Melissa and Ben are the cutest.  We had such a great day- perfect weather, sunshine, and love!  I have looking forward to this day ever since we shot their engagement session on a beach last fall!  Both of their families are simply sweet and kind- we loved working with all of you!  St. John's Baptist and The Mint Uptown were the perfect backdrop- and always great florals from Chelish Moore.  Take a peak at some of my favorites- there is always something about a dark haired bride that just KILLS me!  I could take pics of Melissa all day!  Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end- and be on the lookout for their photo-fusion video soon to come!

October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014


We did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago.  The boys love going to Riverbend Farm in Midland, NC.  It is such a cute and fun place for families!  Pinking pumpkins can get a little tricky when you want to get big pumpkins, but must carry them, a gigantic 9 month old, diaper bag, etc....but we managed:)  We do Sharpe's photos every year in the patch, so I was excited for Shepherd to get his taken, too.  Here are a few snippets- them together and us as a family was nearly impossible, but they are still cute.  Happy Tuesday!

 Are 9 month old babies supposed to be so HUGE?! Sharpe almost 3:)  True story- I really wanted Sharpe to wear this outfit that he had from last year...but it was too short- but there was plenty of room to move the buttons down(3 inches +).  We threw him in the car to go to the pumpkin patch and I moved the buttons down on the way to the very bottom.  Got there, put on was still WAY too short.  Didn't bring anything else.  Hence these highwater photos.  I have a feeling this is going to be the story of his life, guess he should start getting used to it:)

 See Sharpe year one pumpkin patch photos here.

  1. Owen Davis:

    OMGGGG I dieeee! LOVE them!

I've been on my college tour these last few weeks!  I've been all over the state shooting at everyone's al ma matters- and have been taking notes for the kids:)  I have not shot at Duke once in 7 years- then twice in just one month!  I love these two- we had such a great time!  Morning shoots have been really good to me lately!  I loved getting to know MC and Aaron better and can't wait for their wedding next year.  2015 weddings are going to be stunners!  Enjoy:)

Loved Marycobb's outfits!


They did it!  They got married:)  My sister in Law, Julia, and Matt were married at the Dairy Barn in Ft. Mill, SC last month! It was perfect, amazing, fantastic....and as Julia and I would say:  "The vision was completel"!  :)  After months of planning, their day could not have been more perfect.  90% chance of rain gave way to a beautiful Carolina Day.  Julia looked amazing, Matt shined up ok, too:)  and our whole family celebrated and it was SUCH a great time!  Of course, my little guy Sharpe was the ring bearer that refused to ring bear....but he still looked cute in his outfit.  And if one thing about the day came as a surprise to me, it was that Wes (Joe and Julia's dad) did NOT become a puddle when it came time to give Julia away.  If I could have bet someone 10k he would have lost it, I would have taken that bet!  But he was all smiles and a proud "pops"- and I was super glad I didn't have a bet going!  Who did become a puddle??....ME!  There was one moment that just gave way to the ugly cry, and it came out of nowhere!  When Julia was coming down the isle, she just looked so beautiful and happy- and it was like the last 10 years flashed before my eyes.  I am so happy for these two!  Here are some of my favorites from the day....and don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more!  (and if you look closely, you'll see Joe and I IN a wedding party!).  Love my family!  Happy Weekend!

Picure of a picture- Julia as a flower girl:)

Julia is so lucky to have so many amazing friends in her life.  Truly.  Love every one of these girls!

Kelly look familiar???

Neutral palette for the win!!!

Sibs.  I swear they all look so different, but so alike!

Yup, this is when my ugly cry happened.

Perfection.  May you always remember that feeling....and the feeling of the photo after this one, too.  You are going to need both.

Yes, these CRAZY animals made it for a photo-opp.  Their first set of children.  I pray the second set are much more well behaved;)

i can't.


It was long weekend, two amazing weddings….and just like that we are in the downhill of our wedding season- 4 to go.  At the beginning of a 16 wedding wedding stretch that started in aug- 13 of which were back to back- my steam is running low, so today was great just spending time with the boys (who are currently napping).  Computer work needed to wait, but I am so behind that I just had to do a few things- including getting some of Lisa's bridal portraits up on here.  She is my muse. I just LOVE taking photos of her!  I can't wait to share their wedding that took place at The Ivy Place.  We did her bridal portraits there as well….it is truly one of those magical venues. Enjoy some favorites! Happy Monday!



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