Oh my goodness! Such a fun(but COLD!) session!  Spring, I sure would appreciate it if you made up your mind!  LaTrecia and Wes were such troopers, but other than being chilly it was a beautiful day for their engagement session last week.  I am loving all of the pops of color, and especially that red/orange jacket!  I can't wait to shoot their wedding this fall- I know LaTrecia will make such a stunning bride(and Wes, you a cute groom, too)!  I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday:)  Enjoy these:)


We can't wait to shoot Jennifer and John's wedding next weekend! And, I just shot Jennifer's bridal portraits and I am SO PUMPED to share those after the wedding, too!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session:)


This couple is just the best! I was so excited to FINALLY(after 2!! rain reschedules) shoot Owen and Garrett's engagement session at Garrett's family farm in Fremont, NC.  These two met at Chapel Hill at the very beginning of Owen's freshman year and have been inseparable every since!  We could not have asked for a better day to take some fun photos.  A little windy...ok, a lot windy, but the overcast sky gave us free reign of any spot on the farm and this photographer was in love!  It's always fun to get to a new location to see what awaits!  Joe and I are so pumped to shoot their wedding this December!  Here are just a few favorites from our session:)  Happy Wednesday!

  1. Lindsey:

    These are amazing! Owen and Garrett so photogenic and the photography is flawless! Can’t wait to see more of these!

  2. Kate Collins:

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You both are stunning! My favorite is the one to the right of Garrett spinning Owen around! I almost cried they’re so sweet :) and the close up of the three of them! Absolutely amazing photos!!

  3. Christina:

    These are absolutely beautiful! Such great looking people in such an amazing backdrop!!

  4. Jennifer Stone:

    you guys make it easy work for the photographer to take such beautiful pictures!!! congratulations!! xoxoxo

  5. Kathy Collins:

    Great pictures! You two are gorgeous! Bella looks pretty too!

  6. Mitzi Logan:

    Love, love, love these pics!! Hoping for a copy for my house! Love the 3 of you, O, Garret, and THE DOG (of course!) You should have done some out here on horseback!!

  7. Jordan:

    These are UNREAL! GORGEOUS shots of a GORGEOUS couple…not sure how they will ever choose between all of these pictures:)

  8. LORI JO:


  9. Morgan Smith:

    Love this couple! My favorites are the two of you under the giant tree in black and white and then with Bella, cannot wait to see these all over your house one day :)

  10. Jordan Griffin:

    I am a friend of Morgan’s and Lindsey is my wedding photographer too! These pictures are amazing! Love you two with your dog! Cant wait to see wedding pics down the road….great job Lindsey!

  11. Alex:

    These are wonderful! :) I’m obsessed!

  12. Martiel Ross:

    I love your pictures. Am looking forward to adding Garrett to my covey of grandchildren. My chickens are working on your next batch of eggs!!

  13. Mary Keehln:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…all of the pictures and ya’ll <3

  14. Mary Haley Clement:

    Although I have never met Garrett, I can see it in both of their eyes how much they love each other. These pictures are adorable! They capture their beauty perfectly, individually AND as a couple. Love you O, excited for your big day! You picked the perfect photographer!

  15. Grant:

    Wow these pictures are great. So happy for yall!

  16. Jenna:

    Really stunning! Home sweet home. Love you both bunches.

  17. Danielle Griffin:

    These are absolutely perfect! But I didn’t expect anything less from a beautiful family… that includes Bella hehe :)

  18. Cindy:

    So beautiful Lindsey!! I can’t stop looking at them! Warms my heart.

  19. Keehln:

    Love them all. Especially the ones with hurricane sally :)

  20. Travis:

    You guys are so gorgeous!!!! Love, love, love these pictures. And sweet Bella…priceless.

  21. Jill:

    These turned out so good!! I love all of them

  22. Kelsey Luvender:

    Such beautiful pictures and beautiful people!!

  23. Gray G.:

    Great pictures!

  24. Duane Grooms:

    What a great looking couple….there was no way these pictures could turn out bad…it was a great subject….the love of two wonderful people!! Congrats!!

  25. Eliza:

    LOVE THESE! Bella is the most photogenic though!!

