EEEEeeeeee!  Bridal season is back!  Oh how I miss these times with lovely ladies in lovely dresses in lovely locations.  We shot Tonya's bridal photos back in the fall since we knew things would be good and dead right before her February wedding.  Boy am I glad we did! It was a day with amazing light and gorgeous fall colors...not to mention my favorite time of year to shoot.  Not to hot, not too cold, soft glowy light...just beautiful.  Enjoy just a few of my favorites from our relaxed bridal session.

  1. Amy:

    Really great photos. I especially enjoyed the shots with the bride against the darker backdrop; she really shined!

  2. Joan Jordan:

    I really liked the black and white photographs. I really enjoyed the off-center compositions.

  3. Karen:

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Jacob Colt Medlin:

    Loved Them!!

  5. carolyn cook:


February 27, 2012

True Love- Steph and Karey


You know all of those beautiful days we have been having?? Yea, I never have photo-shoots on those days.  Apparently I only schedule shoots for days where it is raining and dreary. Me and the weatherman have got to get together on this!  Nevertheless, our time together was still amazing.  Karey is a super lucky dude.  Steph's smile is contagious and these two are such a fun couple...I can't wait to shoot their March wedding!  So soon!

I Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday.  In case you forgot, the Bachelor comes on tonight, so that makes it a pretty great day:)  Yes, I know it's actually horrible(especially with Ben, what a dud!) But still, a girl's gotta have some guilty pleasures:)  Enjoy!

  1. A. James:

    These are such fantastic pictures. I cannot wait for the wedding in March. It is going to be an EPIC day :)

  2. laura shepherd:

    Beautiful photos of two beautiful people…..inside and out……

  3. Alicia Martin:

    These are fantastic pictures! Wow! I was like, this one’s my favorite! Nix that. This one, no this one… you guys look so happy. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures from the big day!

  4. Crystal Isenhour:

    Love these pictures! You will really cherish these when you’re married.

  5. Summer:

    love, love, LOVE all of these pictures!! I can’t even choose a favorite because I just love them ALL :) And i love the natural happiness and laughter that was captured!! Can’t wait for March 31st to be here!!

  6. Gail Sorensen:

    Obviously a very joy filled couple and it comes through so beautifully in these wonderful photos!

  7. Karey Digh:

    these pics are awesome! Such a cute couple. And yes, Karey is a lucky man!

  8. Sara Cole:

    You both are amazing and these photographs are BEAUTIFUL! I can’t believe I’m missing the wedding, but I know Lindsey will shoot some incredible shots!

  9. Jessica Waldman:

    You two are AMAZING. I can see the LOVE shine through in these pictures. Some of the best I’ve seen :)

  10. Beth Pelter:

    Love these, some of the best engagement pics I’ve seen. We are so happy for you guys!

  11. Amanda Hill:

    Oh these pictures are fantastic – totally captures their personalities! I love this couple so much – I cannot wait for their wedding!

  12. S. Clanton:

    Two truly beautiful people with an amazing story! Love from friendship…the very best one can have! Can’t wait for their happy day!

  13. Liz Hornbach:

    These are fantastic photos. I can’t choose a favorite. Congratulations to you both.

  14. Ben Liddy:

    Such great pictures of such a happy couple. I think these pictures capture just how people feel when they are are deeply in love. Congrats to you both in your awesome life journey together!

  15. Mel Barnett:

    Great Pics!

  16. Kathy Digh:

    Great pictures! Even greater couple!! Love you both!! Lindsey you did a very nice job. See you in March.

  17. Brenda:

    Great looking couple, great pictures

  18. Brigid Roman:

    So beautiful pictures, shows their hapiness they are going to have such a great life together, true love!

  19. Steph:

    These people must be pretty great!

  20. Kristan: The Sis:

    Ya’ll are awesome!! These all turned out so good. Can’t wait to see you become one flesh! Love you both!! Muah!!

  21. Heather:

    These pictures truly capture the moment! Great job showing true love and happiness via Karey and Steph!

  22. Christi Cargill:

    What a truly amazing couple! And the pictures did an excellent job of capturing their personalities too! My favorite is the one in front of the fence with the “Private Property” sign on it

  23. kb:

    man i just can’t stop looking at these! they are so wonderful! :)

  24. S. Clanton:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics of these two beautiful people! Can’t wait to see what you do with the wedding day pics! You do great work!

  25. S Jordan:

    Beautiful pictures! Very excited to be invited to the wedding.

