Grateful. That is the only word that I can really think of to describe Bentley and Olivia's wedding this past Saturday. The amazing couple were grateful to their family and friends for the meaning they have in each of their lives, grateful to the Lord for all of their blessings, and grateful for each other and the love they share. They were grateful for the amazing job everyone did so that they could have a wonderful day, grateful for so many guests coming all the way from Florida- where Olivia and Bentley met at FSU. The list goes on... Joe and I were just grateful to be a part of it all.

The ceremony and pictures started at Olivia's parents home, and it was a perfectly intimate backyard wedding. There really wasn't a dry eye in the place when it was all said and done. After the ceremony, they met more guests at the Greenville Country Club to celebrate...and I have never seen so many people have so much fun! Enjoy this sneak peak of their photos and don't forget to click on the slideshow at the bottom to see lots more!





**Click HERE to view more images from their wedding**
  1. Bailey Ayn:

    Oh my goodness Lindsey!!! These are by far the most GORGEOUS pictures I have seen of a wedding… EVERY DETAIL you caught on film!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Emma Refvem:

    lindsey! that serious picture of the bridesmaids is so. good. (well, they all are, but i really like that one)

  3. Olivia:

    Lindsey – I am in Jamaica right now and just got access to the internet. Umm, wow!!!!!! You are amazing. The pictures are amazing. The day was amazing. I am GRATEFUL to you and Joe. Wow. Such amazing photographs. I can barely even believe how beautiful they are!!!

  4. April Moore:

    I never make comments because I don't have time to…but these are amazing linds!!!! Can't WAIT for you to do my wedding….someday;)!!! love u!

  5. Bow Ties & Buttercream:

    Hey Lindsey! Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that the wedding of Olivia & Bentley has been featured on our site. You can take a look here:

I had so much fun with this amazing family! After many re-schedules because of rain (I really don't think I have every had that many re-schedules) the Hippert's stuck with me and we finally had a great day for our shoot. Piper and Quentin are just the cutests! Lots of fun later, here is a preview of our time together.


the many faces of Piper


the many faces of Quentin



Laura and Jeremy have been so fun to work with! It seems like a year ago was yesterday when they booked be for their wedding and it is hard to believe it has come and gone already. Laura and Jeremy- hope the honeymoon was amazing- enjoy the sneak peak of your photos!

The beautiful flowers are by Chelish Moore Flowers and they had their reception at the Speedway Club at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Don't forget to click the slideshow at the end to see more!



Click HERE to see more photos of their big day!


These two are amazing, fun, talented, and just all around fabulous people. They are tying the knot this December and I can't wait to be there! We had fun one morning two weeks ago, before it was gosh awful hot and before the sun had gotten too bright. L and G- had a blast with you and can't wait for more fun times! Love your love in these photos....


love this early morning haze.


May 23, 2010

Bridals: Olivia


Yesterday, quite simply, was magical. I am still trying to put into words Olivia and Bentley's wedding day, but for now her bridals will just have to do.

Olivia studied dance in college, and I just love the personal touch of some of the photos of her with her pointe shoes- just one of a hundred pairs she wore out over the years. We started, as always with some more traditional shots.....

True story: while at FSU, one summer Olivia worked at Disney World as a fairy princess. I think it's obvious in this photo how she got the job;)


this photo melts me


a necklace Bentley made her out of shells he found. Yes, they are that sweet, and yes it is amazing.



some fun dance shots to end on- ballet is in this girls blood


  1. Lindsey Turner:

    LOVE the last one!!! Awesome job!!

  2. janie:

    ditto to lindsey. i was going to be cheesy and say "a to the mazing!"


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