I have loved getting to know this couple so much.  When I first met Meagan when her brother married Ashton, I knew she was going to be such a fun bride when it came to be her turn.  You know, eventually...because she and Eric had been dating for a gazillion years(I think 8!).  I am so glad these two who have been together since they were so young finally tied the knot and invited us to come be part of the party! And what a party it was!  We felt like a part of  the family and I love shooting weddings of siblings of past brides and grooms.  I get so excited to see family members again!  The day was perfect....so very hot, but besides that perfect:)  So many sweet moments...Enjoy just some of my favorites!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more photos from their big day.

  1. Lora Smith:

    Love you guys! Had a blast at the wedding!

  2. Julie Jackson:

    Simply wonderful! Captured the moments! Just love your photograpy !!!

    P.S. you to Joe!

  3. Drew Jackson:

    Great pictures! Fun day.

  4. Jeannine:

    Beautiful photos of the perfect day!

  5. David Bourgeois:

    Blessed! That’s what your lives are… Always cherish these memories and the one’s to come…
    God is LOVE… :)

  6. Becky Mayo:

    The pictures are wonderful. Looking at them reminded me how beautiful the whole day was.

  7. Rosa Bourgeois:

    What beautiful memories! You captured it so wonderfully! I can’t wait to see them all!

  8. terry ray:

    Beautiful pictures!

  9. Lauren Humphrey:

    I can not wait to see ALL of them! It was such a fun weekend, day and wedding! Love everyone in all these pictures!!

  10. melanie:

    Gave me chills! Beautiful people on a beautiful day!

  11. Alex:

    Beautiful pictures of such a happy day!

  12. Brittany Dickens:

    Your pictures are beautiful! Had fun at the wedding!

  13. Erin:

    You guys look amazing…soooooo cute…best wishes!!!!!

  14. Michael Gore:

    Beautiful pics! You guys sure are photogenic, E looks like a BOSS! haha

  15. Jeff Jackson:

    My little girl is married!! Beautiful pictures, Lindsey and Joe you are the best.

  16. Nancy Wilson:

    These are so great – really loved the slideshow!

  17. April Brantham:

    Aww, the pictures are perfect, just like the couple! Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Paula & Jeff Marasco:

    What a blessing it is to have to special people unified as one!
    Many years of being a friend,companion, and supporter to each other.
    Your past was only the first chapter of a life time book you will experience & enjoy together!
    With many blessings today and those that will follow completing your journey in the future.
    God bless

  19. Jessica Harrell:

    I love the pictures! Beautiful bride and a handsome groom! Congratulations!

  20. denizalemdar:


  21. D C Rouse:

    Always remember this day. Always remember to say I love you. May God bless you with a long and happy life. We love you

  22. tina howell:

    Looks like it was a fun day – best wishes to the bride and groom!

  23. Alice Royal:

    Outstanding pictures & video which encapsulate the wonderful & fun wedding of two great people, Meagan & Eric!

  24. Jessica:

    these are great!

  25. Mary Catherine:

    Beautiful pictures of such a great and beautiful couple!!

  26. Dena Ayers:

    Lindsey you just keep getting better! A great wedding and beautiful couple!!

  27. Beth:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, beautiful pictures!!! The start to a beautiful journey!

  28. Wendi Witek:

    Such beautiful pictures on a beautiful day! Love ya’ll!

  29. Nancy Witek:

    Love the photos! They are a beautiful couple!

  30. Gillian Smith:

    What great pictures! Glad we got to see these since we couldn’t make it to the wedding!

  31. Phaedra Clark:

    Amazing photos, so happy for Eric and Meagan!

  32. Cheryl Watson, Cheryl's Floral Designs:

    Great Photos, Beautiful Bride…..And of course BREATH TAKING FLOWERS…lol

  33. Melissa DeCarlo:

    Gorgeous pics!

  34. Laura Graham:

    I love the way these photos all come together and show this lovely couple on their special day. It makes me feel like I was there! Beautiful photography for a gorgeous couple

  35. suzanne & todd:

    Beautiful pictures and a wonderful day. I could feel love was in the air.

  36. Heather Mudge:

    Beautiful pictures, gorgeous bride, amazing couple…….ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

  37. Lynn Collins:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful wedding!

  38. Lisa Carter:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful photos, stunning photography! Loved seeing each and every photo.

  39. Julianna:

    Perfection! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous!

  40. bethany perry:

    These wedding photos are stunning, just like the couple. It amazes me when the photographer can capture the emotion….Can you feel the love here? wow!

  41. Allison McWhorter:

    The pictures capture the beauty of the bride perfectly! Stunning!

  42. Ashton Jackson:

    Perfect day for a perfect couple and gorgeous pictures to- boot! Love them all!

  43. hannah:

    wonderful photos of a great couple!

  44. Sandra Wilkins:

    loved it alllllll!!!!!!! can’t wait to see you at the next wedding, Lindsey. never know where the Wilkins will pop up!


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