Apparently we've been on the "plantation" circuit lately...and I love it!!! Margo and Brad had the most beautiful wedding at Myrtle Grove Plantation. The second we pulled up, I knew Joe and I would be in heaven!  The owners have a flair for history and antiques, and you could spend hours just looking at all of their collections.  From tiny little bitty old trophies in the guests bath(like, so many little trophies!) to pig shaped cutting boards in the kitchen(ton of pig shaped cutting boards, but in the most cool way!), this property is simply amazing and a beautiful place to get married.

A HUGE tree was the backdrop of their minute long( ok 4.5 minutes) ceremony that was just perfect! These two wanted to get married...Fast! Ha:) I think it even beat Joe and I's record of an 8 minute ceremony(our own wedding)!!  Margo and Brad had already planned to go camping for a few days for their honeymoon, and Brad surprised Margo by renting an awesome airstream!!! He gave it to her right before the wedding so we could take photos with it. What a fun surprise!!!! We loved it!

All of Margos family made homeade pies and cakes- and they were to die for! We've been trying REALLY hard not to eat cake every.single.weekend.  But these pies and cakes were made with so much love, we just HAD to!  We had so much fun with the wedding party shooting around the cool venue and Margo was truly a vision. There's just something about a dark haired bride that kills me(in the best possible way!).  She put so many personal touches on the day and all of her hard work paid off!  Everything was absolutely beautiful!

Here are some photos of their big day!! Thank you guys for letting Joe and I tag along on the most important day of your lives:) We love you!!


Love this sweet couple!  Can't wait to shoot their wedding this coming January...we are actually going to share an anniversary!  We had a great time on our shoot in NODA and these two were troopers on one of the hottest days of the year!  Enjoy some of these favorites!


Where to start with this post!  If you know me, I'm not often speechless.  Really, never.  But this family loves like none other, and it leaves me lost for words.  When sister Olivia got married, I so hoped when the day came we would get to shoot Carley's wedding…and our dream came true!  There wasn't a more proud mom and dad than Mike and Page watching Carley meet Jon on the front steps of their home and saying I do. and I will. for forever. to the man of her dreams.  Jon and Carley found each other, and after a little bit of a whirlwind romance, the two of them along with their closest family and friends celebrated on a May day their love…but more than that, it was a celebration of God's promise that He will never abandon his children. Never.  The wedding was beautiful, that's for sure.  The sun shone down, in more ways than one…and Jon and Carley were absolutely smitten with one another and it was quite simply The Best.

We always feel like part of the family here.  Really.  And shooting this wedding was one of the highlights of our year.  Joe and I pray that we can be the type of family that the Aman's are- welcoming everyone they meet, knowing no strangers, giving their hearts away, and staying true to The One who provides for them.

Enjoy some beautiful moments from the wedding!  And since we couldn't' get our schedules together between Carley living in Florida, having finals, my wedding schedule and all the other chaos that life brings for Carley's bridal shoot…I may or may not have went overboard on bridal shots.  It was just so fun! Carley and Jon, ALLLL the best! Happy Wednesday!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more photos….all to the original song Jon wrote Carley for their first dance!

This "blue room" is just the best!  We duplicated some shots we did for Olivia here.


What an amazing prayer.and even more amazing "first touch".  


Jewelry from two grandmothers. and a cake topper made by her brother!

it is always such fun to look at Joe's shots when I am editing a wedding.  Especially shots that happened when I wasn't around.  Wow.  When I saw these I just thought how special!    Olivia getting Carley ready to walk down the isle and a private moment(except Joe was there;)) with her dad right before she went down the isle.

Why yes we hiked through a field for these shots.  I would say it was worth it.


  1. Rachel:

    These photos were absolutely BREATHTAKING. You really captured all of the emotions and joy from this day!!!!!!!! Beautiful work!

Yes, a very excited blog post title....I"M JUST VERY EXCITED!  Julia, Joe's sister is getting married!  But, bigger than that, this means that she has met the love of her life.  And that, well, that is just VERY amazing and a God answered prayer.

I have been loving Julia since she was 18 years old....we met through Young Life on a camp trip where we had an immediate connection for fun, silliness, seriousness, reading, purple lipstick, and honest conversation.  She was headed off to college that fall, but I couldn't have made it through my first year on Young Life staff without her love and support from afar and visits when she came home on breaks- which was a little break for myself at times, too.  Some friends are immediate, and for forever.  And that was us.  It was fun. It still is.  Her sophomore year in college I started a Y league volleyball team and we were looking for players.  Julia said "Hey! You should ask my brother to be on it".  So I did and the rest was history!  I have my sweet friend to thank for meeting my amazing husband.

Julia had some living to do, so nobody was too worried about her meeting her future husband- young, in college, traveling, working at different summer jobs....but there does come a time after college where you want the ones you love to meet THE ONE they are supposed to love.  We pretty much knew Matt was going to be around for a while, if not for forever, when he got Julia a puppy.  Yup, I would say that was pretty much the "no going back now" moment:) The puppy was like a promise ring, haha!  This may seem silly, but Julia had wanted a puppy HER WHOLE LIFE.  Not cracking on my in-laws(too bad;)), but WHO NEVER LET'S THEIR KIDS HAVE A DOG?!!( I might be getting some hate mail now from parents near and far that don't want their kids to have dogs, but you know what I mean!) We knew it was meant to be when Matt got Julia sweet little Maple and pretty much made her life complete. Literally.  I mean the girl had only been wanting a puppy for 20+ years.  I am so thankful for someone that 'gets' my lovely sis the way Matt does.  He lets her simply be herself, and that's all anyone wants for their family.  To find someone that loves you for exactly who you are, but encourages you to be the best you that you can be.  Matt does that and I know he is one lucky lucky lucky dude to have her by his side.  They are going to do amazing things together...have many adventures....give me lots of cute nieces and nephews(no pressure) life to the fullest...and have each others back for forever.  I am one happy lady knowing that the story God was writing for each of them collided.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from our engagement session.  It was hot, sweaty, humid, gross, sticky...but amazing, amazing fun together.  Happy Friday!



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