I love this girl. so much. She never really got senior pictures from high school due to a move and a new school- so what better time to have a anytime session than graduating college. Abby smiles- a lot, but I was totally taken in by her serious face! Please enjoy her pictures and this beautiful Friday.



Here is just a sneak peak at just a few of the things coming up!

Abby is graduating college...yay!

JR and Sarah's amazingly styled engagement shoot ( you won't want to miss this one).


Braxton turned One (ok, so it was a couple of months ago, but still)



Just one of the funny things about Hef and CT is that they have the same last name. Obviously now of course they do....but I mean even before they got married! Saturday was an absolute blast- I have seriously never seen SO many people dance SO much! There was rain, which nobody was excited about, but luckily we shot around this warehouse that had lots of awnings and we made picture time work! Natural light is always preferable to fake light, even in the rain! Hef and CT- I hope Jamaica is treating you well! Your day was perfect and I was honored to be a part of it.

Don't forget to click on the slideshow at the bottom!


**Click HERE for a slideshow of more wedding photos!!**

  1. j jones:

    You crushed those pictures! awesome job! I assume Joe took them all.

  2. amy p:

    beautiful…the pictures and the bride. amazing!!

  3. New York city photographers:

    Incredible pictures. I impressive with your work.


Hef and CT got married this past Saturday! Besides being one of the most fun dance party receptions I have ever seen, Hef made an absolute stunning bride. More of their wedding to come this week, but for now here are some bridal shots.




  1. Marilyn Plott Herndon:

    Beutiful bride! Best wishes & congratulations. The pictures are wonderful. Marilyn Herndon(Chuck Hamilton's mom)

  2. chelsea:

    lindsey/hef these are so fantastic! were these shot in shelby? i love the setting!

  3. Anonymous:

    Hef and CT,
    Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful evening.
    You were a beautiful bride Hef.
    We served 310 pieces of Grilled Chicken, 40 pans of Mac and Cheese the same of Green Beans and many many salads. I guess everyone loved it because almost every plate was empty.
    Thanks for trusting me with the Wedding Cake also.
    I wish you and CT much happiness.
    Luv ya lots, Kathy


She had on sassy shoes. The kind any cute and fashionable girl would wear to a sorority/fraternity mixer. Towards the end of the night, everyone was leaving, and those sassy shoes had become quite painful ( girls, we all have been there). As she was leaving, Laurie told her friends that her feet were killing her. Chris overheard and offered to give her a piggy back ride and the rest was history. Three years later they are getting married this summer at Graylyn, which is a fabulous venue in Winston Salem.

We shot their engagement pictures at Chapel Hill- where they first met over those shoes. Can't wait for your wedding! Happy previewing!



  1. Anonymous:

    Love these! and love you Laurie!

  2. Jenna:

    Adorable! so glad I got to see these lovely photos!

  3. Anonymous:

    I love how Chris is all like "Girlfrieeeends!!!" in the black and white one where you're laying on the grass. Oh and I also love the two where you guys are standing together…those are my favorites!!! LOVE YOU ~ Erin

  4. Casey:

    tire swing. tire swing. tire swing.

  5. Jordan Thorndyke:

    Laurie you look so beautiful! (Not cute but PRETTY! haha) I can't believe you convinced Chris to do some of these poses (namely the one Erin is talking about in the grass) but they all turned out great. Love you!

  6. Laura:

    Laurie these pictures are beautiful! You look stunning! (and so does Chris)
    love them!!!

  7. Cara Knight:


  8. Anonymous:

    sassy pics.

  9. Sally:


    These are so great! You and Chris look like you were made for each other! I can't wait until the wedding! Love you!


  10. Anonymous:

    i really love Chris' costume changes, the slight variation of color in that button up adds a new dimension to the photos.


  11. Katie:

    love LOVE them!! especially the swing ones… where did you find a swing on campus??? precious. love you, Laur!

  12. marcia reich:

    Sweet photos! What great backgrounds for your cute poses. Cute couple…cute pics! love, marcia


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