I absolutely love shooting out at Childress Vineyards.  As long as there is good weather, you are hard-pressed to find a better venue anywhere.  What I love even more about this wedding at Childress was that it was the wedding of Sam and Bryan.  These two are just the best- already married, they made the decision to postpone their actual "wedding" for a year.  In turn, the day was truly about them, and not just the wedding.  They had only their closest friends and family there, and the time was so incredibly special.  They were so laid back and relaxed! Nothing could get Sam stressed out!  Photos were extremely important to them, so they allowed plenty of time for photo goodness, and good thing, because Childress is absolutely beautiful.  You two, loved your day, loved getting to capture these images for you.  Best of luck always!

Don't forget to click on the slideshow at the bottom for more images of their day.

  1. LeAnn:


  2. Yasamin:

    Love you both very much!!! Sam you are so beautiful and Bryan you’re so handsome. Amazing pictures and awesome wedding!!!

  3. Aunt Kathy & Uncle Eddie:

    Absolutely wonderful pictures of you both! We were so very happy to be a part of your very special day! Love You, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Eddie xxxooo

  4. Sherm:

    Great pictures! Beautiful couple! Beautiful day! Love you guys!

  5. Hanna & Ayman:

    S & B,
    We LOVED the sneak peak… we had a great time at your wedding. It was an amazing event, and everything was perfect. and the picture really capture emotion, love and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We love you both very much. May Allah Bless the perfect couple…

  6. Hanna:


After months and MONTHS of working on my new site, it is finally here!!!!! Blogger had been awfully good to me, but I am so happy to have a shiny new site(and Logo!) that is a little more interactive and user friendly. Now you can search my posts, look at posts by category, and contact me- all without leaving the blog!  Not only that, but commenting is now MUCH easier.  Signing in to google, leaving the page...all that was quite the deterrent(even for me!) on blogspot.  So comment away, folks!  I would love to hear from you!  It let's me know that this thing is on:)

Luckily, I was able to import some of the old posts even though they don't quite fit in the new blog correctly, but it's nice to at least have some content available.  There are a few minor tweaks that I still want to make and galleries that I want to add, but so happy to have this project completed before baby boy gets here!  Take some some time to browse around, update the bookmarks on your computer, and subscribe to the rss feed.

On to McKenzie!  Love this Lindsey Lee bride. Really, I love her. Her wedding was amazing, her now hubby is perfect for her (Joe and I both have crushes on him) and their day was just lovely. I can't wait to share it, but for now here are some of her relaxed bridal portraits! Happy Columbus Day!

  1. Amory:

    McKenzie! This last one is GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. LeAnn:

    McKenzie – You look GORGEOUS!

Oh goodness. How to begin! Joe and I loved loved loved getting to spend time with Natasha and Matt on their wedding day. It was such a special time with friends and family in from all over the east coast. These two are absolutely amazing and treated us like we were one of the gang while we were in town. If some of the ladies at this wedding look familiar, it's because they are! Matt is Mandy's brother, who's wedding we shot at Childress Vineyards last year:) How fun! I love showing up to a wedding and seeing our past brides! and also feel honored to be shooting another wedding for their family!

Natasha's parent bought an old, historic ship captains home right on the ship yard in Portsmouth, VA. Let me just say this is the coolest/most amazing house I have ever seen! The history of it is incredible and was a great backdrop for our photos...complete with an english garden and wine cellar. I love that we got to take their photos around her home. Amazing! Matt and Natasha had a beautiful outdoor ceremony planned right on the edge of the water, but unfortunately, a MONSOON came in right in time to have to make a change of plans. The hotel where the ceremony was to be held whipped another space into shape and the two of them got married without a hitch! Their reception was held at the Norva, which is actually a music venue, but they totally transformed the space into a magical place for their guests to dance the night away. You two, everything was simply amazing and thanks for letting us be a part of it! Don't forget to watch the slideshow for more photos!


  1. Denton & Michelle:

    No words can convey our thanks and gratitude for capturing this moment in time for our family! We love you both!

  2. Robin Lancaster:

    Beautiful and lasting memories captured for this family. Lindsey said that she had a wonderful bride,groom,family and venue to work with and it definitely showed!


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