Yup, gonna blog ALLL these beauties plus some!  Enjoy some previews!

Above- Claire is born

Kristin and Daniel

Ashley's Biltmore Bridals

a darling baby girl

a darling boy

Ashley and Christian's Biltmore Wedding

a true love engagement

a senior beauty

Ashley and Austin's Columbus, GA wedding

Another cute new family

and more!


My sweet little buddy turned 6 months last week!  We love him so much and he is the most fun little guy!  Full of personality already, he makes everyday so full of life and we love being his parents.  During wedding season, when all I feel like I am doing is staring at this computer screen and leaving town, it is good for my soul to slow down and spend time with him and not let the craziness of this time in business keep me from soaking him up. So yes, the blog may be behind and I wish I got those client photos out two days ago instead of today, but I don't want to blink and this time be over(as I hear that's how fast it goes from all the moms out there).  The reality is that I am first a mom, a business owner second, and he will only be my first baby that is 6 months old today.  Yes, today...not when wedding seasons is over.  So, I am giving myself lots of grace.  I am ok with being a little behind, slow to email, and constantly chasing my tail when I sit down to work.  This is my little boy.  This is the first year of his life.  He changes everyday....and I don't want to miss a thing.  Happy half-year birthday, Sharpe!  I love you!

  1. amyp:

    stop it!! these are all so great…hence how many there are! :) yes, enjoy every second…it just gets better too. he’s a mini joe.

  2. kait:

    i just love him, lindsey! look at those big blue eyes!! he is the funniest and sweetest baby ever.

This sweet, sweet bride was married in Louisiana, but I was lucky enough to shoot her engagement photos and bridal photos here in Charlotte.  Ashley has a quality about her that the camera just loves and is totally drawn to her.  We had so much fun at her bridal session and I can't wait to see some photos from her LA wedding.  Here are just a few of my favorites from our time!

  1. Ashley Culicchia Cash:

    Hi Lindsey! I am absolutely in love with my portraits!! You are so absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for working with me and producing these amazing memories! Looking forward to many more shoots in the future! :)

These two met just the first few days of college...and found a love that will last a lifetime.  Anna and Tim had a fabulous wedding and ceremony at the Providence Country Club.  The weather and temperature were just perfect and we had some of the best light we have had all year!  Anna is a vision with her dark hair and round eyes and Tim could not have been happier.  I am so glad we got to celebrate their special day with them!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the bottom for more photos from their big day!

  1. Anna Cannady:

    I am beyond in love with these pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Rohit Avula:

    Incredible shots! You did a superb job capturing the moments of Tim and Anna’s special day! :D

  3. Whitney:

    Perfect pictures for a perfect day!

  4. Kelsey:

    These are amazing! Such a lovely couple.

  5. Craig:

    That sure is a good lookin’ best man…

  6. Jennifer:

    Amazing! They are so beautiful, they look like a magazine layout.

  7. Katy:

    What a beautiful couple…and so in love!

  8. Terri Hutaff:

    Love, love, love the pics but I need more!!!

  9. Terri Hutaff:

    Love, love, love the pics. I want to see more!!!

  10. Libby Cates:

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Bride! Love them!

  11. Rachel Wallace:

    LOVE them all! So blessed to be a part of their day!

  12. William Hutaff:

    Great pictures of great subjects. Everyone looked fabulous.

  13. carolyn cates:

    These pictures are amazing. I have looked at them 3 times in the last hour and have shown them to the girls in the office. One who is planning her May 2013 wedding…I got to see things I did not see on your wedding day. Thanks for sharing them…Love you guys..wonderful memories :)

  14. Katie:

    I LOVE THESE!!!! Anna, you look amazing!!!

  15. Dani:

    These are really great! You both look incredible!

  16. Emily:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the photos and love y’all!

  17. Doris:

    A perfect day for a special couple!! The pictures are wonderful.

  18. Tim Cannady:

    These are so awesome i cant wait to see the whole batch

  19. Toni Buck:

    Beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing…

  20. Jenna Overby:

    This are STUNNING! Such a great job capturing this sweet day and these two beautiful people! :)

  21. Barry:


  22. Cheryl Clausen:

    The pictures were fantastic.The both of you look so happy! Cheryl and George

  23. Shannon Hegger:

    Love!!! Such a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! cant wait to see more :)

  24. K:

    Beautiful Bride!

  25. Katy:

    These are amazing!

  26. Janeth:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  27. Hannah Collier:

    Love! Sad I missed it. You look beautiful Anna!


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