We met just after freshman year of college.  Both of us Young Life leaders, we were working at YL camp in upstate New York.  I didn't know a soul when I went, just hopped on that plane and waited to see what the Lord had in store for me.  I had a fun job, on waterfront...driving boats, teaching high schoolers how to ski and wakeboard, life guarding all day and loving on kids.  She had a quiet job, a baker...in the bakery all day making snicker doodles and sugar cookies without much fame.  I got a nice lifeguard tan, she got no tan:)  The rest of college was plane rides back and forth across the country: college visits, beach trips, spring break get togethers and fall break get aways.  I don't remember our first conversation-how we started to buddy up, but she has been a friend for life since those sweet, sweet summer days by the lake.  She fell in love, then so did I...we talked about buying houses and having babies.  I got pregnant, then so did she.  Our little boys...just one month apart.  I love her husband, Joel, and her sweet boy, Henry.  I love getting to do life with such an amazing woman.  Enjoy these photos of a beautiful family, inside and out!

In Denver?  Let's stay in touch.  Booking Colorado weddings for 2o13 and mini-sessions October, 2012.  Use the contact me tab for more info.


I figured you have been missing a Sharpe update- here he is playing at the lake in a bucket(don't worry, super supervised:)).

If it seems like I fell off the planet, I sorta did!  We have been in full end of summer swing around here!  Lots of seniors, families, and babies...not to mention shooting so many engagement sessions for 2013 weddings! Joe started back to school two weeks ago, so there went my child care and most of my sanity:)  I'm left here trying to figure out work, fun, baby food, teething, mom life....and let's not even talk this half moved into house!  Finally coming up for air this labor day weekend and catching up on all of the sessions and weddings I have to get out the door.  I am SO EXCITED about this fall and all that it is going to bring!  When I say these are SOME previews, I mean just that!  Enjoy these and the many more to come!

Love my best friend and her sweet little boy who MUST grow up to be Sharpe's best friend!

Andi and Chris's Washington Park, Denver, Colorado wedding.

Meghan's senior session.

Brittany's senior session.

Christine and Alex's The Point Wedding

Merritt's senior session.

Jordan and Jackson get ready for back to school.

Rachel's senior session.

Taylor's senior session.

And more!  Stay tuned!

August 20, 2012

Family Love


While in Colorado I had two amazing family sessions.  Meet this first adorable family!  How sweet is little Lucy!?  Her eyes are just the bluest!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Get excited for all that is going to be up on the blog in the next two weeks.  Happy Monday!


I have loved getting to know this couple so much.  When I first met Meagan when her brother married Ashton, I knew she was going to be such a fun bride when it came to be her turn.  You know, eventually...because she and Eric had been dating for a gazillion years(I think 8!).  I am so glad these two who have been together since they were so young finally tied the knot and invited us to come be part of the party! And what a party it was!  We felt like a part of  the family and I love shooting weddings of siblings of past brides and grooms.  I get so excited to see family members again!  The day was perfect....so very hot, but besides that perfect:)  So many sweet moments...Enjoy just some of my favorites!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more photos from their big day.

  1. Lora Smith:

    Love you guys! Had a blast at the wedding!

  2. Julie Jackson:

    Simply wonderful! Captured the moments! Just love your photograpy !!!

    P.S. you to Joe!

  3. Drew Jackson:

    Great pictures! Fun day.

  4. Jeannine:

    Beautiful photos of the perfect day!

  5. David Bourgeois:

    Blessed! That’s what your lives are… Always cherish these memories and the one’s to come…
    God is LOVE… :)

  6. Becky Mayo:

    The pictures are wonderful. Looking at them reminded me how beautiful the whole day was.

  7. Rosa Bourgeois:

    What beautiful memories! You captured it so wonderfully! I can’t wait to see them all!

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    I can not wait to see ALL of them! It was such a fun weekend, day and wedding! Love everyone in all these pictures!!

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    Gave me chills! Beautiful people on a beautiful day!

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    Beautiful pictures of such a happy day!

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    Your pictures are beautiful! Had fun at the wedding!

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    You guys look amazing…soooooo cute…best wishes!!!!!

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    Beautiful pics! You guys sure are photogenic, E looks like a BOSS! haha

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    My little girl is married!! Beautiful pictures, Lindsey and Joe you are the best.

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    Aww, the pictures are perfect, just like the couple! Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Paula & Jeff Marasco:

    What a blessing it is to have to special people unified as one!
    Many years of being a friend,companion, and supporter to each other.
    Your past was only the first chapter of a life time book you will experience & enjoy together!
    With many blessings today and those that will follow completing your journey in the future.
    God bless

  19. Jessica Harrell:

    I love the pictures! Beautiful bride and a handsome groom! Congratulations!

  20. denizalemdar:


  21. D C Rouse:

    Always remember this day. Always remember to say I love you. May God bless you with a long and happy life. We love you

  22. tina howell:

    Looks like it was a fun day – best wishes to the bride and groom!

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    Outstanding pictures & video which encapsulate the wonderful & fun wedding of two great people, Meagan & Eric!

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    wonderful photos of a great couple!

  44. Sandra Wilkins:

    loved it alllllll!!!!!!! can’t wait to see you at the next wedding, Lindsey. never know where the Wilkins will pop up!

That hair, those eyes, that smile. Seriously? This girl has it all!  I took senior photos for Emily's brother a couple of years ago, so needless to say I was thrilled when I learned that Emily wanted to me to take hers, too!  We nearly had to reschedule because of rain, but managed to find the one dry area around for our session.  How cute is she?!  Happy Wednesday!



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