April 30, 2012

true love- katy and marc


Love these two!  I can't wait for their fall wedding at the Vanlandingham Estates.  Not only is it my favorite time of year to shoot weddings, I am super excited to get out to this venue, too! We had an amazing day for their engagement session- there was beautiful light all over the place.  Their love for each other is obvious, I was just there to capture it!

 Enjoy these:)

  1. Katy Hood:

    Lindsey, I’m in LOVE! I don’t think I can say thank you enough! You’re the best! Can’t wait for our wedding in October and so happy to have you there to capture our special day!

  2. Amber:

    I love these two! The pic’s are beautiful!!!

  3. Beth Matthews:

    Just lovely…looks like y’all had fun! Bridal portaits are next!!!!! :)

  4. Joanne Hood:

    My beautiful daughter! Awesome pictures. What a precious couple!

  5. Candice:

    I love these pictures! You two look so happy! :)

  6. Maria Teresa Reid:

    Congratulations Marc and Katy . Beautiful pictures .

  7. Kristin Greenhalgh:

    These pictures are amazing! Katy and I are childhood friends, so I’ve known her for a long time. I’ve never seen her look so beautiful!!!

  8. Heather Mitsopoulos:

    Wow – just wow…absolutely beautiful! And Katy’s eyes look so blue.

  9. Amy Wates:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple. I cannot wait to see the bridal portraits and wedding pictures.

  10. Heather Halsch:

    Gorgeous! The light is amazing! Love them all!

  11. Erica Page:

    Katy I love seeing you so happy. You so deserve it. You can just see the love in these pictures!

  12. Natasha:

    Katy the pictures are gorgeous! You two look so happy. I am excited for you.

  13. Jillian:

    These are gorgeous! Katie & Marc look wonderful in these backgrounds. Congrats!

  14. Shelby Marlow:

    Great pics!! You make a beautiful couple…

  15. Marc Patterson:

    Had a great time on our engagement portrait session. Lindsey did a great job helping us make something we can enjoy for years to come!

  16. Susan Patterson:

    The pictures are great – loved the lighting and the locations you picked. Lindsey did a great job & I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. The two of you are so perfect for each other & I’m very happy for you. Love you both!!

  17. Eleanor Broome:

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

  18. Kirby Patterson:

    Excellent photos!!! Lindsey has captured the affection Marc and Katy have for each other. Looking forward to upcoming photos of all the wedding festivities.

  19. Donna Clontz:

    Wow! These pictures are fantastic. You can really see how happy these two are. Hope your wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

  20. Wayne Bridgers:

    Great photos of the couple, I really like the photo of Marc and Katy using the lighting and barn background, good work on all the photos.

  21. Jane Bolick:

    Marc & Katy, Your engagement pictures captured your love and affection. You are both blessed to have found each other to share the rest of your life with. I can’t wait until the wedding! Love and hugs from your Aunt Jane

  22. Sandy:

    Beautiful shots of a beautiful couple!

  23. JR Baxter:

    Outstanding pics there ‘cuz….!!!!!

  24. Christy Pope:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

  25. Matt Pope:

    These are great. Look forward to seeing the wedding pictures. Congratulations to both of you.

  26. Jane Bolick:

    Marc & Katy, The engagement pictures turned out wonderful! You two are very blessed to have found each other. Your love shows in your smiles. I can’t wait until October! Love & hugs from your Aunt Jane

  27. Jerry Kiser:

    Marc and Katy pictures are great. The backgrounds in each photo are so artistic and the clearity is perfect. Great job.

  28. Jill Coble:

    Perfect setting for you two… some great pictures of you as a couple!

  29. Sharon Kiser:

    Marc and Katy,

    These pictures are fabulous. If engagement pics look like this, I can’t wait to see wedding pictures. The VanLandingham Estates will be a lovely setting.

  30. Dianne Johnson:

    Wow! All of your photos are great! You are a beautiful couple whose love for each other is obvious. Great photographers know how to capture the moment and yours truly catured many moments for you. Good luck and God Bless you on the wonderful journey you are about to walk together.

  31. Debra K.:

    Beautiful! They are lovely together…God Bless!

  32. Uncle 'Honey':

    Marc & Katy,
    Great photos which confirm you are made for each other. May the Lord richly bless your life together.

  33. Jenny DuBose:

    Beautiful engagement photos!

  34. wanda straughn:

    Now that looks like true LOVE ! ! ! How will you ever pick… I really like number 2 and 3 but there are the others that all are GREAT!