  26. Glenn:

    Super great couple! Can’t wait for their wedding day!

  27. Misty:

    Beautiful photos!!!

  28. Stephanie Clanton:

    Beautiful! GREAT KIDS! Love them much!

  29. Ken Clanton:

    Great Pictures! Beautiful couple, a little partial to my daughter, Beas, you are gorgeous!

  30. sj:


  31. Jacqui Reichwein:

    Congrats! The pics are beautiful!

  32. Alex Smith:

    I love both of these amazing people. These are great photos and I wish them both the best :)

  33. Amelia:

    Yuns is purdy…

  34. Laurie:

    LOVE these! you two are so cute!!!!!

  35. Tiffany:

    Beautiful Pictures!!

  36. Robin Laney:

    You two are seriously the sweetest! So sad we aren’t there to be a part. God’s best to you both!

  37. Erin Boggs:

    Great pics, Karey! Happy for you, bud :)

  38. Dave:

    You guys look awesome!! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!

  39. Jason:

    great pics!

  40. RF Deaklin:

    love the pics, couldn’t have done better myself

  41. Erik:

    Hipster Alert! I could tell that one was on the side of CABO

  42. kari:

    y’all look so happy! i’m excited for your journey together. God is good!

  43. Bethany Anderson:

    Love these pictures! How fun!

  44. Scott Perkins:

    I tend to lean on the side of – these pictures are incredible :)

  45. David Arwood:

    Great pictures! So happy for you both!

  46. Nick Clanton:

    So friggin adorable…

  47. Justin Ruechel:

    Love the pictures!! Amazing to see how perfectly these pictures match the incredible personality of this great couple. Can’t wait for this wedding.

  48. Brandon Todd:

    Man! I wish Emily and I would have used Lindsey for our wedding pictures! Oh wait….. We did and they turned out AMAZING!

  49. Anna Harrell:

    Uhhhhmazing photos!! super artsy!! Love the both of ya!! Can’t wait for the big day!

  50. Kelly Velasco:

    great shots. beautiful couple. i love the last black and white one. can i get it in a poster to put in my kitchen ;)

  51. Grant Rhodes:

    LOVE these pictures! Probably the best engagement photos I’ve seen!

  52. Robin Rhodes:

    Cute, love them!

  53. Tim Rhodes:

    awesome pics guys!

  54. Jarett Rhodes:

    awesome photos, so excited for you all!

  55. Wes:

    Love these pictures you guys, can’t wait for the wedding THIS MONTH!

  56. Anna Yates:


  57. Jane Engleke:

    Super cute!

  58. Nancy:

    so, so, so adorable! Love you guys!

  59. Bre Rogy:

    Awesome photos, can’t wait to hear how the wedding goes!

  60. Rick Martin:


  61. Judy Martin:

    these pictures are so fun! can’t wait to see you two at the wedding!

  62. giovani:

    awe you guys are so cute.

  63. Aimee:

    Cutest couple ever! I love how it looks like the people are looking at Steph kiss him on the cheek! So precious. :)

  64. Brianna Pauser:

    the bottom one is my favorite! cute dress steph!!

  65. Michelle R:

    Love photo number 2! You guys are gonna have a happily ever after:)

  66. Paula:

    I love these pictures almost as much as I love this couple!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  67. Terry:

    Great pics, things to remember

  68. Becca Roberts:

    These photos are AMAZING! Great job! I am so happy for both of them!

  69. Emily:

    You guys are too cute!

  70. Ashlee:

    WOW!! I don’t know what is more beautiful, the subjects or the photos?!
    I LOVE the shoots in front of the mural, ah-mazing!

  71. Bree Walsh:

    Karey!! Can’t believe you’re getting married…You guys are adorable. Miss you! GREAT pictures!

  72. Mel Barnett:

    I can’t wait for the wedding!!

  73. Brenda Digh:

    Pictures are great! Excellent photographer. Please do one of my husband and me.

  74. Freddie Setzer:

    Wonderful photographs of you two. I am sure you guys are looking forward to your wedding. Best Wishes! Your photographer did a great job.

  75. marissa:

    wow you guys are cute together I am happy for you!

More mini time!  Believe it or not, there are many more of these to come.  I had such a blast this past fall shooting mini's for some amazing families.  I typically do this once a year, so if you want to be the first in the know this coming fall, be sure to "like" be on facebook (link at the top of this blog!).  These ALWAYS fill up very quickly as they are only offered 2 or 3 afternoons.

