We are in the busiest wedding season we have ever had- that is, the most weddings we have ever shot in a row with little to no breaks.  Add in all the 2014 engagement sessions, bridals that can only be shot just before each wedding, families needing fall portraits and the remaining seniors I have still left to shoot, and it's just been a REALLY crazy fall.  We are doing "ok".  That's the truth of it.  Not great, or not horrible, but "ok".  Surviving.  Our small army of helpers is really the only reason any of it is happening without totally falling apart.  Sharpe staying with my parents nearly every weekend, a father in law that helps me every week and on my parents off weekends, my sweet friend Peggy that sits with Sharpe when I have to run out for a shoot before Joe is home, and my mom who has official taken over the title of "life manager"(it's crazy ya'll, this woman's productivity level is just through the roof-it's uncanny and we would DEFINITELY not be making it without her).  She gets the things done I didn't even know I wanted done- and better than I would do it.  A nap for Sharpe and this woman goes to work managing our life and home(and yard!).  Joe a lunch in the fridge for the next day, Sharpe new fun foods to eat, a washed load of towels...and that's not even scratching the surface.  It does not go unnoticed, even though I may be too glassy-eyed by the time I get home to say so.

It is very easy for me to just get overwhelmed in my workload...burning the midnight oil too much...simply surviving and getting things done and out the door that I sometimes forget the WHY behind this crazy job and lifestyle:  I get to capture the most precious moments of people's lives!  I am invited into moments that happen once in a lifetime for my clients and they treat Joe and I like family.  Even though I get stressed out and my eyes hurt from looking at the computer, and I just want to take Sharpe out to play, or read a book, or just be fat and pregnant and sit on the couch and eat ice-cream for an hour watching netflix(if we're being real)- I get an email from a bride "doing a happy dance at her desk" because she just saw her wedding images.  A senior mom telling me I made her daughter feel so loved and special.  Another email from a mom of littles expressing that the photos of her and her kids remind her WHY she became a mom- in the midst of just surviving motherhood and the daily chaos- that her family is incredibly beautiful.  I am not just culling a wedding and managing files and creating hard drive space and worrying about upload speeds, but sorting through someone's memories.  It is VERY easy for me to get lost in my "tasks".  It's more than just taking pretty pictures of pretty people- or getting published, or notoriety within the industry, or shooting something "blog worthy".  I mean yes, I beg to say my clientele is the most beautiful on the planet and make my job VERY easy- but it's the memories that will last a lifetime.  And that's WHY I do this job and tread water the month of October and November(and this year: Aug, Sept, and the first part of Dec).  I have the MOST INCREDIBLE clients that trust me with their moments, and that, is really really special to me.  I am thankful to each and every one of you!  And one day soon I will look fresh and showered and cute again, and my eyes won't look tired and my brain won't hurt from thinking too much- and it will be amazing.  And to my friends in real life- I will reemerge from this abyss.  And then, at some point, I will have this baby and not be fatigued, and that will be amazing, too! So just hang in there with me!  Keep following this blog and seeing how our fall is progressing.

Which brings me to Morgan and Sam.  I love them and can't wait to shoot their wedding next year in Blowing Rock- I know it will be simply gorgeous- with these two, how can it not be?!  And in front of their family and friends they will pledge to be together forever.  How important is that!?  My job is awesome:) Take a second to look at some of my favorites from our session together- we had a great time exploring uptown near where they live and I couldn't be happier with these moments we created together!  Happy Hump Day everyone!


Caroline and Michael were married at the fabulous Watson House in September.  Oh how we just LOVE this venue!  Everywhere is a photo opp and we had a blast shooting there.   The wedding was super sweet and super fun and their guests danced the night away.  Luckily the rain held off and the ceremony went on as planned outside- needless to say we had a VERY happy bride!  Caroline was a vision and I just adore her dress- still one of my favorite bridal shoots to date!  Here are some of my favorites from the day!  Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more photos.  Happy Tuesday!

  1. Cindy Barrow:

    Lindsey, I am overwhelmed with the beautiful wedding pictures! They captured Caroline and Michael’s wedding day perfectly and brought tears to my eyes as I relived that special day in all of our lives. You and Joe are the best and your creativity is a true gift!! Thank you for making their wedding day a treasured memory that will last forever! Cindy Barrow

October 24, 2013

true love- micaela and tom


We can't wait to shoot Micaela and Tom's wedding this weekend!  You may remember her sister Natasha we shot a few years ago- we just LOVE their family! No really, love them!    They have also recently started a vineyard- where we took these...you can't see much of the scenery here, but can't wait to show off the bridals we did there!  Such a beautiful backdrop!  Here are some favs from our engagement session!  Enjoy!

PS- how adorable are these pups! Think the are going to make an appearance at the wedding, too;)


The cute seniors just keep coming!  The fall hasn't stopped senior sessions and I have many more to share!  Love these shots of Katie.  She is already committed to ASU to play softball, so she is quite the athlete!  Love her black and yellow APP inspired dress.  Enjoy these favorites!  Happy Wednesday!

October 22, 2013

true love- abby & ryan


Two sisters in one wedding year! I love it- though I'm sure their mom is having just a mild heart attack:) You may remember Mary Beth, who got married in February to her handsome groom Lance.  Meet sister Abby!  Abby and Ryan are so cute together and I can't wait to celebrate with them and their family at the end of November.  Here are some favorites from our engagement session! My couples are JUST the best!  Happy Tuesday!

  1. Abby:


  2. Sara Anne:

    SO cute! Ya’ll look great, Abby!

  3. Bonnie:

    I really love the black and whites! You are just missing the dog!


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