I promised more seniors, and I plan to deliver:) First up, Sarah. She is just the cutest, and I am IN LOVE with her almond-shaped eyes. Love her smile, but kept going to her serious face as my favorites. Not only is she precious, but is an amazing gymnast to boot. Look for her on the balance beam on a college team near you very soon! Happy Friday!


September 21, 2011

Baby Love- Riley


There is nothing like a brand new baby. Little girl Riley was just 7 days old when we took these photos. She was one of the best newborns I have shot in a while. She was nice and sleepy and let us fuss over her for quite some time before waking up. I know her mom and dad are just over the moon with her, as am I! She is so precious. Here are just a few of my favorites! Congrats Shannon and Brandon!




  1. Anonymous:

    these are AWSOME~ love the one of her smiling, great job, love you brandon an shannon~

Darby has been getting pretty jealous with all the baby talk around here. But, at the same time, she was getting over her low self-esteem, so she hasn't minded laying low for a while. After her "incident", she had to get shaved completely down- hence her hiding. She was embarrassed. But, the haircut was completely necessary since she had briars, cuts, and hundreds of ticks all over her. Poor bear. Honestly, though, she was quite traumatize from her being lost and I truly think she had some post traumatic stress syndrome! I'm not even kidding! Then, add to that a jacked up haircut, and she has needed some time to herself. You know, to heal and reflect.

Thankfully, her hair is starting to grow back in and she is getting all cute and fluffy again. These photos were taken about a month ago, so she is getting back to normal now and ready for the camera. She is going to be her cute little bear self just in time for the annual Christmas photo(get excited)!
Last trip to the lake of the year. She didn't seem to remember that this is where "it all went down".

Family trip to the beach back in July. She loves running while we ride the bike. This was right after her shave down. Eek!



I absolutely LOVED this bridal session! Basically, if your family to be has an awesome farm, I am happy to come on out and take pictures of you in all your bridal goodness on the property:) Amanda's now hubby and his family are farmers by trade and their property in rowan county is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous fields, cool old farm "stuff", amazing light. I had WAY too many favorites, but here are just a few that spoke to me. Amanda is such a natural beauty and I can't wait to share their wedding day images with you. Enjoy!


  1. Gina Nykerk:

    Wow, Lindsey! This is one of the most beautiful bridal sessions I've ever seen. Incredible, incredible job!


I am so proud of my little cousin, Sydney! She has been working all summer on the launch of her new online clothing boutique, Adair. The boutique website is set to launch this week! Think 'Anthropologie' meets 'I didn't have to sell my right arm to get it'! To kick off the launch of the website she is having a website and trunk show party in downtown Concord, and YOU ALL are invited! Since the website will not launch until the end of this week, here is the link to the facebook info on the launch party and trunk show that is going to be Saturday, the 24th at The Loft at 14th. She will have all the fall clothing there for purchase that is going to be on the website so you can see,touch, feel, and try it all on! Oh yea, and if you get it there you save yourself the shipping. The party starts at 5!

I shot the promo photos for the website, and I have to say it was a total blast! It was fun to do something a little different than the usual. Our models were awesome and totally rocked their looks. Erica, from Shear Image Day Spa did the models up right with hair and makeup and they looked gorgeous.
Here are just SOME of the looks that you can see at the trunk show on Saturday and on the website after the launch. Can't wait to see Sydney's dream come true! Love my little entrepreneurial cousin!




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