Woop Woop! Owen and Garrett got married!  We love traveling to Greenville....especially when we know we are going to see other LLP brides at the wedding!  Myers and Andrew were there-what a fun treat!  I knew Owen and Garrett's wedding day would be special, but boy did they luck out on some gorgeous weather and mild temperatures for a December day.  They dodged a serious bullet, because the next morning when we woke up, it was freezing, foggy and raining.  Not only are they cute as can be, but aparently everyone they know is too!  What a good looking bunch of friends they have!  We loved working with their wedding party and celebrating with them-  UNC baseball players sure knows how to get down!

I haven't talked about folks doing first look in a while.  Really, we are used to NOT doing it....but I can't stress enough how much it helps on a winter wedding day!  When it gets dark at 5:00, doing a first look is really the only way to allow for natural light photos of the bride and groom.  I am so glad they chose to do it!  We were able in just a little bit of time to work with the amazing day we had and get some great natural light portraits of these two- which would have been impossible after their ceremony- it was already dark when the ceremony started.  It also allowed us to get the whole wedding party outside as well- not just a few church formals.  I think a lot of couples are afraid it is going to "ruin" a special coming down the isle moment, but quite honestly, that has never been our experience.  We find that the isle moment is still just as special and real- apparently Garrett did too, because I'm pretty sure he had a few tears;)

Joe would like me to point out that the cakes at this wedding were the best he has ever had....that is some MAD props coming from someone who has tasted 75+ wedding cakes (assuming we don't eat cake at EVERY wedding;))  The cute guest book was actually having the guests sign baseballs- loved that, too!  So many adorable details.  Enjoy these photos and don't forget to watch the slideshow to see more photos from their big day.  All our love, you two!

  1. Morgan Smith:

    Oh my, absolutely perfect day! Dying over these pics!! Love you Owen and Garrett!

January 7, 2014

true love- fran and nick


Back to blogging all of the amazing shoots I had this fall!  Meet Fran and Nick.  I can't wait to shoot their wedding this year!  I met them in Emerald Isle for their engagement session...and wow- love the stuff we were able to get!  They had done their homework and we went on a nature walk (pretty much the most exercise I've had in the last 10 weeks...so let's just say I was a little lagging behind these two avid outdoorsmen!)  and the marsh and beauty of the sound were the perfect backdrop.  Afterward we headed to the beach and although it was chilly, I just love the sweetness of these shots.  Their sweet pup was a dream, she just hung out with us and performed right on queue.  I love going to new places- I always find them inspiring.  Check out these two lovebirds!

  1. Julie Jackson:

    So excited for Nick and Fran. As usual wonderful pictures Lindsey! Don’t you just love that dog-such a sweetheart!

On Friday Joe and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary!  I don't feel like we've been married but for a minute, or that we are even old enough to have 'almost' two kiddos!  Time truly does fly when you are having fun! Those who know us personally know that I am a bit spoiled by this wonderful man...and those who REALLY know us are laughing at the VERY true reality of that statement! I get it, I'm lucky:)  He is the best husband I could have never even dreamed up, and that's no lie.  But really, enough sappy...he's just really great and I am so thankful for him.  Thankful for the husband and dad that he is, and for who he is to our family.

Which brings me to my next point:  One of my favorite parts of this job are getting to do it with Joe! For the last few years we have shot every wedding together and have developed a bit of telepathy when we are working.   A large number of photos on this blog are his- but he doesn't care much about credit.  In fact, I have to MAKE him look at the blog posts to see all of his great shots.   This year, when I have been pregnant for roughly 90% of the weddings we shot, he has really picked up the ole preggo slack- and has done more than his fair share without complaint.  He is such a patient, patient individual..and one of the most serving and selfless people I have ever known.  I've been collecting some photos we take of each other over the past few wedding seasons and have been wanting to share them for such a long time.  Since I am in total nesting and purging and 'get things off my to do list mode' there is no better time!  We just really love our job as wedding photographers.  We love working together and we love working with such amazing clients. And I love having such a talented and helpful hubby who just makes things fun!  For me and for our clients!

Here is a little behind the scenes glimpse of us when we are working.  Really, mostly back of the head shots..and mostly of Joe, but still a few good ones.  Enjoy the commentary as well:)  Happy 5 years, babe!

Some of these weddings haven't even hit the blog yet so get excited! Oh, and don't judge us because we may or may not only have like 2 wedding outfits that we wear.  You know, we like to keep it classy.  Once you find the outfit you can sweat, bend, freeze, move in....you tend to stick with it;)

Professional flower and dress holder...and crinoline adjuster.  Joe will fluff that crinoline before you can even blink!

If we can work a 5d mark 3, we can work an iPhone;)

Joe is 6'4".  He's the best at getting "All the Single Ladies" in order!

Some people are more excited than others about the bouquet toss!  Check out that wing span!

Again, the height is good for so much- like running as fast as possible out of my shot in three strides so I can get the veil in the wind after tossing it up.  And doing that, oh, about 15 times in a row.

Gotta love a man who is not afraid to manhandle a dress.

Don't know how to cut your cake? We're here to help:)

Honorary bridesmaid: Joe.

Let me fix those hairs for you!