Love this family, and friend.  I was honored to take their photo and when I was making this post, I was smiling just looking at Tucker's sweet face.  What a cutie!  Enjoy these sweet family images...probably some of their last as a family of 3:)

  1. Amory:

    awwwwwww! :)
    Love them!

  2. Donna:

    Great shots… Thanks for sharing them

The day started off super grey, and foggy, and cold.  I was sad for our session....super cloudy, dingy, no vibrant light.  Driving up to the Biltmore I just hoped for the best.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, it ended up being an AMAZING Carolina day and the most perfect Blue Ridge sky with temperatures that made me take my coat off.  I had a ton of fun playing on the grounds of the Biltmore with Nikki and Baylen.  These two make me smile, in a major way.  Nikki is sweet and Baylen is even sweeter.  That is why they are just so great together...and photogenic to boot!  The light was kind to us and it was a day where I remembered that I have the best job in the world...capturing two people in love, just being themselves, in an amazing setting.  Yup, that sums it up:)   Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

  1. Holly:

    These pictures are AMAZING! You do such a great job. I’m so happy for sissy & baylen. Love them!

  2. Diana Hullenbaugh:

    I absolutely love this!!!! What a beautiful couple you two make.

  3. Shelbe Owings:

    These are beautiful Sister…. Cant wait til the Wedding!

  4. Sandy:

    Great Pictures. Love you both..

  5. Callie:

    Love all of these pictures!!! Yall look great!!! Can not wait for the wedding!!! We are so Happy for you two!!!

  6. Sean:

    Congrats to the both of you guys the pictures look great.

  7. S Monroe:

    What a beautiful couple!!!

  8. Brandyn Ready:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Katrina:

    These pictures are amazing! The location is perfect. This is going to be one of the most beautiful weddings ever!

  10. April Moore:

    These are so great!! But of course its perfect to have such gorgeous subjects :)

  11. Lindsay:

    love the pictures…you guys r too cute :)

  12. Scarlett Donahue:

    This is soooo beautiful guys…

  13. Brandyn Ready:

    Absolutely gorgeous couple!

  14. Ashley:

    LOVE! They are great! Can’t wait to celebrate your marraige in September!

  15. Patience:

    These turned out soo good!! Love them :)

  16. Clay Johnson:

    Nice Pictures. Can’t wait for the wedding.

  17. ann sperling:

    I LOVE the last one

  18. Shari Shirley:

    These two are absolutely beautiful.. the pictures are awesome

  19. Tabatha:

    Very very classy….Best wishes and happiness!

  20. Janie Starnes:

    I don’t think that I have ever seen a more beautiful couple!
    Congratulations Nikki & Baylen <3

  21. Chris:

    You guys look great . Beautiful pictures.

  22. Patience:

    These turned out great Nik!! Love them all :)

  23. Brian Compton:

    Awesome pictures…congrats guys!

  24. Oneida:

    Beautiful Pictures! So excited for the wedding :)

  25. Ashley Felthaus:

    Love, love, love these!! These are fantastic shots. Can’t wait for our turn there :)

  26. jamie ford:

    I am so excited for you, you look so pretty and happy!!

  27. Pete:

    Great Pictures…..Congrats

February 14, 2012

true love-april and cody


Love these two! It was awfully cold on the day of our shoot, but that just made the snuggles so much better:)  I have known April and Cody since middle and high school, and I could not be more thrilled that they have found each other.  Truly, I love everything about them as a couple!  April deserves Cody as much as Cody deserves April...and that is such a beautiful thing.  And speaking of love...Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all enjoy a day filled with hugs and kisses!

  1. April Moore:

    You have such an eye for PERFECT pics!!! I’m so glad you’re my photographer and friend :) :) I love them!

  2. Susan Bare:

    Lindsey,your work is great and I am so glad you will be there on the Wedding day!!! love Momma Bare

  3. Lorna Felts:

    Gorgeous Pics of Gorgeous People. She’s a great photographer!!

  4. Melinda:

    The love that is captured in these pictures is absolutely wonderful to witness, especially because I went to middle/high school with these 2. You’ve done an excellent job, Lindsey and congratulations, Cody and April!

  5. Bonnie Almond:

    These pics are amazing. :) Beautiful people – talented phtog!

  6. Morgan Brown:

    Gorgeous couple – beautiful pictures!:)

  7. kristin rodgers(Doughgirls Catering):

    Love the pics. Great Job Lindsay. So excited to also be a part of April and Cody’s special day!!!!!

