Cameron and Frank had a beautiful, albeit hot, wedding in little Washington, NC. I did one of my first weddings there so it is always fun to go back and visit some of Joe and I's favorite spots when we are in town. The church they got married in is absolutely beautiful and their reception at the local country club was perfectly set up. Cameron and Frank had what I like to call "now that's a wedding party"! So many people that love them surrounded them on their day and it was fabulous to be a part of. Don't forget to click the play button on the bottom photo for a slideshow of more pictures. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous:

    Absolutely beautiful bride and groom! Definitely so far one of
    my top wedding dress likes. Another
    stunning presentation by the photographer capturing memories.

  2. washington nc:

    these are amazing photos!

Picture 12

As promised, here is a set of clothes designed for a family or kid sessions designed by the talented Chelsea! All of these clothes came exclusively from Old Navy. You don't need to live down the street from a designer mall to get a look that is going to look great in your photos.

Again, these What to Wear posts are just to get you thinking about what to wear to your session. Color and layers really help to make your photos stand out and have an interesting look to them. Use these for inspiration when planning your next session!!! Happy Wednesday!



Picture 10


Picture 7


Picture 8


Picture 6


I have been trying to take pictures of this sweet baby girl since the day she was born! Her mother and I grew up together and between Peyton's birth and my wedding, we finally made it happen-Just shortly after her 1st birthday:) Luckily it was also just in time for her to start getting her cute little curls, too! Peyton is so precious and the camera loves her. Here are just some of my favorites!!!


I LOVE this little headband! This one came off of a friend's Etsy shop called My Early Bird and Worm. She sells all sorts of adorable hair accessories that really help to jazz up your session. I literally die over these shots of Peyton!


Perfect glowy light to end our session on. oh how I love that glow.


  1. Anonymous:

    You can't deny she's a SPENCER – cute-cute-cute

  2. Vicki Clarke:

    Peyton is a STAR, but you are a star maker. These are the best!!! Can I order a photo???
    Vicki Clarke

  3. Anonymous:

    Wow! These are SOOOOO good. In some, she looks just like Daniel, and others, just like Sara!
    Geri (proud great aunt)


I thought Cara and Jarrod's engagement shoot was the hottest session to date...that was until I met with Sarah and Ryan for theirs. Mad Mad Mad props go out to these two for putting up with the swampiest Carolina day in history to get your picture taken. The thing about it, though, is that looking at these pictures you could never tell! They totally didn't mind loving on each other although sweat was transmitting every time. It was gross. They were gross, I was gross, it was all just gross- but the love was still flowing and it was so sweet to watch. Of course, if you are hot and nasty, having million dollar smiles to mask it with always helps. I had too many favorites, so enjoy a super long post- I got carried away a little bit. Happy Thursday!


the light loves Sarah. Ryan, not doing too bad either!


  1. ShivaJean:

    These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Honestly, I can't get over how natural you both look!! Love the title :) Can't wait for the big day!!!

  2. Amy:

    What a gorgeous couple! Love the setting, love the couple, love the pictures! :)

  3. Katharine:

    The pictures came out great! I love the yellow and blue against the neutral background in the first set!

  4. Stephanie:

    The pictures are beautiful! You both look amazing in all of them, especially the sunflower one!

  5. Kimberly:

    Awesome pictures, Sarah & Ryan!!! Love them all!

  6. WhitneySturge:

    Sarah and Ryan! These are wonderful! Yall look like models!

  7. Blair:

    The pictures are great, photographer did a wonderful job capturing how happy you both make each other!I know you'll cherish these forever :)

  8. Jackie Milazzo:

    These pics are beautiful! Love the ones in the yellow dress, you look stunning Keach! Oh, and that fantastic fiance of yours looks pretty cute too :)

  9. Wedded Whittaker:

    Such amazing engagement pictures! The setting is beautiful, and you can really tell how much they love each other! Can't even pick a favorite!

  10. SJV:

    These pics are so adorable. You are such a "haute hippie". See what I did there… Can't wait to see you both at the wedding! xoxo

  11. Gretchen:

    Can't wait for the big day!! So excited for both of you :)

    PS love that skirt!

  12. Barry's tennis:

    Wonderful photos….all of them. Loved the many outfits, colors & poses. Super job you two!

Sweet big brother Conner has just welcomed a new sister to the family! Meet Jillian. She is just a little thing who came a couple of weeks early and is no bigger than a minute! She was alert and awake the whole session and we were lucky enough to have a breezy morning to have her outside. Enjoy this sweet baby girl. She was absolutely perfect in pink!




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