I loved working with Hannah!  Not only is she amazingly beautiful, she is sweet and kind and just the best person to be around.  We had a blast together on our session, fearing rouge chickens and laughing together!  Her family came in last night for her viewing appointment and I have to say we had a blast, even though everyone had a headache by the end because they just could not pick their favorites!  My job was accomplished:)  I can't wait to see these photos on their walls!  Photogenic for days, enjoy these photos of such a gorgeous young lady.  Happy Thursday!


I can't believe Sharpe's last day of pre-school for the year is over! He only went two mornings a week, but the year has gone by so quickly! Thank you to all of his wonderful teachers that took such good care of him! To think of how small he was when he first started, and now walking and talking. Wow, having a total "mom" moment. Here is a picture I snapped on the first day, then a few pictures I took this morning. I was already having a nostalgic moment when going to take the photos- trying to pick out an outfit that was sort of similar to the one he wore the first day. Then, as I was packing his school lunch I cleaned out his bag from Tuesday only to find out that a leaky sippy cup had ruined this adorable scrapbook his teachers had made for him. It was full of pictures and stories and it was completely waterlogged! There may or may not have been a total meltdown in the kitchen! Thankfully his teachers are going to recreate the book for him(me). I was so sick over it! Never a dull moment around here:) Enjoy these few photos of our sweet Sharpe! Have an amazing long weekend!

First week in September 2012. vs Last week in May 2013.  Were'd my "baby" go??

Still working on the hair situation.  He does have more, but it's mostly hanging out in the back.  Yes, he's tall for his age:) Taking after his dad!  99% height and weight as of his year checkup.

  1. Kelly Hovis:

    He is sooo sweet!!

After all of the crazy rain cleared, we had a gorgeous(albeit humid!) day for Kelly and David's engagement photos!  I am so excited for these two!  Be on the lookout for what is sure to be their beautiful wedding this fall!  Kelly and David- wishing you all the best as you prepare for your new life together...And lots of luck on making it through the house building process:)  Love to you both!

  1. Kelly Darling:

    Yay Lindsey! I love our pictures! Thank you for all your beautiful work!!

  2. Amy Lichach:

    Kelly and Dave are the most lovely couple. Two beautiful people both inside and out. Wishing them the best now and in the future. xo.

  3. Christi Powell:

    Kelly and Dave~A picture of true happiness and love xoxo

  4. joan Johnson:

    I love the contrast between the rugged scenery and beautiful couple.Great photos. Best wishes for your life together.

  5. Sandy Hajney:

    You are such a gorgeous couple, all the happiness to you both!

  6. Mary-Julia Camplin:

    Stunning pictures… a beautiful couple ready to start their future! So happy for you….

Ya'll, summer is coming! You know what that means, SENIOR PORTRAITS!  I wanted to make this year the best year yet for seniors so I did something a little different...A GROUP rep shoot for all of my Cabarrus County reps.  To say we had fun is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!  We set out together with inspiration boards, beautiful hair and makeup, and fun props.....even in my mind I don't think what I envisioned was perfect as what took place.  Hannah, Eryn, Lauren and Cassidy are my local reps at the surrounding high schools and let's just talk for 5 seconds at how amazingly darling they are!  Get ready for a super long post.  Too many favorites from our session to even try to narrow it down any further.  At the end, there is a video of more of the photos from our session.  Have a look!!  And if you are a senior anywhere in North or South Carolina, I am now booking for this summer and fall so snag your spot before they run out.  Give me a ring today to set up your appointment: 704-791-4839.  Can't wait for a summer full of lovely seniors!  Welcome class of 2014!

  1. chelsea cote:

    can i please be a senior again? these are fab!

After all of this rain we have had, it was so refreshing to work through Whitney and Mike's BEAUTIFUL Duke Mansion Wedding.  It was all sun and smiles and I could not be happier for these two!  Whitney put SO much time and effort into all of the fun details of this wedding and it really paid off!  Their color theme was so fluid and I just pretty much love everything about it;)  These two did decide to do a first look, which I always appreciate and it really gave us plenty of time to utilize all of the beauty we were given at the Mansion.  Soak up the love in these photos and don't forget to check out the slideshow at the end for more photos:)  Congrats you two!  Thanks for trusting us with your most perfect day!



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