What a precious and sweet little bump Jessica has!  I know they are anxiously awaiting for little Claire to arrive and I am so glad we go to celebrate this time with such sweet photos.  I will continue to try and keep my pregnancy envy at bay- and by that I mean how everyone looks so great pregnant, and how I just looked swollen and more swollen.  She looks amazing! 


I've been a little missing.  I know, so many yummy photo shoots to show and here I've turned up MIA.  I promise to do better!  If you follow me on Facebook, then you know my hard drive crashed.  Lots of trip to the Apple store later, I am up and running again....but not without getting super duper behind schedule.  Thanks to everyone who has been patiently awaiting their images!  I promise they are coming!

We'll start this parade of posts with Hope and Adam! I can't wait for these twos wedding next year.  We began our shoot on some property that once belonged to Hope's grandmother and great-grandparents- it was the perfect spot, with a beautiful lake and magical light.  Happy Monday!

  1. Hope:

    Yay! They are great! I can’t wait to see the rest…Thank you Lindsey for such amazing engagement pictures!

  2. Dana Russell:

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Cindy:

    Stunning photos! Congrats Hope and Adam!! Much love from Texas. :)

  4. Kristi:

    Beautiful couple…Fabulous photography!!

  5. Janice and Lindsay Cox:

    My beautiful grandaughter, you look like a young women to me for the first time. Love Pawpaw.

    You can see the love, beaming from the two of you.. Love Janice

  6. kim:

    Beautiful photos – can’t wait for that wedding!

  7. Becca:

    Two things. 1) These are adorable and 2) I want that dress and shirt. K thanks. Love you wallmate

  8. Meghan:

    These are great!!!!!! What a sweet couple : )

  9. Karen Chiuchiolo:

    Hope – the pictures are beautiful! You and your fiance look beyond happy in every one of them.

  10. Michelle:

    Great pictures…

  11. Paula:

    Love the pictures! Love the golf tee one Adam! You are a beautiful and happy couple!

  12. Betsy:

    Amazing pictures for a beautiful couple. I am so excited for you!

  13. Amy:

    If I ever get married, you will definitely do my pictures. These are fantastic. What a beautiful couple!

  14. Morgan Cox:

    Gorgeous photos and a beautiful couple!

  15. Susan Z. Holton:

    What a beautiful girl! I absolutely love these pictures and how the photographer posed them. When I get married, I would definitely love to use her as my photographer. Beautiful!

  16. Donna:

    Great pictures!

  17. Melissa:

    Beautiful couple! Awesome pictures… Love from Indiana!

  18. Prebble:

    Wonderful pictures! So happy for you two!

  19. Dan:

    great pictures of my daughter and future golf coach

  20. Shirley:

    Congratulations Hope & Adam! You are such a cute couple & love the pictures.

  21. Holly:

    What a beautiful Couple!

  22. JulieH:

    What beautiful pictures!! Congratulations!!!

  23. Theresa McKeon:

    Beautiful pictures! Betsy…you have to be so proud.
    (I wish I would’ve thought of the golf ball/ring picture!)

  24. Dana Elder:

    These are beautiful! Congrats :)

  25. Penny Lineberger:

    What beautiful pictures!! You both look soooo happy! Congratulations!

  26. Libby Aulenbach:

    WOW! especially LOVE the b&w of Hope in center leaning on Adam, but how beautiful they ALL are! Blessings on your marriage, kids :)

  27. Abigail Coble:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful work…

  28. Michelle B:

    So sweet…beautiful!

  29. Hope:

    Beautiful, congrats!

  30. Angie Deatherage:

    Gorgeous pictures!!

  31. Marci:


  32. prisilla burton:


  33. Kelly Burton:

    Such beautiful pics! Absolutely gorgeous!

  34. Steve:

    Great photos of Hope and Adam. Who was the little dude with the pointed nose?

  35. Leslie:

    I love this pictures! Congrats!

  36. Cindy:

    What a beautiful couple and outstanding pictures!!

  37. Adam Russell:

    Ain’t my fiance pretty!!! Those pictures would be a lot better if it weren’t for that guy in there with her.

  38. Kevin Hanson:

    Beautiful! Love you guys. Wish I could be here for the wedding.

  39. Jeremy Wilkinson:

    The pictures look great guys! Wish you the best of luck.

  40. Amy Naples:

    Beautiful pictures you guys.

  41. Jamie Blea:

    You guys look so cute together!

