About a week and a half ago Robbie and Cat got married!!! You may remember a week ago here in the Carolina's. It was cold. Colder than you can stand it cold. Props to everyone in the wedding party who survived our time outside! The ladies got ready at the Westin, where the reception was also held. The ceremony was performed at the quaint St. Mary's Chapel right outside of downtown. Everything was fabulous, including the awesome purple light that lit up the reception. I loved it! Enjoy!

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You would think that the sideways rain that was coming down on Saturday morning would have stopped this wedding day from being perfect. Welp, not so! The day cleared up, the rain made everything nice and green, and Beaver Dam couldn't have been a more perfect place for Leah and Daniel's wedding ceremony and reception. I know Brandi will have some photos up soon as she was the official photographer, but as the official best friend I had to snap some as well!

Let me tell you about some of the details: The flowers were by Barbara Pedwell, with From this Day Forward. People, they were amazing! I recommend her like crazy- our bouquets were some of the best I have seen as a wedding photographer. So unique! Bridesmaid and awesome friend extraordinaire, Rachel, made us all these awesome earrings...as well as Leah's hair piece. She specializes in copper and glass jewelry. Shoot me an email and I will get you in touch with her. She has pieces for sale, as well as you can commission pieces from her. I love my pair! Look how cool they all are!

It was the most perfect day- such a fun time for family and friends. Enjoy!







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  1. Wendy:

    Lindsey, thank you for sharing these. THEY ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL!
    Leah was absolutely *glowing* in some of them. =-) It looks like it was a *wonderful* and beautiful day.
    Thank you.

  2. amy p:

    i have never seen a bride so beautiful. these are absolutely AMAZING. of course. i mean–WOW. love love love them!!

  3. Marty Parrish:

    Beautiful job Lindsey! You do amazing work (you also had beautiful subjects!)

  4. Caden and Ellie's mom:

    These pictures are AWESOME!!!! I wish I could take pictures like this! I am Daniel's cousin…could you email me what kind of camera you have? I sell digital software to make digital books and I really want a better camera. krichardsonCM@hotmail.com

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Molly and Joe's special day on Saturday. Not only are they two of the sweetest people I have ever met, their family and friends were a joy to be around too!

Meeting each other in high-school, and carrying their relationship through college...being in two different states, two different grad schools, two different cities for work...and finally landing jobs in the DC area where they could be together, Molly and Joe truly have a love affair that will last a lifetime. If they can survive six years of separation they can survive anything!

Molly had all of the details of this wedding covered! I love the little touches that she gave to their day. My obsession would have to be the little purses she had made for each of her bridesmaids ( and mother and mother of the groom) that were each unique. She got them off of ETSY (if you have not heard of this site... look at photos below, then go directly to check it out) She also had the girls made these necklaces that were the same but different, too. So cute!

After the ceremony at Molly's home church, we headed to Rolling Hills Country Club for the reception. This is a beautiful place and a photographers dream. Here are some special moments from the day and don't forget to click the slideshow below to see more images. Enjoy!
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  1. jen hunt:

    I am seriously in LOVE with those little clutches!

October 11, 2009

just a little tease!

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I have been sitting on Molly's bridal photos for over a month and I cannot wait to show you all! In the meantime, here is just a little tease of the beautifulness that was Molly and Joe's wedding on Saturday. Get ready to see all of the amazing touches they had to make their day perfectly sweet.


Mid seventies, cloudless sky.....who could have asked for a more perfect wedding day?! Not Ashleigh and Darren! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding down in Albemarle, NC. The reception was held at Il Bella Gardens, which is an awesome new venue right outside of downtown. The happy couple celebrated with friends and family and it was a most perfect day! Here are a whole lot of favorites!

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  1. Brittany:

    Lindsey, we had so much fun with you the day of the wedding, and you are so so talented!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them, but these are so awesome!

    Brittany Noland

  2. RC Patton - ReflectiveVideo.com:

    Great photos! It was a beautiful wedding. They will treasure these pictures for a lifetime.
    RC Patton – Wedding Video in NC

  3. Anonymous:

    Beautiful pics. I am a bride that is considering using this location and was wondering what you thought of it and the people that run the place. Was there locations where photos could be taken there. Any chance you can connect me with your bride for a reference? Here's my email.


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