trust me he is the backbone.  If you out there in internet land knew exactly how high maintenance my overall personality is;) (+ add pregnant) you would know this man deserves a medal.  I can't wait to see him with our 2!!!!! boys!  And Sharpe, I know he will be the best big brother:)  We keep telling him about it, not sure how much it is actually registering, but he will point to my belly and say "baby".  Our families can't wait, although all worry how we will keep this routine.  I worry, too, but trust my life and business are in the Father's hands and He will help us to make it work.  Can you believe it?! Another Hartsell baby!

Sharpe at the fair this year.  He gets so serious when he is riding the rides!  Couldn't get him to smile although as soon as he got off he wanted to ride again.

If you took the time to hang in there and read this whole post, thanks so much!  And for all of those who already knew about our big news(because there isn't much hiding it these days), thanks for all of the excitement and well wishes.  We are so pumped to keep growing and sharing with you!

  1. Leslie Mcclellan Cook:

    Just wanted to say how precious Sharpe is and I know how much Scott and Robin love him. So sorry about your grandmother- she was such a kind, loving, and giving person. She will definitely be missed! Thoughts and prayers for your family during this sad and joyous time.

  2. Owen Ross:

    SO HAPPY for you!!!! Don’t have that baby on December 28 ;) xoxo

The blog was missing Sharpe and Darby.  Sharpe is finally getting his walk on.  sorta.  when he wants to.  on Tuesdays. and some Fridays.  But really:) he's trying and 15 months later it's about time!  He loves to give Darby "love" and is just so sweet!  Here are some quick shots I snapped out on the driveway today before going to dinner.  How cute is our little bear!?!



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