March 28, 2011

Baby Love- Tate


Tate was such a sweet, sweet baby boy when we took his photo last week. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the first half, and then went directly to sleep for the second half of the shoot. I think his parent's want me to come every night since he went straight to sleep so easily while I was there:) I tend to have that effect on people:) Happy preview and happy Monday!


  1. Allie:

    The photo of toes!! Priceless! Adorable photos of your fam! :) xoxo

  2. Aunt Kristy:

    He's so beautiful! Made me cry.

  3. Sarah Baucom:

    Love Mark, Kendra and little Tate! So beautiful!


    Great photos of greatrandson Tbate. Good of thr rest of the family. Wonderful Grandpa and Grandpa B


    Such beautiful pistures. So proud of all of you. Great job. Made me cry. Grandma and Grandpa



  7. Laura:

    oooo Tater Bug you are such a handsome lil man :)

  8. Cathey:

    Mr. Funky toes you are so incredibly handsome. Love you so much!!
    Aunt Cackie

  9. Jon:


  10. Jessica H.:

    Such a beautiful family…Must be good genes!! I can't wait to meet him!

  11. David:

    Aunt Cackie those Toes aren't Wacky, He is a cutie and can pick things up with his feet. Really quite useful. He comes by that honestly look at his Mother's Toes.
    Good thing we love him so…………Grandpa

  12. Billy D:

    Hendris Family looking good as usual! Amazing photos!

  13. Anonymous:

    I meant Hendrix of course.

  14. Aunt Kathy D:

    A beautiful family. Great pics. I love you and God Bless all of you.

  15. Ann:

    Love this precious baby. The picture with the family on the bed is fabulous but the picture with Mark holding Tate touched my heart.

  16. Lauren:

    Such precious photos of the sweetest family! I loved every one. How could you pick a favorite?!?

  17. Lisa:

    Oh I can't stand it… he is SO cute. And you all take the best photos. :-)

  18. kristen roach:

    Adorable! Love the photos!!!!! I am interested in getting some taken of Evie :-)

  19. 74454f36-5c9b-11e0-a0c1-000bcdcb471e:

    I know I am biased b/c his mama and daddy have been friends of mine since grade-school but I think he came by those good looks honestly! What a handsome guy…these pictures sure do capture him perfectly!

  20. Megan:

    These are wonderful pictures!! He is a beautiful baby and y'all make a beautiful family!

  21. Uncle Matt:

    Great pics, you all look great but the little man takes the cake. Miss him already.

  22. Maddie:

    Such adorable photos! Love the one with the toes :) So glad we got to spend the weekend together, can't wait to see you all again!

  23. Noel:

    So precious!! These photos are so sweet!! Xoxo

  24. Ashley:

    Tate is so cute!! And has changed ALREADY so much since I saw him last!

  25. Anonymous:

    Tate is absolutely precious. Love these photos of this loving family!!

  26. Devin:

    He is so beautiful!! I love the pics!!

  27. Sarah Andrews:

    He's perfect. I love the one of Mark and Tate looking at each other – beautiful family:).

  28. Katie:

    What wonderful pictures. How will you ever pick your favorites:)

  29. Aunt Meg:

    What a beautiful family! Love these pics!!

  30. Emily:

    LOVE the pictures! He is such a beautiful (or as Brian would prefer, handsome) baby! :)

  31. Amy:

    Tate is just precious!! And these photos are so sweet! – Much Love, Amy

Let's talk for five seconds about HOW excited I am that senior season is just around the corner?! I honestly and truly love spending time with these awesome rising seniors, getting to capture who they are...right this time in their life.

Meet Serena! Besides being totally georgious, her lips make Angelina Jolie jealous. That's right, I said it, Angelina. Eat your heart out!

Enjoy these!! Have a fabulous weekend!


As much as I love Serena's serious face, THIS is her! All smiles, all the time. Precious.


  1. Anonymous:

    Oh, wow. So beautiful!

  2. Terry:

    Serena is one of the prettiest girls I know…inside and out!…and the pics are…WOW!

  3. Mandy:

    You do look best when you're smiling Serena. But, you look great in all these pictures.

Poor little blog has not been feeling the love this week! I have been editing some majorly lovely bridals in time for their April and May weddings. I literally CANNOT wait to show you how georgious theses girls are in their dresses! For now, I am wanting to mention that it is about that time of year again...SENIOR TIME! Here is a little sneak peak from one of my senior rep sessions. Love this girl!

Many, many weeks ago I stopped by my sister's new office to take some promotional shots for their new business, Lancaster & St. Louis, PLLC. I love hanging out with LeAnn and Hilary now that they are officially in town and open for business. If you are in need of legal services from two incredibly talented ladies who offer a fresh approach to law, then definitely check them out. I am so proud of them!!! For more info on their services, you can check out their website here.

I am sort of new to "promotional shots", but I think we did pretty good. Lots of 'fix your hair' s later, this is what we came up with. It is so them! Professional yet approachable- that's basically who they are as people!

Oh yea, amazing logo design by yours truly. Between LeAnn's wedding and business opening, she has called in every favor for the next five years:) Let's all hope I don't have to call in any law favors!



  1. Sarah Baucom:

    These are the most gorgeous lawyers ever! Great job!


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