Joe and I are deep, deep in moving chaos.  We are in the process of moving and holy-who-knew-we-had-so-much-junk.  We are just IN LOVE with our new house(new to us) and can't wait to get situated.  We closed a week ago and this past week has been filled with lots of measuring, meetings with the painters, a hundred trips to check on progress, more measuring, changing outlets and fixtures, etc.  It's hard for me to foresee a day when we will be "settled" seeing as how we are officially in wedding season, but we are trying our hardest to make the transition as fast and painless as possible for little boy.  This weekend brings a fabulous wedding we are shooting and a full day of uhauling.  I may just have to collapse on Monday!

Meet Greyson.  He is one of my reps for the class of 2013(whoa, how did we get there already?!).  We popped out the other week for a quick rep session to get ready for this years incoming seniors.  Here are just a few of my favs!  More of him to come later this summer!  Have a great weekend:)


Although Lindsey Lee Photography is supposed to bleed Duke blue(the other half of LLP, that is:) Me, I took dance...that should explain it all), we had an AMAZING AMAZING time in Chapel Hill celebrating Diana and Brian's wedding on the UNC Campus.  Her wedding party got ready at the Carolina Inn, they were married at the University UMC on campus, and celebrated the night away at the Carolina Club.  The light on the day of their wedding was absolutely fabulous...some of the best wedding weather that we have ever had.  I highly recommend March for weddings! Diana and Brian are currently living in Texas, so I had not had the chance to meet them before the wedding, which is pretty rare.  I always go into these weddings a tad anxious, but this time I felt like I already knew her whole family through our months of emailing.  There were many moments I teared up during their day...they wrote their own vows and read them to each other during their ceremony, and Diana made an incredible, heartfelt speech to her dad at the reception...tear-jerkers all the way!  It was just too sweet.  Both Brian and Diana have some of the sweetest friends and family around....not to mention extremely attractive.  Like, really. How is everyone they know so cute!?  You two, Joe and I loved every minute of your wedding.  Clients like you make our job easy.  I hope married life is all you dreamed it would be!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end.  Enjoy!

I keep forgetting to point out Joe's shots in blog posts.  Shame on me!  His amazing shot of Diana on the left.

Joe's sweet shot of Diana and her dad walking into the church right before she was to walk down the isle.

  1. Caryl Holoman:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE…you are amazing!

  2. Gloria Oates:

    Your work is beyond amazing!

  3. Myers Aldridge:

    beautiful pictures! what a perfect day!

  4. Linda Boettger:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a perfect day.

  5. Eileen Donohue:

    Amazing…so beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Cathy Rademacher:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful day.

  7. Nicole Edington:

    Such beautiful pictures! They look amazing!

  8. Cindy Rhue:

    absolutely beautiful wedding photos!! Diana was a gorgeous bride!

  9. Lori Jo Sutton:

    I was at the wedding and wouldn’t have been anywhere else. The wedding was amazing and I have to say I don’t think I have ever seen a photographer capture the moment like this. Absolutely amazing photos!!!

  10. Ginger Vann:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like such a fun wedding!

  11. Terri Ervin:

    Beautiful pics!

  12. Lauren Ozmore:

    What wonderful pictures! Lindsey you did an amazing job, thank you for capturing such wonderful moments and memories!

  13. Cathy Wilson:

    Great pictures. Wonderful job Lindsey Lee Photography

  14. Carolyn Erwin:

    Caryl – These are beautiful! I know you had a wonderful time. Diana looks like you!

  15. Joyce Edington:

    What great pictures! Loved the picture show and the James Taylor music.

  16. Joe Bunn:

    I had a great time DJ’ing this reception, and the pictures are amazing!

  17. Carla Hart:

    How amazingly beautiful! Congratulations.

  18. Jaimisson McPhail:

    LOVE these pictures!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  19. Diana Mattingly:

    These are amazing pictures! You really captured the day beautifully!!! Thanks!

  20. Lindsay Ervin:

    Such pretty pictures!

  21. Chris:

    Beautiful images of a beautiful couple! Great job and Congratulations Diana and Brian!

  22. Tricia Wlodarczyk:

    All the photos are so beautiful I can’t possibly pick a favorite. Stunning!!!

  23. Jennifer M Hughes:

    Beautiful pictures….seemed to capture the happiness of the occasion

  24. joanne warren:

    Your work is amazing!

  25. Brandon:

    LOVE IT!

  26. Molly Edwards:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning. Diana and Brian’s weekend was beautiful…so glad y’all captured it!

  27. valerie Keznor:

    Diana and Brians pictures were amazing!

  28. Kelly:

    What an amazing slideshow! I loved the black and white!

  29. jamie:

    gorgeous! congratulations!

  30. Sharon Merritt:

    Absolutely Stunning! What a beautiful couple!!

  31. Holly Edington:

    Your wedding was the best!! And these pictures capture so much. Wishing you all the best. Love, Aunt Holly

We can't believe our little buddy is three months old already!  He is the best little boy and we just love spending all the time we can with him right now.  He is definitely an "easy" baby, so we are very thankful!  He hasn't been to the dr. in a while, but over a month ago he weighed 15 lbs and is in the 99th percentile for everything!  Hello huge!!  Looks more like a 5 month old, but he is healthy and happy, so we love our big boy!  He is going to be clobbering Darby before we know it!  We snapped these in the backyard yesterday very quickly.  It was his first time feeling grass, so he was really trying to figure everything out.  I am glad the warm weather is back and we can do his monthly pics with Darby outside instead of inside.  I just love his sweet face! Enjoy these and some previews...

More previews!  Diana and Brian's amazing carolina day.

Seniors, Seniors, Seniors!  Now booking summer 2012 for 2013 seniors.

March 19, 2012

Baby love- will


Love this sweet little boy.  It has been really fun to do newborn sessions since having our little one. There is a whole new level of understanding!  What I am amazed at is these new mom's ability to look so fabulous....apparently I missed that memo after having Sharpe!  Enjoy his sweet little face this Monday!



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