I was super excited to shoot Allison and Matt's vintage glam wedding a couple of weeks ago. Their wedding was in Gastonia and their reception was held at the newly redesigned venue at The Mint in Uptown. This such a cool space I was excited to get out there. Enjoy! and don't forget to take a peak at the slideshow at the bottom.

The pale pink color palette was very lovely. The flowers were also amazing and the perfect shade.


THey had the movie Casablanca playing the whole reception. It was so cute!


  1. Matt and Allison Isenhour:

    Lindsey, we just love our pictures! Can't wait to see all of them!

  2. Pamela Avery:

    Oh Lindsey that is so beautiful! Exceeded our expectations in every way! What a memorable time… Pam Avery

  3. Karyn Fox:

    There are no words…I was there and in the moment, but to see this beautiful day through the eyes of someone else is truly breathtaking. I started to cry! How beautiful!

  4. Anonymous:

    Lovely pictures and enjoyable slide show.

I loved working with this sweet family! They are actually from PA, but when they were visiting family in NC we made a plan to get together for an extended session that included everyone, then some special time for Morgan, a senior about to graduate. In case you didn't guess, she is going to STATE, and the family all seems to be quite the fans. All of these photos bring a smile to my face...


  1. Robin:

    So good – Love her long dress….

  2. Katie:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! That is MY kind of family right there.

Some of our work has gotten some press this week! First there was Sarah and Ryan on Wedding Row Charlotte, then there was Olivia and Bentley on Borrowed and Blue, and finally today Sarah and JR were on the Charlotte Observer home page. Be sure to check out these awesome features! I never get tired of our amazing couples getting some website and wedding blog love!

Picture 30
Picture 31


Don't you just love it that these two basically have the same name? I do! No, they will probably never live it down, but I happen to think it adds to their total cuteness together. They are completely photogenic, and my blog readers know how I love a good smile, and these two both have the best around! Had too many favorites to pics, so here is True Love overload. Enjoy!

Told you, great smiles:)


One of my favorite shots from the session. We had some pretty fantastic light.



  1. Jessica Miller:

    Guys these are absolutely beautiful! I love ALL of them!

  2. Dianne Price:

    No way you could pick just one….they are all beautiful!

  3. Anonymous:

    Breathtaking photographs! These pictures showcase your love for eachother! Good lucky picking your favorite…it's going to be a tough decision.

  4. Lindsey:

    I'm in awww … These pictures are absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see what's to come with the wedding quickly approaching <3

  5. Abbs:

    I love love love these photos! Brooke look you beautiful and Brooks handsome! So ready to get the celebrations in full swing!

  6. Anonymous:

    Very pretty pics, guys!! Good looking couple!!

  7. Shannon Burgess:

    These photos are gorgeous, you two look so perfect together!!!

  8. Anonymous:

    Simply amazing photos.

  9. MerrillB:

    Beautiful pictures!

  10. Jessica:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!! YAY so excited for you guys :)

  11. stephanie o:

    I love these pictures! You guys look great! I think I'm going to hire this photographer to do some family pictures form me!!!

  12. jllambert:

    These pictures are fantabulous!! Can't wait to see more!

  13. Melissa B:

    These pictures are fantabulous!!! The photographer knows how to capture the moment and has great talent in the field. Love the one of Brooks kissing on your temple. Congrats to y'all!


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