We're really fun.  I promise.  Most of these ladies are smiling and having a great time- even though it was February and FREEZING!


See, we're fun!

Dude, get out of my shot!

Light, more light!

Dark first dance- can't have that.  More light, Joe!

Train and Veil Wrangler to the rescue!

Light check.

Don't mind us, just fixing the train. Again.

and again.

More single ladies.

Whenever Joe shows the bride a shot on the back of his camera and they start oohing and ahhing, I have to run over and show them mine.  You know, to prove I got a good one ,too;)  Healthy competition.

We probably adjust the veil, oh, 200 times in a wedding day.  We are quite psycho about it actually.

Ok, now look longingly into each other's eyes.  Ha!

A rare belly bump shot. This was almost 2 months ago. Use your imagination to think of how HUGE I am now.

"Joe, go pretend you are the bride and walk down the isle so I can check the white balance."

Let's all try to really not fall into the fountain.

Dont mind Joe while he creepily touches you;)

Sarah, you look awesome...but again, the veil.  It needs attention.  Joe to the rescue!

This spot of grass, not that spot of grass.

Hope you've enjoyed this behind the scenes look!  Can't wait to recap our year later this week on the blog.  I know 2014 is going to be fabulous with our new baby boy addition coming soon.   We will have much to share.  Enjoy some rest this rainy Sunday!

  1. Lindsay McLain:

    love this post! we are so excited and looking forward to working with BOTH of you!

  2. chelsea cote:

    this is just the cutest! love you both and can’t wait to hire you someday!

  3. Jordan Rowell:

    These are too funny! You and Joe were both amazing to work with and you made it so much fun! I keep finding myself looking for excuses to get pictures made so we can work with you both again!

  4. Kristin:

    Joe is AWESOME! :)

  5. Deanna Lee:

    What a sweet tribute to your husband! He really has a rare talent! Such a good team!

  6. Sarah Foster:

    You guys are seriously amazing!

Oh time to catch up on all of these beautiful weddings that went out the door this fall!  Amanda and Jonathan had such a beautiful wedding!  It threatened rain all day and did end up spitting on and off- but luckily we had plenty of photo time.  The sweet, sweet old chapel they got married in has been a staple in their family for over a hundred years(yes, that old! Incredible!) and sits right on the same street that many of her family members live.  The family tree is even painted up on the wall!  It holds such meaning for their family so it was the perfect place for these two to say "I do".  And of course Joe the history buff was in hog heaven learning all about the family and the chapel and it's history!  Such a fun and beautiful place to wed!  I have so loved working with Amanda for over a year...I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two.  Be sure to check out the slideshow at the end for more photos of their big day!


New Years Eve 28 days from a due date and with a sweet two year old buddy at home aren't quite as exciting as they used to be:)  A quiet evening at home catching up on our netflix is just what we need after surviving the crazy wedding season we had and the overwhelming(in a good way) holidays.  Joe has been off work this week and we have begun 'Operation: Baby Mode' and have been getting our much neglected home to-do list accomplished.  Sweet baby boy #2's mom is not quite as on the ball as I was with sweet baby #1 Sharpe!  His poor room is not even about finished and we have yet to round up all the baby items that are sprinkled all around our attic and all over the county at friends and relative's houses.  Not to mention the ole "my house must be spotless and the carpet cleaners have to come, and the garage has to be cleaned out and the windows washed...and all the 10 thousand things I wanted to get done this year now have to get done in the next 3 weeks" list.  We are getting there, just at a snails pace!  Joe is a saint, because since we have waited so long, I am pretty much zero help...I can't even put on my shoes!  Excited to have him home a few more days to knock some of this stuff out.

As I have been thinking about our year, I can't wait to make our annual year-end post-but that will probably be later this week or early next.  Need to round up our favorite images and really reflect on all of our blessings.  I have, though,  been meaning to post these particular photos for forever as a sorta "before and after" and today was the perfect day because these two celebrated their anniversary.  9 years ago today I shot my best friends wedding.  My sweet friends Teresa and Paul were married on the florida coast after an 11 day engagement(if I remember correctly) and I drove down to be with them on their very special day.  As I look at these photos, quite honestly they crack me up-in the sweetest way possible...but at the same time I absolutely adore them .  They are a reminder of why I love what I do.  I love being with two people in love on one of the most important days of their life and capturing that raw emotion.  I loved it then.  I love it now.  They are also a reminder, especially at the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one to never give up on chasing those big dreams. I don't think even in this moment with them on a beach I could imagine where I would be today in my photography journey.  The "photographer" in me cringes at my lack of photo knowledge in these photos, but the "storyteller" in me loves them as much as any photo I take today.  Thanks, Teresa, for reminding me of these images and for being such a trusting and supportive friend all of these years!  Happy 9th anniversary!

Workshop Update:

Love taking pictures??  Want to do a better job capturing your sweet family/friends/vacations with that new DSLR you may have gotten for Christmas or have just had for  forever, but definitely don't know how to use?  There are a few spots left in my workshop which is NEXT SATURDAY, Jan 11 at 9am at our home studio in downtown Concord.  Tuition is $175 and I would love to have you!  Email me for more info: lindseyleelancaster@gmail.com

Happy New Year!



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