It's that time of year again. You know, the time where me and some really awesome seniors go out and sweat to death for an hour to get some really amazing senior shots:) But seriously, I just love this time of the year! All sweating by all parties aside. I love getting to hang out with high schoolers going into their senior year...hearing about what they are into, getting them to be their natural selves, just having fun together and laughing. Lots of laughing. Kaleigh was no exception...she is a beautiful and outgoing girl that I know will go super far in life with her dazzling personality. We had a blast together. Enjoy this sneak peak! More seniors to come for weeks and weeks.



While Jessie's parents were in town for her wedding, they decided to have a little love shoot to commemorate their anniversary. How amazingly sweet!!!! It was so fun to get to hang out with them a little extra aside from the wedding- and to really get to know them better. Jessie is blessed to have two amazing parents who love each other and who are STILL completely smitten with being together. These two don't mind snuggles!!!!! I loved it- Enjoy!


  1. samarah:

    BEAUTIFUL photos!!

It was a beautiful and actually really mild June day. Anna and Eric were all smiles and their friends and family just smiled right along with them. We had a blast together, and I am so happy for these two! A and E- Joe and I had an amazing time celebrating with you both! Enjoy this gorgeous wedding!! and don't forget the slideshow at the bottom:)

Anna's moms veil. Just beautiful.


Can't really put into words how much I LOVE this shot...


  1. samarah:

    lovely pictures! you can see the joy beaming from their faces :)

Rachelle and Aaron had such a beautiful wedding at the AMAZING Duke Mansion. I just love it there! It is a wedding venue like none other- classic, timeless, old-worldly, it is just an amazing place to shoot. The grounds are always so immaculate and the staff so helpful. Rachelle and Aaron didn't skip a beat when it literally started monsoon-ing shortly before their outdoor ceremony and right after we had begun the pre-ceremony photos. The staff at the Duke Mansion swung into action, bringing everything indoors, and I have to say it was the best/prettiest rain plan I have ever seen. Everything was still gorgeous and the rain managed to lighten for us to get some photos after the ceremony in the gardens on the grounds. The crown had an amazing time celebrating with these two, and there was so much love in the room that there were many tears as Aaron gave a speech thanking all of those who have loved him so well over the years. Enjoy this sneak peak, and don't forget the slideshow at the end:) Happy Thursday!



  1. samarah:

    i love the colors of her flowers! so pretty :)

How can I even start a post about these two! They are possibly the world's best clients...except for I now consider them friends. Their smiles are truly indicators of the type of people that they are. Smiles, all smiles, all the time. They are infectious. I need to be more like them! Seriously. Jessie and Chris bought my baby his first gift, they are incredibly thoughtful, and they had an amazing wedding with reception at The Point. What more can a girl ask for! When going through their photos, there are so many memories that stick out to me, but the best one being that at their reception, Jessie's dad single handedly started a flash mob. True story. He made up the dance, he got it organized, then he started a flash mob. Who does that?! Awesome Mr. Hansel, that's who! You two, you amaze me, can't wait to make more memories down the road with you!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end for more photos.
You know it's gonna be a great day when it starts with a sparkly pair of Jimmy Choo's.

I absolutely loved Jessie's dress. So unique...and pockets!


Tons of time for photos. Yes, this couple nailed every detail!


  1. Anonymous:

    Love you Lindsey!! Thank you so much!!! We of course knew Jess would be the most beautiful bride ever but you truly captured the spirit of Jess and Chris and the magical day we had.

    A proud and biased Mother of the Bride!


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