  8. Danielle Eckles:

    These pics are amazing!!! Great job Lindsey :) You two are a BEAUTIFUL couple, inside and out <3

  9. Christine Ruel:

    love the pictures :) you both look great!!

  10. nicole blackwell:

    Beautiful work and cute couple! Cheers to April and Cody!!! :)

  11. Julie:

    I don’t think April can ever take a bad picture! Beautiful couple, inside and out, cannot wait to share their big day with them!!!

  12. Erin Haymore:

    Beautiful couple . . . beautiful photos!!! These are amazing

  13. Jacqui Duty:

    The photography isn’t the only beautiful thing. You are stunning, April. Simply classy and gorgeous. And Cody is a good lookin cat, as well! But about the photography….it’s also amazing!! :D

  14. Kristin Kennedy:

    I love these pictures! You are so beautiful April! Cody is so lucky to have you!

  15. sabrina thomas:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these pictures of April and Cody! You captured their love just perfectly!

  16. sydney:

    PERFECTION!!! Beautiful photos with 2 beautiful people!!

  17. Clay Callahan:

    beautiful pictures!!!

  18. Aunt Gail:

    You two look fabulous! I’m proud to call you my neice and nephew and I love you both!

    Aunt Gail

  19. admin:

    So glad I get to be a part of this special time in April’s life…oh, and you too, G-Code:)

  20. Melanie Johnson:

    I’m so happy for you guys. I love the pictures!! Congratulations again!!

  21. LeAnn:

    BEAUTIFUL April! Congrats!!

  22. Tawnya Stephen:

    Pics are beautiful!

  23. Christy Powell:

    I just want to say you captured their true love on camera! gorgeous! ta-da!

  24. teresa cline:

    These are soooo gorgeous! I am so happy for April and Cody! And they have the best photographer in the world!!

  25. Amelia:

    Awesome pictures, beautiful couple!!

  26. Ashley:

    Very nice, captures the moment. love the change in scenes

  27. mckenzie brady:


  28. Michelle Sgueglia:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Captured their love and happiness!

  29. Adrienne Earnhardt:

    Love the pictures!!! Absolutely beautiful :)

  30. Lynn:

    Super cute pics!!!! Love it Nellie!! :-D

  31. Ashley:

    These pictures are fantastic … probably because the two people in them are fantastic … and the photographer is fantastic! :) Couldn’t be happier for you two! And Lindsey, you are so good at what you do! Love to you all!

  32. Shohn:

    OK, so I’ll be the first dude to post a comment. You guys look great! I like it when poses are just natural and appear like something you’d do anyway. I know Momma must be proud and happy. And, she should be. We wish you all the best of luck in engagement, marriage, and life. ~The Petty’s

  33. Nikki Owings:

    April, I love your pictures! You guys are adorable….and I must say you have great taste in photographers ;)

  34. Bryan Boyd:

    looking good you guys

  35. Ashley Rogers:

    Stunning pictures!!

  36. Janis Tucker:

    Wonderful pictures!! You guys are beautiful on the outside and inside. Can’t wait until the wedding. I know it will be very special!! Love ya, Janis

  37. Lindsey:

    This pictures are beautiful!

  38. Sean Turner:

    Great pictures guys. I’m looking forward to December! Don’t worry Cody, only a few more bridal shows between now and then…HAHA.

  39. Gail Tolles:

    These pictures are amazing!! My favorite is the close up with April in the green shirt…April you are stunningly beautiful!!!

  40. Stephanie Joyner:

    Beautiful couple, inside and outside…and you capture both of that! Great pics!

  41. Nancy Tedder:

    These pictures are wonderful! They captured you both perfectly! What a great couple! Congratulations again!

  42. Melanie Dombroski:

    These are so gorg!!! Good job Lindsey!

  43. Alyson Strickland:

    These pictures are great! April, I think teal is your color…. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  44. Jennifer:

    Amazing photos! Love you two!

  45. Matt Comptom:

    April great photos. Both of you look so happy. I wish you both many years of happiness.

  46. Amy:

    April and Cody are a beautiful couple! These pictures are awesome!!!

  47. Jamie Hanssen:

    The photos are wonderful! Gorgeous couple!!

  48. Betty Lambert:


  49. Casey:

    Love these two, and the pics! Amazing!

