November 5, 2009

I’m in love

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That's right, I am in love with this sweet family! This beautiful mama Beth, and her two girls Caroline and Sarah Kate are now some of my most favorite people. We had simply the best time on their shoot. Not only do they love each so well- they are all smiles and giggles- my favorite type of client! Beth teaches kindergarten, and if I could go back (wouldn't that be great to go back to the times of naps, snacks, play dough, and book reading all day) then I would choose Beth as my teacher. I imagine she is just the best! I also love shooting sisters....each time I have sisters I just get this super weird deja vu of my sister and I from our childhood. Luckily, these three were game for my shenanigans and I would say it paid off! We had some of the last remaining colorful leaves in Cabarrus County and some of the best light. ever. Also take note of the cute outfit's the girls had on. I just love the sweater dress with black boots and the polka dots and cons. Perfection.



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  1. Janie:

    I'm in love with the first leaf-throwing shot, the second "ring-around-the-rosie" and the one of the girl in the grey dress with the black boots and her hand on her hip. AWESOMENESS Lindsey! Great shots.

  2. kristin:

    I <3 this shoot! Love the location, the light, and the super fun fall feel! Awesome work!

  3. Amy:

    I have to say that these photos are gorgeous just like the girls! You did a great job and doesn't hurt to have such wonderful people to work with. Beth and I are like sisters and she has such beautiful girls. You did a great job with them!

September 26, 2009

senior year. aly.

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Oh, to be young and fun again (ok, so I'm not THAT old, thankyouverymuch). But seriously, to be a senior in college and have the world as my oyster again. Would I change anything? Absolutely not. I worked for Young Life, I met my husband, I re-discovered my passion for photography....but there is something so special about this time of life. senior year. of college. If you had to do it over- would you change anything?

You've now had REAL life experience. You've moved away, you've made new friends. You are coming to the end of something wonderful and life-changing and starting something new and exciting in just a few short months. But then I forget about how stressful it was: what was I going TO DO with the rest of my life? I will miss my friends. Will anyone ever hire me?

If I go back and read my journal from my Senior Year, I would probably laugh at myself. That is why I think it is SO AWESOME that I have a couple of lifestyle sessions lined up for seniors in college. I would love to have images of what I was like...then. I would love to have some photos of me that didn't include being dressed up for a skit from that year of my life. I did go to a formal. My best friend, Leah, and I wore 80's prom dresses. Yea, we took it seriously. I didn't walk in graduation. There aren't even any cheesy cap and gown pictures of me from college (remind me to check around for my diploma to make sure I graduated.) So that is why these pictures are so special. Senior Year.

Meet Aly. I would especially love shots of me from my senior year if I was this stinkin' cute and had such stinkin' cute clothes. All future clients please take note of the amazingness that is Aly's wardrobe ( or her roommate's, but hey, that the beauty of college- A HUGE wardrobe) I never have people to share clothes with anymore. Joe's clothes don't fit me quite as good as Leah's did. Wait a minute, Leah's didn't fit either- dang it. Ok, my sisters clothes, when I came home and stole them from her closet and took them back to my apartment. Yea. I don't have a large wardrobe anymore. I digress- meet Aly. She is awesome.

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September 23, 2009

Baby Love- Elliot

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You may remember Mat and Katie from their Bellyshoot from a couple of months ago. You know, she was the one that captivated all of you with her georgious eyes and amazing confidence...yea, her. We love her. She now hangs on a canvas in my office. She will forever be pregnant in Lindsey Lee Photography land.

But the baby did come! Saturday their precious little gift arrived and I headed over yesterday to capture their new family as they figure out this crazy new journey together. Katie looks amazing and calm...Mat looks frazzled:), but in all of that they have this new little bundle that is absolutely perfect. I mean perfect- these two people who loved each other now have this new person to love and care for. This is how we know that there is a God that loves us. This is a four day old baby. This is a miracle.

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photoshoot over. baby hungry. but seriously, how can you not love even this cry face?



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