October 31, 2011

The Nursery


The nursery is finally finished!  Well, like 99.9% finished.  I am waiting on 2 monogrammed pillows:) and we have a little bit of baby-proofing to do.  I am so happy with how it all came together!  I knew what I wanted it to look like in my head and had an overall theme - which was was "sweet baby boy" meets "nantucket" meets "sailing". I also knew I wanted lots of different textures without it being matchy matchy, while keeping the overall vibe very neutral.  Hope you like it as much as we do!

Here are some details:

*The crib was mine when I was little:) It was a brown Jenny Lind crib that we painted/faux finished.  I knew I wanted it cream with some sort of brown glaze.

*We did the cabinet the same color.  The cabinet we bought at the Metrolina Flea Market back in March.  It was also solid brown when we bought it.  On my facebook page I am going to put some before and afters of these two items.

*The changing table, which right now is hosting a diaper cake from one of my showers, came from Home Goods.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the missing piece we were looking for. I love that it has the cabinet space to put out some of baby's "specials".

*The glider was a wing-back/straight leg chair that came out of my great grandmother's house.  We chopped the legs off, added a rocking apparatus, and had a skirt put on it to cover the mechanics of turning it into a glider.  I found the fabric at The Depot before I even knew exactly how it was going to fit in the room.

*The frames on the wall are holding old navigation maps.

How cute is that picture of Joe below:)  He was 18 months in this photo, I think.

We painted the inside of the cabinet a random green that we just had at the house.  We are known for buying "oops" paint off the clearance rack, so this was a color just laying around.  I love the contrast. Knobs came from Hobby Lobby.

The crib had those old 80's clear acrylic wheels.  We took those off and I bought these other industrial wheels off the internet.  My handy sewing sister (yes, she is cool like that.  A lawyer that knows how to sew.) made the crib skirt out of a pack of linen ikea curtains. The little wall thing that has hooks came from a trip to Oak Island.  It was one long piece and we sliced it into two.

Darby loves her brother's room!  She can't wait for him to get here:)

We would now like to take this time to thank our sponsors:

*Lowe's *Home Goods *Metrolina Flea Market *Joe's Leveler *Carhardt *Sherwin Williams *Hillsville Flea Market *Darby *Pinterest *The Depot *Dumpster Diving *Sand Paper *Hobby Lobby *My Dad's Truck *Soft Serve Icecream(on church street) *and Pandora.

We couldn't have done it without you!

  1. Cindy Hahn:

    This is just precious! Savannah saw it and texted me to look at how beautiful it is. Best wishes with your new arrival!

    • admin:

      Thanks Cindy!!! Hope you and Savannah are great:)

  2. Gean:

    Love. the. nursery. Seriously, it is amazing!

  3. Jenny Paxton:

    Lindsey – this might be the most amazing, chic baby room I have ever seen! Amazing job.

  4. tammy goodwin:

    seriously….one of the coolest nurseries.ever.

  5. Kristin Byrum:

    This is the cutest nursery ever! That is one lucky boy to have such an adorable + stylish room. You are so incredibly talented with such amazing design skills!!!

October 28, 2011

Amanda and Coty- Photobooth


Here are a few of my favorite photos from Amanda and Coty's photo booth. I crack up every time I edit photo booth pics. They make my day! Happy Friday!

The last photo booth pic before we shut it down for the night. I swear I had makeup on when I started shooting this wedding.  Trying to show off the bump a tad, too!


Man, how I have loved getting to know these two better!  Over the past year and a few of working together, we have had an absolute blast.  Their engagement session was one of my favorites of 2010 and their wedding did not disappoint!  Logan and McKenzie are F.U.N.  That's in all caps, people!  Add to that the fact that they both have amazing families and friends that are equally as amazing, and you have a party that will last a lifetime.  Mac and Logs, we love you!!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end:)


  1. kathy joplin:

    great pictures, love them!!!!

Our little bear Darby has been on vacation at Oak Island with her grandparents since Saturday.  Granted, I like that she gets to have an adventure, run around, have leisure beach time, and play, but things are waaayyy too quiet around here!  No running to greet us at the door when we come in.  No bear hugs.  No random barking at the UPS man.  No Kitty/Darby nap time.  It's just plain sad.  Joe and I both agree that we don't like it when she is away.  Come home soon, Darby!  (Here is a photo I took at our ghetto belly shoot)

Coming up later today, McKenzie and Logan's wedding!


Love these two!  We had have the best time working together, and I really can't believe their wedding has come and gone already!  Not only is Amanda one of my favorite people to take pictures of, she and Coty had the best day for a fall wedding.  It wasn't too hot, the light was perfect, and love was all around.  Their wedding and reception were held at The Depot, which is one of my favorite venues in Salisbury.  This space has a lot of charm and great locations for great photos.  Next week sometime I am going to post some pictures from their photo booth as well.  I literally cracked up editing the pictures of their guests having so much fun in the booth!  Yes, alone in my office.  Darby thought it was funny, too, at least.

Also, a big shout out to Chelish Moore for gorgeous flowers and decor.  Love working with her!  Take a moment to view some images from their wedding day and don't forget about the slideshow at the end:)  Happy Friday!

Love Amanda's dress.  What are those little ash green bush/flower thingies below? I think they are so pretty.

We tried to take some pictures as the train was coming by- little did we know it would almost blow everyone over!  These are just too cute, though!

  1. Amanda:

    The flowers are Dusty Millers! They are actually more of the gray/silver color in person, but photograph a greenish color. I love them too! ;)


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