September 8, 2010

Darby takes a swim


We took Darby to little Badin for the first time on Labor Day. She loved the water and had her very first swim. Lucky for her her mother was there to capture the moment...this is going in her baby book for sure...

  1. April Moore:

    I'm pretty sure it was labor day not memorial day :) haha

Meet Brooke, I mean Tara. But really, she gives Brooke Shields a run for her money in these photos!!! A total natural in front of the camera. We did an early morning session- which turned out to be a pretty cloudy day- but all I can say is it totally worked in our favor. The light on her face kills me in ever photo...literally. Enjoy all of this Friday eye candy over the holiday weekend!


one of my most top favorites


I know I am going to get inundated with emails asking where both Kaitlyn and Tara got this amazing little red you can get one here. It comes in a couple different colors and looked amazing on each of them! Go Urban Outfitters! They have great clothes there for senior sessions and lots of fun accessories to jazz things up, too.
  1. Anonymous:

    OMG! tara has the same dress as meee! <3 ahh! it looks really pretty on her too!

    – kaitlyn:)

  2. Anonymous:

    Beautiful young lady!

Post 2! Shelby is an absolute doll. We had a great time and some of the most beautiful light I have had in a long long time! Then, to my great surprise, when we were talking about what to do for our shoot I learned that she was quite the ballerina. It didn't take much convincing to get her to put on her ballet costume and play for a little bit. Im in love...



Honestly, I don't even know where to begin writing this post. It is a post about redemption, love, adoption, prayer, promises, fear, joy, faith and trust.
For nearly two years Mendy and David, along with their four biological children, have had their hearts and prayers pointed toward a set of twins at an orphanage in Ethiopia. With a heart for missions and adoption, David and Mendy knew upon the very first time of hearing about these two special children that they were to be the ones to give them a home. Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong in the adoption process did. The Ethiopian government and much corruption among adoption agencies has made the journey long, tiring, and oftentimes hopeless. After almost a year and a half of waiting on trials, court dates, and information, the whole family packed up for 6 weeks and traveled to Ethiopia to attend a court date that may or may not even happen-but one that could make Garrett and Tia an official part of their family.
On August 7th, all 8 of the Henderson Family stepped off a plane at the Charlotte Airport. Their church family, new grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were all there to greet them, love them, support them and pray for them. I am thankful that I was there, that I was party to the outpouring of genuine love and affection. There really are no words...and I am feeling like what I have written is so lame compared to the significance of their story. It is bigger than any of us. It is a story of a God who loves us and brings us to himself.

A story was just written about them in the Charlotte Observer this week and for more of a first hand perspecitve of their journey you can read Mendy's blog. David is a pastor at University City Fellowship.
  1. Kathy:

    AMAZING!!! You have captured the joyous event so well through your pics and video…I could feel the emotion!

  2. Shannon Lancaster:

    As International Adoptive parents, the pictures and story brought back wonderful memories of our own adoption story. Beautiful family!

  3. Tonya Johnson:

    I look at every blog that you post, and this one had me in tears. From someone who wants to adopt, I know the difficulty that I might face, and to know that these people were able to overcome that and get these two children is amazing. You captured it all, and out of all of your great photos, this post is by far my favorite.


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