  50. Brande Scharr:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Congrats to you both!!!

  51. Meg:

    Love the pictures!! Great to see a couple that is so in love! Best wishes!!

  52. sandy spencer:

    Beautiful! Lots of love captured in those pictures! :)

  53. Becca:

    love, love, love! I’ve never seen April take a bad picture so Lindsey, you had great models for these ;) Beautiful backgrounds and nice job capturing the emotion. Melts my heart to look at these. I can’t wait to see more!!!!

  54. sherri:

    So pretty…..I am so happy for the both of you!!!!!!

  55. Russell:

    Such a sweet couple!

  56. Joy Paxton:

    You guys look amazing!! Love the pictures.

  57. Melinda Moser:

    These are such great photographs that really capture their love for each other. Congrats on the engagement and I wish you two all the best. Love Mel

  58. Kelly Byrun:

    April and Cody, These pictures are magnificent!!!

  59. Malia Cobb:

    So happy for them…lovely couple…lovely pictures!!!

  60. Alisha Biddy:

    Beautiful pictures, April!

  61. Logan Morgan:

    Love them all! So pretty!

  62. Stacy Burcham:

    These are great! You two look so cute!

  63. Shawna:

    Beautiful pictures, congrats to the both of you…

  64. Beth Stacy:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures April and Cody. Congratulations!!!

  65. Allison Coore:

    Great pics! Congrats!

  66. Sara King:

    Great pictures!! Lindsey, you are awesome!! Love all of you! :-D

  67. kathy:

    Such great pics!! Love the black and whites too! Will remember your photographer! Happy Engagement! Kathy (the mom)

  68. Shannon Glenn:

    So photogenic, both of you!

  69. Brandon Glenn:

    Great pictures, great couple! Cannot wait until the wedding.

  70. Joy Nagy:

    Your pictures are so sweet. Just like you. Congratulations!

  71. Michele:

    Love these kids! Fantastic pics!

  72. Loretta Crayton:

    pictures are beautiful!!! Both look so happy!!

  73. Stewart Clement:

    Gorgeous!!! Great pics of my beautiful friend and her handsome fiance!! So excited for you guys!

  74. Dusty Carmichael:

    Great pics! Congrats guys!

  75. Erika Clark:

    Gorgeous pictures! I am so excited for you guys! This is going to be an awesome year for you! :)

  76. Chris Clark:

    Great pictures! I couldn’t be more happy for two awesome people. Gongratualtions!

  77. vickie:

    very good can see the love

  78. Ashley Marlow:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Y’all look so cute together!! So happy for you!!

  79. Meredith Marlin:

    Lindsey did an excellent job! Even Cody looks like he enjoyed it :)

  80. Shannon Bare:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!!! <3 yall


    Beautiful pictures….GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY…

  82. Kim Post:

    These pictures are wonderful!! You both look so happy!

  83. courtney guerin:

    I love the pics! they’re beautiful!!

  84. Holly Owings:

    Great Pictures….You guys look so happy :)

  85. Papa Bare:

    Great pictures. Love yall

  86. Jennifer Petty:

    Love these pics. Just beautiful!

  87. JD Richardson:

    Great pictures…..She does amazing work to make Cody look that good…haha, jk. Thanks for letting me be such a big part of your special day

  88. Ben and Victoria Allen:

    Great pics…Super FLY :-)

    You both look great, as always. Can’t wait for December!!

  89. Pam Wellons:

    Love all of the pictures; however, the black and whites are exquisite. So much love shining through these!

  90. Kay Howell:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful..Both of you look so happy…love ya!

  91. Jana:

    Great pictures April!! Love the outfit choices :-)

  92. Tina Sinclair:

    So excited for you two! Great pics!!

  93. Stephanie Davis:


  94. Sunny:

    Awesome pictures guys…can’t wait till the big day!!

  95. Sheena Grant:

    Love these!!!! Where were these taken, love the location!?

  96. Lauren:

    Beautiful! These are really great pictures!

  97. Christine Scott:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning and really capture the genuine love and beauty of these two! My favorite is the one of the two of you in the dorrway, its SO cute!!

  98. Billie:

    Love your pictures!

  99. Jen:

    Absolutely love these pictures, April!

  100. Ali Farabee:

    LOVE April and Cody’s pictures!! They are stunning, just like the 2 of them :)

  101. Elizabeth Ford:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures of a BEAUTIFUL couple! These pictures turned out AMAZING! Cody and April Congrats!! <3


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