  26. Tayloe Saieed:

    These are so beautiful and outstanding!! I absolutely love the ones of Owen resting her head on Garretts shoulder! Melted my heart and they are such a spectacular couple! Can’t wait to see more in December for the BIG day!! Congrats again you guys

  27. Gail Elmore:

    Love all of these pictures. You two are a great looking couple!!

  28. Nina Varner:

    Simply beautiful…I love seeing engagement pictures because they show how in love two people are :) Perfect!!!

  29. Shelby Stankavage:

    Absolutely ADORE these pictures!! The farm setting is perfect and the people in it are beauties! Can’t wait to see all of the pics!

  30. Lindsay H:

    Beautiful pictures! I can’t decide which is my favorite because they are all so good! (PS Owen I love that red shirt!!)

  31. Bardin Simmons:

    These pictures are so good! I am excited for you both, and I can’t wait for the wedding!

  32. Jordan Rouse:

    These photos are absolutely stunning! Lindsey Lee Photography…amazing talent! You two look perfect together and your dog is so PRECIOUS! I love the close-ups!

  33. Katie:

    My fav is the one up close with Owen’s arms around Garrett <3 Love them all though! Looks like a fun place to get them taken!

  34. Taylor Hardee:

    You are so beautiful Owen! These pictures are amazing and I wish you nothing but the best!

  35. owens doting dad:

    great pictures owen and garrett!!!!! i love you

  36. Cindy T:

    What a great idea to do the shoot at the farm. The pictures look fabulous…but how could they look bad with you guys in them!! XXOO

  37. Mary Sugg:

    Owen these look amazing!! Love the black and white

  38. Lil Williams:

    OMG! These pictures are amazing. What a perfect couple.

  39. Miller Orians:

    So in love with these pictures.. and the couple!! I know who I want to take my pictures when I get married!

  40. charlotte fisher:

    these are the most beautiful photos …Owen you are stunning….what a wonderful setting.. Congrats !!!!!!!

  41. Terry:

    Love these pictures!! So unique!!

  42. ROBERT:


  43. Meg:

    Lovely pictures Owen and Garrett! Best Wishes!

  44. julia ipock:

    owen and garrett and bella….love the pics…

  45. Devon Barnes:

    Awesome pictures!

  46. Tory Bowen:

    These pictures are nothing short of amazing! Y’all are seriously beautiful!

  47. Cavi:

    Y’alls pictures turned out amazing! I am blessed to have you two in my life and can’t wait for the wedding! See you guys this week! Let’s start planning beach trips! Best looking couple by far…..besides me and Gore.

  48. Shannon:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  49. katie Teague:

    Owen, you look beautiful! the pictures are so cute and y’all look great! Hope to see u soon! Love ya

  50. The real Garrett.... Gore:


    yall are going to have the hottest blond kids….

    who took longer to get ready for this shoot???

    Anyways, Im diggin these pics! good stuff!!!

Anna and CJ had a Beautiful day for their early March wedding!  They chose to have a morning ceremony, and I have to say I love the pace it set for the day.  Their wedding was in downtown Charlotte and their ceremony at The Duke Mansion.  Ya'll all know I am SUCH a sucker for this venue! It is really unlike anything else around Charlotte and we love shooting there any chance we can.  Their wedding day was especially beautiful at the Mansion as guests were able to walk the grounds and garden, enjoying a such a great spring day.  Music flowed throughout the mansion and  The Phase Band  provided amazing entertainment- keeping the party going and were a blast.  Anna and CJ, hope the honeymoon was perfect and restful.  You guys are so great together!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day!!!  Enjoy

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the bottom for more photos of their beautiful day:)


Oh my!!  This past fall, it was one beautiful family after another!  How beautiful is this one?!  First, let me point out their PERFECT outfit choices!  Everyone coordinating without matching.  Pops of color.  Accessories and layers.  Amen!  I love it!  I have known Meredith for years and am so glad she finally got her family in front of my camera!  Kids in elementary, middle and high school: this is one busy family...I love that we got to capture these photos for them before the oldest goes off to college this fall.

I declare I am going to get through all of these fall sessions!  Keep hanging in there with me!  Don't forget to add me to your RSS feed and you can get them in your mailbox.  I also sent out the LLP Newsletter a few days ago which announced the only fall session dates for this coming up fall.  Please go to this POST to use the online form to sign up.




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