  35. Liz Lee:

    Katy, You are as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside!
    Ya’ll make such a precious couple…

  36. Debbie Haley:

    I enjoyed viewing your beautiful pictures! I hope you have a wonderful life together.

    Debbie Haley (a friend of your mom)

  37. Nancy Winfield:

    Joanne, what a beautiful bride your daughter will be. The photos are gorgeous. Handsome guy + beautiful girl = wonderful photos!

  38. Diane Neumann:

    Wow, finally I meet your other daughter( if only through pictures). Congratulations on her engagment. She and her fiancee look gorgeous together in these pictures. I love all the poses. The backdrops are beautiful, too!

  39. Beth Marien:

    Gorgeous pictures. Congratulations to you both!

  40. Dianne Morgan:

    Love those blue eyes! Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  41. Judy Greene:

    Beautiful photography, handsome couple! Thanks for including me in the viewing!

    Judy Greene , friend of Joanne

  42. Regenia Rovsek:

    Congratulations! I love the pictures and thank you for sharing them with me. Best wishes.

  43. stacey:

    Love your pictures and can’t wait to hear about the wedding from your mom.

  44. Alison Atchison:

    Beautiful Pictures!!!!

  45. Jenna:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!

  46. Kerin Reed:

    These are beautiful pictures. What an adorable couple.

  47. Tonya Milton:

    Wow! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

  48. Angel:

    These are amazing pics! congrats!!

  49. Stacye:

    You guys are adorable!

  50. Viji Namburar:

    Beautiful Pictures. Both of you look very cute together. Congratulations.

  51. Christina:

    Absolutely stunning!

  52. Jenny Billings:

    I love these pics! They all turned out so good!!

  53. April Moore:

    Congrats!!!! I love the pictures :)

  54. joella potts:

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple!. Can’t wait to hear all about the big day from your mom.

  55. Kevin Sweat:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  56. Rhonda Nichols:

    Gorgeous photographs! Joanne, you must be a very proud mother.

  57. Natalie:

    Beautiful Pictures!

  58. Jack Burkhalter:

    Fabulous pictures.

  59. Kathy Smith:

    These pictures are amazing!

  60. Jennifer Edenfield:

    Your kids will love these!

  61. Tonya S. Smith:

    So happy for you Katy. These pictures are beautiful and shows the love between you and Marc.

  62. Suzy Goodwin:

    Beautiful pictures, guys! Katy, your eyes are gorgeous.

  63. michelle:

    Beautiful pictures of an adorable couple!

  64. Mandy Slocum:

    these are GREAT:)

  65. Whitney Coble:

    These are some of the most beautiful engagement photos I’ve ever seen! Clearly a very talented photographer and great looking couple!

    -Whitney & Brett

  66. Holly Ragan:

    The pics are great! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  67. marlene ramos:

    Love these pictures. The black and white is my favorite. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

  68. Lindsay Collins:

    Katy, I love your engagement pictures! Still so excited for you!

  69. Sarajane Agypt:

    Your engagement pics are amazing! Miss you!

  70. Shanda Reid:

    Beautiful pics Katy! I love them all!!!

  71. Gretchen:

    That’s a really hard decision! They’re all beautiful!!!

  72. Jim Lemons:

    I am so happy for Marc and Katy is a lucky girl.

  73. Cynthia Bean:

    We LOVE Linsey lee PHotography…great pics and congratulations!

  74. Rose Harris:

    You didn’t go to the MICU to see if you wanted to go to school you were sent there to meet Marc. You 2 really look sweet together.

  75. Anna Mccollum:

    U guys are such a great looking couple..u can see the love for each other in your eyes! Great pictures!

  76. Kathy Williams:

    Such a beautiful couple!

  77. Sarah Faller:

    Great pictures and adorable couple!!

  78. Candace Reel:

    Katy– These are perfect! They show just how much you guys love each other. I can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  79. Teresa Kiser:

    Marc and Katy you are a beautiful couple and the pictures really captured your love for each other. May God bless you with a long and happy marriage filled with the patter of little feet (and I don’t mean Harley’s). Love, Aunt Teresa

  80. Rosemary Borchert:

    Two beautiful…..madly in LOVE<3 Congrats!!

  81. Janice McClellan:

    These pictures are beautiful. Had to be an easy photo shoot with such an amazing couple. Wish you lots of happy days in your
    life together.


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