  42. Steve Blea:

    Wonderful you guys! Bride to be looks amazing!

  43. Luann Blea:

    You guys look great! And what a beautiful ring!

  44. Diane Large:

    These are great!

  45. Eric Richter:

    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  46. Mark Large:

    What great looking couple!

  47. Margie Kensil:

    Wow! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Great shots, such a happy time. My fav is the one of you two with Nay Nay! HA!

  48. Greg:

    She’s perty…he ain’t.

  49. Tammy Jones West:

    LOVE these. Just absolutely wonderful.

  50. Leslie Verner:

    Beautiful couple. You both look so happy! Congratulations!!

  51. Julie Ray:

    Congratulations! These are WONDERFUL pictures! I am so excited for you both!!

  52. Allie:

    You guys look amazing. My favorite’s the one with the pup of course!

  53. Dick K:

    I love that smiling young woman. So glad you are happy with Adam. Your smile has always melted me.

  54. Meredith:

    Love these Lindsey!!! So excited to be part of this wedding next year!!!

  55. Nana Cox:

    Lovely picture of my granddaughter and Adam, also sweet little Nathan.

  56. Elizabeth:

    too cute! cant wait you guys!!! :)

  57. Dave:

    nice pictures!

  58. Tim:

    the golf picture is really neat!

  59. Ryan Bodine:

    How sweet. Cant wait for the wedding. What a happy couple.

  60. Erin Bodine:

    So happy for the both of you.

  61. Teri:

    Fantastic photos of a fantastic couple. So happy for you guys!

  62. Ashlyn Edwards:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes! I still remember when you were in my class in the 5th grade! You are making me OLD!

  63. Pam DeBerardinis:

    Beautiful pictures!

  64. Debra P. Cox:

    Love them all! How happy and in love you both are!

  65. Diane Wassum:

    Congrats Hope and Adam… can’t wait for the wedding!

  66. Kellie:

    These are beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  67. Heath:

    Congrats guys

  68. Amy Stokes:

    They are all beautiful! Congratulations!

  69. Stacy Henrickson:

    Love! Love! Love!!!!

  70. Ivan Henrickson:

    Congratulations!! Welcome to the family Hope!!

  71. Betsy:

    Beautiful pictures! So happy for you two!

  72. Andy Kiker:

    You should get those pictures again…without Adam this time.

  73. Mona:

    Gorgeous pictures! Congratulations!

  74. Mona:

    Beautiful pictures – Congratulations

  75. Kelly R:

    I love the pictures! You guys look so happy!

  76. Kira Fallon:

    Beautiful photos guys!

  77. Michaela Fallon:

    so beautiful!

  78. Andrew Lanier:

    Good pics!! I like the one with the ring on the tee.

  79. Kim Leonard:

    Great pictures.

  80. Kimberly Fowler:

    Congratulations, Adam and Hope! I’m so happy for both of you!

I am so happy for Brad and Katie at the arrival of sweet little Graham!  How adorable is he!  He was the perfect little angel during our session.  Really!  He didn't utter a peep.  Katie and Brad are both grads of UNC- and I'm pretty sure Katie's bleeds Carolina Blue, so of course we had to get him in his first UNC gear.  Bless the poor little guy if he decides not to go there!:)  I know this sweet little guy will bring a smile to your Tuesday.  Enjoy!


Words can't describe my love for this couple.  I have shot many weddings where Austin was a groomsman, and I am more than honored that he and his future bride chose me to be their wedding photographer.  Truly.  I can't wait to celebrate with them at their GA wedding in June.  Enjoy them and their cuteness!


The past few weeks I have been shooting non stop!  It's a fabulous time of year to be taking photos- not too hot(until yesterday's session, can we say humid?) and sunny, sweet light all around.  I am going in to a cave for the next couple of days(+ amazing wedding on Saturday) to get caught up on the mass amounts of images sitting on my computer right now, but hopefully these teasers will hold you over...and this is just SOME of what's happening around here!  Happy Weekend!

Sharpe turned four months.  We were over a week late on his monthly photo with Darby, but here it is.  I have a feeling that little ear tug is the first of many for our sweet bear.  Just love them both to pieces!

Coming up:

Ashley and Austin's engagement session(also recently shot Ashley's bridal portraits.  Just you wait on those!)

Precious baby Graham was born.  Winner of America's Youngest Tarheel Fan award.

Hope and Adam's engagement session!

Elliot turns one.

Jessie's adorable pregnant belly.




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